There's a fascination in this country when it comes to true crime, especially now that Netflix has managed to win at documentaries and film adaptations. It seems like everyone is playing podcasts on cases that have never been solved, cases that were unique and intricate, and those which will deprive one of sleep for days. As dark a culture as it is, there's no denying that a morbid obsession exists with crime and its nature.

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For those who can't help but tune into a good murder podcast, there are some real-life crime scenes that are notorious enough to have been turned into tours. These go in-depth about what actually happened, those involved, and, yes, the grizzly details that made them so infamous.

10 The Villisca Ax Murder House In Iowa

On June 10th, 1912, the Moore family and their two house guests lost their lives in a gruesome event. The worst part about it is that their killer was never found and the whole thing continues to be a mystery to this day. The home where the ax murders took place is now open as a somewhat B&B, permitting those daring enough to spend the night. Some claim that the home still holds the voices of those who had their lives so brutally taken, and many bank on this when they stay overnight.

9 The Capitol Hill Tour Or Queen Anne Tour, Both In Washington State

Washington is no strange to serial killers and perhaps the most notable of them all is Ted Bundy. With the recent film from Netflix, as well as the documentary that came prior, it's not surprising that many have taken up an interest in his personal life and those he killed.

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On these two tours, visitors will have the chance to learn about many of the serial killers who took up residence in Washington state, including Robert Yates. It's not for the faint of heart, as part of the tour involves visiting the locations where these murders took place.

8 Take A Tour Around The San Fransisco Bay Area On The Zodiac Killer Tour

The Zodiac Killer was never caught and his notoriety was enough to have several documentaries, novels, and a major motion picture dedicated to his killing spree. Granted, these crimes took place during a time when forensics was not yet at its finest like it is today. Additionally, the Zodiac Killer was simply too smart and his tactic exceeded the power police had during that time. The frustration at arriving at a scene minutes after the killer had fled is what drove tension levels, as no one felt safe. Now, you can take a five-hour tour around California to see where the murders actually took place.

7 The Beacon Hill Crime Tour In Boston

When you think of Boston, you don't often think of high crime rates, at least not one at this level. However, Boston was actually the location of some significant serial killings: Those done by the Boston Strangler.

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The tour takes visitors to two sites of two of the murders, but it's believed that the Boston Strangler was responsible for at least nine more. The homes of Mary Sullivan and Ida Irga are both visited, in addition to another crime location — the home of Dr. George Parkman, killed by a Harvard college colleague in 1849.

6 The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast In Massachusetts

Back in 1892, forensics wasn't even a thought in many people's minds. When a crime was committed, they went based on hearsay and what they could figure out based on empirical evidence. This didn't leave much in the way of accurate trials or suspects, however, in the case of the Lizzie Borden murders, it was believed overwhelmingly that Lizzie, herself, was the murderer responsible.

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Most people know the rhyme associated with the Lizzie Borden ax murders and to this day, many are still thoroughly convinced it was she who killed her parents. Today, their home is open as a B&B for the morbidly brave.

5 The Jeffrey Dahmer (Cream City Cannibal) Tour In Wisconsin

This tour was so hair-raising and graphic that it was petitioned several times to be shut down for good. It has also been banned twice on Groupon, causing many to question whether or not it's actually beneficial. The tour claims to be a 'learning tool' for police, academics, and the FBI have found helpful, but the jury is still out.

This tour is still ongoing, though, for those interested in the horrific murders carried out by Jeffrey Dahmer, of which 17 are known, as well as the psychology behind them.

4 Clinton Road In New Jersey

While there's no actual tour for Clinton Road, it's a well-known spot by the locals of West Milford. The paved road goes straight through northern New Jersey's woods and has seen its fair share of urban legends. However, there is a crime associated with these woods and it's part of the reason people keep coming back.

A body was dumped in the woods back in 1983 and it was later determined that the man behind it was a well-known mob hitman, Richard Kuklinski. This is the same man who credited himself with hundreds of similar cases.

3 All The 'Serial' Locations In The Hae Min Lee Case In Baltimore

This is another location that's more of a self-guided tour rather than a professional tour. On Google maps, those interested can find the trail of evidence from the case of Hae Min Lee, who was murdered by her boyfriend, Adnan Syed.

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Someone has mapped out the locations related to the crime, which many have used to attempt to play detective in an effort to solve the case themselves. Aside from amateur detective work, these locations serve as a chilling reminder of the tragic loss of life that occurred as a result.

2 The Helter Skelter Tour In Los Angeles

The Helter Skelter tour in Los Angeles is one that's still quite popular. Visitors to the West Coast have the chance to be shuttled around the spots associated with Charles Manson and his cult followers, leading up to the eventual murder of Sharon Tate.

The tour (obviously) is not recommended for children, but is informational and helps to paint a picture of the timeline as well as the psychology behind Manson's following. This tour also goes into depth on both the killers and the victims, providing background for both sides of the harrowing Manson murders.

1 The Last Resort Bar In Port Orange, Florida

While there was no actual crime committed at the Last Resort Bar in Port Orange, it was the last location of Aileen Wuornos, who was responsible for killing six men back in the early '90s. She was arrested at this very bar, which boasts a framed photo of her right up front and center.

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The location she killed her victims isn't too far from this bar, though; the brutal crimes were committed a short distance down the street at a nearby motel. These gruesome events prompted the 2003 film Monster, in which Charlize Theron portrayed Wuornos.