The Caribbean is an island of adventure and blissful paradise complete with multiple white sandy beaches, and even beaches with dazzling pink sand as well. Their various islands are also home to viral pigs that swim through low-tide of the ocean, ancient underwater coves and an entire ecosystem of reefs with a plethora of corals and marine life.

Unfortunately, the prices in the Caribbean are unbeatable, the weather is perfect and the popularity of each island has since attracted thousands of people to visit through each week. If the crowded local streets of tourists aren’t enough, there are also hundreds of thousands of passengers that dock at each Caribbean port through gigantic cruise ships, some of which tend to have a similar itinerary.


Luckily, we’ve been able to compile a list of some of the busiest Caribbean destinations with an overwhelming number of cruise ports and docks. Most importantly, we’ve also tackled how to avoid getting dragged into a wave of crowds so you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams that you paid for.

Nassau may just be the heart and soul of cruise lines. Many of the Caribbean destined ships will dock themselves in Nassau, Bahamas. Most likely, if you’ve always dreamed of the Bahamas and have visited either their website or a brochure, you’ve also looked at Nassau. The iconic and favored travel destination is the Atlantis resort, that comes complete with a large aquarium, casino, and resort, but above all, the most epic water park in the Caribbean. For some, Atlantis is the only reason for their visit to the Bahamas - similar to Disney World in Florida.

Roughly two to three times a week, there are up to five ships that are docked along the waters of Nassau. However, Cruisett released a study a few years back that only an average of 20% of passengers actually come off their ship once they dock in Nassau, though those numbers have most likely changed in the last five years.

As in every city, there are peak hours that can be avoided. Cruise ships tend to dock between six and eight in the morning and leave between there and five in the afternoon, unless it’s an overnight stop.

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Enjoy Epic Water Activities In Bermuda If The Lines Aren't Too Long

Bermuda - the incredible island where rum and perfumes have become famous for. Though most aren’t aware that Bermuda is also proud of their variety of water sports. For locals and tourists alike, enjoy a variety of deep-sea snorkeling tours, scuba diving lessons, catamaran visits around the island and kayaking.

There are a total of three ports on the island of Bermuda, with Royal Naval Dockyard is the most famously known and where a majority of the cruise ships will dock. Initially, the first Kings Wharf port was inaugurated by Princess Margaret, back in 1990. However, with the influx in tourism, the Heritage Wharf was later opened to accommodate a larger amount of ships and tourists arriving and departing Bermuda. Unfortunately, by creating a second dock, the island’s budget was overspent by seventy percent. The island then declared that the protection for pregnant dolphins would be one of the contributing factors to cover the over cost of the project.

For those visiting Bermuda for adventure and luxury, there are a number of yachts that can be rented from the local marina. However, St. George’s Port would be the only option in order to do so. Luckily, this is just moments away from the busier ports in Bermuda that are connected by a bridge and can even be reached by a small ferry.

Tortola Is Called "The Small Town With The Big Heart" (And Giant Lineups)

Tortola is home to a single port named Cruise Pier located in the heart of Road Town. Road Town is known as “The Small Town with a Big Heart” and is the capital of Tortola and is the most vibrant part of the Caribbean and is financially capable of holding its own. Though there is only one dock, this pier is large enough to accommodate two cruise ships at a time. Tortola is the Spanish name for Turtle Dove and is one of the most populated of the four Caribbean islands that were created by volcanic activity.

Tortola has also been praised for its low crime rate and safe environment. Travelers have also expressed their gratitude to the island for also providing a safe nightlife. This is great news as the tourist attractions and shopping for authentic and handmade souvenirs and crafts. Along the port, British colonial mansions fill the streets and are often visited and photographed by tourists.

Tourists also enjoy island hopping when they visit Tortola. On any beach in Tortola, guests are welcome to a number of activities like sailing, canopy tours, jeep safaris through the rugged terrain and reef diving. However, Tortola is also home to some exclusive activities like the Virgin Gorda Baths, giant waves perfect for surfing, dolphin discoveries and food tasting at some of the most delicious restaurants.

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Montego Bay Is Definitely A Hotspot With Sandy Beaches And Lots Of Families

Jamaica is a very large and popular island that tourists love to visit throughout the year, regardless of weather warnings. When visiting Montego Bay, there are two ports, one on the east side and one on the west side. In between each port are a long line of plantations, rum distilleries and mansions. Other than historic sites, there are also a ton of adrenaline and exciting activities like zip lining, biking and horseback riding. Once you start exploring, you may also end up at one of the many waterfalls and lazy rivers that can be toured on long bamboo rafts.

Once guests disembark their cruise and arrive on the dock, they will be greeted with a duty-free shopping area. However, most cruise lines will not allow any alcoholic beverages in the cabins and will keep them in a secure location below deck.

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