Cruise ship staff are consistently on board and travel the world like no other. However, they don't have the dreamy life you're sure they have—quite the contrary. Nevertheless, passengers are used to seeing them always happy and ready to help with anything, but are they always in good spirits?

These cruise ship staff's secrets are the facts you were dying to know and never got the chance to confirm. They were, in fact, told by staff themselves, who wish to clear all the myths related to their profession. From working hours to tiny cabin rooms, parties non-stop and preventing passengers from falling off the boat... We tell you everything below.

15 Cruise Ship Staff Works 24-7

People working on a cruise ship are often thought to have a wonderful life since they travel frequently. What they don't tell you is that they work non-stop to keep passengers happy during their stay on board, and frequently work multiple shifts in a row to make sure everything is running smoothly.

14 They Never Tell How Tiny Their Cabin Rooms (Really) Are

This is one of the cruise staff's worst nightmares. So, if you thought they were entitled to have dreamy rooms like the ones you sleep in, forget about it. Staff's cabin rooms are incredibly tiny and only leave room for bunk beds, a TV, a bathroom, and that's pretty much it.

13 And They'll Never Tell You How Hard They Party!

Imagine having to work all day and night long and rarely have the chance to rest... Well, that's why cruise ship staff tries to make the most out of their free time to party (a lot!). Either mingling with other people or partying in their cabin rooms, they have the time of their lives!

12 The Staff's Food Is Not The Customer's Food

Forget about luxurious buffets, perfectly sliced fruit and all the cakes you can eat in a meal... Cruise ship staff eat in private and have their meals prepared aside from those of passengers. They're also apparently served in plastic plates that don't look very yummy.

11 Most Cabins Have No Windows ("What Time Is It?")

Besides being very small, the staff cabin rooms have no windows, which makes it hard to say what time of the day it is—something even more difficult to guess while on board. So, no breathtaking views of the ocean for these hard-working guys.

10 They Catch People Having Too Much Fun (In Public) All The Time

Well... You know what mean by "too much fun," don't you? Cruise staff says it's unbelievable the number of times they catch passengers misbehaving in broad daylight, in all sorts of public places, as if no one was watching—which is as shocking as you can imagine.

Behave, people!

9 Cruise Ship Staff Life Is Not As Dreamy As You Think

They work non-stop, you know that by now. What you don't know is that they need to ensure that everything is in place before going to bed and prepare for the next day. That includes dealing with the passenger's trash and other intimate stuff—which is not very pleasant.

8 They Get Hit On By Passengers (Far Too Often)

Surprise, surprise... Passengers traveling alone, regardless of age, keep on trying to flirt with the cruise's staff. And, in case you didn't know, they are prohibited (by their superiors) to respond to that kind of action.

Imagine when there's alcohol involved... Oh, Lord, please help them!

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7 A Lot Of People Fall From Ships (And Most Of Them Are Never Found)

Yes, that's (unfortunately) true. These situations are said to be real emergencies, in which drunk passengers lie on the security fences and lose track of what they're doing. Most of the time they are alone and that is why, when security tries looking for them, they rarely surface.

6 Most Ships Have Morgues (And Prisons Too)

Even though they are rarely used, morgues can always be found on a cruise ship. Staff says that it is very rare for someone to die on board, but they would say one person dies, per year, while at sea.

Jails, in turn, are only used when passengers disobey basic security orders.

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5 Passengers Yell At Cruise Ship Staff More Than They Would Like

Cruise ship staff states that passengers yell even when they have no reason for it. They yell when complaining, yell when they're waiting for a drink, yell when they are put in the wrong cabin room... And, most of the time, it's not even the staff's fault—and they yell for that too.

4 Passengers Get Seasickness Every Minute

The most sensitive ones and the ones who never get seasickness at all. It doesn't matter. Cruise staff says that passengers get seasickness all the time because traveling on a boat is not the same thing as traveling on a cruise for a week or more—something passengers aren't used to.

3 Staff Is Always Reminding Passengers That Cruises Have Their Own Rules While At Sea

Legal age on a cruise: 18. Yes, you read that right.

Cruises, while at sea, have their own rules since they aren't subject to the laws of a specific country. The situation changes when cruises dock on a new country.

This means you can drink and gamble at sea, even if you're under 21.

2 Luxury Cruise Ship Staff Needs To Remember Every Passenger's Name

Passengers who board on luxury cruise lines expect top treatment. That not only means for the staff to be permanently available but also for them to remember every passenger's name. In fact, staff says that some people get really angry when they don't remember, at least, their first name.

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1 In The End, They Are Like A Family

Spending so much time at sea means that you need to get along with your working mates—the same applies to a normal company, don't you agree? That's the reason why the staff working on a cruise is like a family.

They rely on each other especially when they see their (true) family infrequently.

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