Cruise ship tours are an excellent way to travel the world. One can enjoy several months of traveling using cruise ships. However, the truth is that cruise ships tours can be expensive. One must plan early and effectively to be able to go on a cruise ship tour without worrying about the expenses.

Although most cruise ships have all-inclusive prices for their guests, there are several costs that are within and people have to spend on when traveling on a cruise ship. As a result, understanding the best way to save money when on a cruise ship will give a guest an easy time when traveling. Here are hacks on how to save money when traveling on a cruise ship.

10 Get Restaurant Packages

When booking a cruise ship, one of the things one can do to save on money is booking the restaurant package. Cruise ships have several packages where some of which are inclusive of the restaurant while others are not. When one has not booked the restaurant, they are forced to spend money on food on the ship.

However, booking the restaurant inclusive will allow a visitor to enjoy an outdoor grill, buffet venue, and dining areas. When booking such restaurants, some lines also offer discounts hence helping one save.

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9 Select Affordable Cabin

The prices of a cruise ship tour are mostly affected by the type of cabin one selects. Different cabins are priced differently where it depends on the size, location, and amenities. In most cases, there are ocean views, balconies, and inside cabins.

For a traveler to save money when booking a cabin, one has to sacrifice and take the cheapest. The cheapest cabins are the inside ones. For a tour that will take months, one will be able to save a lot of money by taking this option.

8 Early Booking

Early booking is an intelligent way of saving money when traveling on a cruise ship. When one books early, they are able to get low prices as the demand for the spaces is low. However, one must be well planned and ready to book up to 1 or 2 years early.

However, one should understand that this may not be the case in some cases. One should make sure they study the prices carefully to ensure no details are omitted. Also, a tourist should check the prices since they may change.

7 Book A Good Travel Agent

Travel agents play a vital role when it comes to cruise ship booking. They act as a link between the customers and the cruise ship line. Getting the right travel agent will offer customers the best available rates and save time when booking.

Travel agents understand different cruise ships, packages, routes, and prices. As a result, they can direct a person in the right way to book.

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6 Tour When Schools Are In Session

Children also take part in cruise ship tours. As a result, when schools are closed during holiday seasons, there is a high demand for cruise ship spaces due to the high number of children. This increases the fare.

However, booking or traveling on a cruise ship during the school season will allow tourists to save a lot of money on the fare. These best months include January and February.

5 Go For A Repositioning Cruise

This is an option that many people do not know more about. For an inexperienced cruiser, knowing about repositioning a cruise ship is difficult. This arises from the fact that ships keep on changing location from one point to the other.

Repositioning ships allow travelers to explore several regions as they keep changing their routes. However, one would need to spend money on airfare to change the location for such cruise ships. As a result, fare rates can be low. One should check them carefully and compare them with those from other areas.

4 Taking Special Restaurant offers

Cruise ships will mostly have special restaurant offers that a traveler can utilize to save on cost. There are some dinner or lunch sections where there are discounts. Sometimes the discount may be on one item, such as free wine.

In other cases, cruise ships may offer dining offers. One can easily save money on special meals by planning and constantly checking on these offers to save money. It is also okay to inquire from the staff to know about such deals which can add up to a high amount of money over the travel period.

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3 Carry Champagne Or Wine On Board

This is something that many travelers do not know. Many cruise ship lines will allow travelers to carry bottles of wine into the ship. On such occasions, one is required to pay a tiny corkage fee. In other cases, one may be allowed to bring in a bottle for dinner.

This is one of the best ways to save money when traveling on a cruise ship. When traveling for several months, taking several meals, and diners, having your own wine can provide a way to save a lot of money.

2 Get A drink package

Buying products in bulk or taking a huge package is one sure way a person can save on a cruise tour. This involves figuring out how many drinks one may need on the cruise ship. The next step is booking a drink package that will allow one to save money.

For a drink package, one can save a small amount of money on every drink instead of buying directly.

1 Save On Activities

Activities are things that can quickly increase the cost when traveling on a cruise ship. Activities change in terms of cost depending on the demand and time. However, a traveler can save some money by handling activities carefully. One can decide to skip some activities or take them when the demand is low, the cost is low, or there are discounts.

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