Florida may be best known as a state with exciting parks, interesting museums, adventurous hiking trails, and beautiful clear water beaches that make one feel like they are in the Caribbean. But the state also has its fair share of creepiness. Like most places classified as creepy, these destinations in Florida are characterized by strange phenomena and bizarre stories that back up the creepiness.

When visiting these destinations, keep in mind that the stories are scary and not for the faint-hearted. In fact, it will be better if one visits in the company of others as some of these places are downright bizarre and terrifying.

10 Castillo de San Marcos, St Augustine

Besides being one of the most historic fortresses in the United States, Castillo de San Marcos is also known as one of the most haunted places in the country. This castle’s creepy history dates to the Florida War when it was used as a military prison.

During this period, hundreds of prisoners were kept and tortured here and many died. After that period, it became widely known for ghost sightings and paranormal activity.

Visitors often report experiencing strange feelings, seeing strange images, or feeling cold hands touch them in the dungeon. Sights of a Spanish soldier standing at the edge of the fort and looking out to the sea have also been reported here.

9 Villa Paula, Miami

The elegant building known as Villa Paula is one of the most haunted places in Miami.

One might have to be careful about taking selfies at this villa as the photo might be photobombed by a single-legged ghost of Paula — the wife of Consul Domingo who died after a leg amputation went wrong.

8 The Tampa Theatre, Tampa

Workers and visitors to the Tampa Theatre have reported accounts of strange activities in the theatre for years. According to the history of this place, before the theatre was constructed, a woman died after being stuck in a carriage near present-day Polk Street. The spirit of this woman is what is now said to be behind the strange happenings in the theatre.

People have reported seeing images of a woman in a long, white gown exploring the building several times and one can only say these reports are connected to the story of the woman who died there.

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Besides the woman, Tampa Theatre is also believed to host the spirit of a man named Fink who worked in the theatre as a perfectionist. According to the story, the man loved the place so much that after he died, his spirit still visits the projection booth — his favorite part of the theatre — to do his daily activities which included drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and shaving.

People in this projection room have reported smelling coffee and cigarettes, and sometimes feeling a tap on the shoulder when switching film reels.

7 Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale

Stranahan House was the home of Frank Stranahan who committed suicide after he became broke and depressed during the Great Depression. History has it that he drowned in a river after attaching a massive iron gate to himself and jumping into the water.

Perhaps not satisfied with the way things turned out, his spirit was believed to have returned to his home where it began causing chaos. Ivy, Frank’s wife who died in her bedroom upstairs, is also believed to be present in the room at all times as the bed looks as though someone was always sitting on it even though it is closed most of the time.

People have reported hearing loud bangs on the walls, being touched by a cold hand, and even being chased by an angry spirit.

6 St Augustine’s Lighthouse, St Augustine

As the oldest city in America, St Augustine has long been known for its numerous haunted sites. Perhaps one of the most popular is St. Augustine’s Lighthouse. History tells that a man and a group of young girls died here, and their spirits are still believed to roam the lighthouse to date.

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Reports of young girls playing and laughing have been made by those visiting the lighthouse which is now a museum. The smell of cigar smoke has also been reported by people and according to stories, this is the handwork of Peter who was the keeper of the lighthouse and a lover of cigars.

5 The Devil’s School, Jacksonville

The Devil’s School is one of the most haunted places in Florida and the history of the place has something to do with it. Also known as Annie Lytle Elementary School, this institution has been known for many bizarre stories since it was abandoned in 1971.

Some tell that the school had a janitor who burned students alive in the boiler room while others tell that a cannibalistic principal was present in the school. Satanic rituals have also been said to take place in the abandoned school.

Although the site has not been known for any ghost haunting, the stories around it and its creepy appearance make it scary to visit, especially at night.

4 East Martello Museum, Key West

There’s an opportunity to experience the creepiness of Chucky in real life and that opportunity lies in the East Martello Museum. The popular story surrounding this place is that of Robert the Doll owned by a boy named Eugene Robert.

The child is said to have had an extreme obsession with the doll, but the doll was a subject of concern to other people around it. Perhaps its suspicious smirk beady and black eyes were the reasons for its creepiness.

Stories had it that this doll came alive at night and would move around causing chaos all over the house. He was also said to have a deep, dark voice and would often change his facial expression.

Today this doll can be seen in a glass at the East Martello Museum and those visiting are often advised to ask for its permission before taking pictures of it.

3 Biltmore Hotel, Miami

Lights switching on and off in empty rooms, mysteriously shaking glasses, and strange messages on mirrors are not uncommon at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami. The hotel’s history no doubt has something to do with the strange occurrences.

After its construction, the hotel was a hot spot for vibrant events and parties. It was at one of such parties on the 13th floor that Thomas “Fatty” Walsh, a gangster, was shot dead.

The hotel was also used as a military hospital for veterans after which it was abandoned and became known for ghost rumors and paranormal activity. The most popular ghost story still revolves around the gangster and legend has it that he still visits the 13th floor where he met his end perhaps to avenge his death.

2 Ashley’s Restaurant, Rockledge

There are many restaurants in Florida to get a tasty meal but not all come with the touch of creepiness that Ashley’s offers. This restaurant in South Florida has since 1934 been known for delicious food and wine and one chilling news — the murder of 19-year-old Ethel Allen. According to claims, her spirit is behind all the creepiness in the restaurant.

Since that incident people have confessed to having strange experiences at the restaurants. While some claimed to have seen strange images, others claimed to have either been touched by something or pushed by unseen forces.

The women’s restroom in particular is where most of the strange activities have been reported and experts have now drawn the conclusion that this was where the lady died after being mortally stabbed.

1 The Plaza Resorts & Spa, Daytona Beach

A resort is supposed to be a place where one can enjoy a good night's rest but the Plaza Resort & Spa might be a little more than just that. Here, the chances of guests sharing a room with ghosts are high. Reports of strange noises and creepy images have been made at this resort since it was first destroyed by fire in 1909.

Many believe that ghosts trapped in the resort during the fire are responsible for the strange activities often experienced by guests. A man is also said to have passed away by his own hand here and this also adds to the creepiness of this hotel.

A recent and scary report from this hotel was the CCTV footage of the strange movement of a ghost-like figure on a veranda which retreated after someone came to the area.