California is a vast part of the United States endowed with so much, from massive entertainment institutions to beautiful natural attractions, beautiful vineyards, large parks, and scenic lakes. Like many other popular states in the country, California also has a touch of creepiness. While the sights of many of these destinations are unusual enough, the stories are what make them creepy and terrifying. Going to these creepy places in the company of others may not stop one from having nightmares, but it may help reduce the fear of being there in person.

10 Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

Perhaps the most mysterious house in the entire country, Winchester Mystery House, looks like a normal house from the outside but is abnormal when seen from the inside. According to history, Sarah Winchester had ordered the construction of the house in the most bizarre way possible as she believed it would appease the spirits of the people who lost their lives to the Winchester rifles. With millions of dollars of inheritance left to her, construction continued at this house for more than three decades. Stairs that led to nowhere, a door that opens to a two-story drop, and rooms with secret passages to other rooms are the results of the almost endless construction of the house. While it appeals more to ghost hunters, this mansion is also a great example for architects on how not to design a house.

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9 Fort Humboldt State Historic Park, Eureka

One might be wary of looking into the windows of buildings here as one might be met with the eyes of the dead commander who died in the late 1800s. Originally a military installment, this park was abandoned in the 1870s, and only a few buildings still stand there today. Most of these buildings are hospitals. Rumors have it that these buildings are haunted by the spirit of a commander who died of malaria in 1859. Even if one does not experience any ghosts here, the eerie appearance of the park is enough to send shivers down a person’s spine. It is, however, a great place to enjoy a nature walk.

8 Point Sur Lighthouse, Monterey

Point Sur Lighthouse combines scenery with creepiness. This lighthouse situated on the rocky Californian coastline is known to be haunted by the spirits of victims of shipwrecks that have occurred near the lighthouse. A man in a blue shirt, as well as sailors and children, are believed to be part of the victims of the shipwrecks whose spirits now haunt this lighthouse. The lighthouse can be visited during the day, but those who want to get a taste of the creepiness can book a moonlight tour.

7 Turnbull Canyon, Whittier

Turnbull Canyon’s creepiness lies in the chilling stories that have been told about it. Many claims that the canyon is overwhelmed with a satanic presence and that the canyon has seen all manner of murders, occultic practices, and satanic rituals. One story even tells that the spirit of Native Americans murdered by Spaniards haunts the area. Curious explorers who have been to the canyon have reported bizarre sightings, things from hellish creatures to cloaked figures and even mutilated children. A teenage boy was electrocuted in the canyon, and the crash of 1952, which left more than 20 passengers dead, also added to the creepiness of this place.

6 The Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles

Founded in 1924, the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles is a haunted site shrouded with mysterious murders, suicide, and crime. Tortures, rapes, stabbings, poisoning, and all sorts of things one would normally see in a horror movie happened in reality at this Hotel. There is also a case of a suicidal person who jumped from the ninth floor and landed on a pedestrian, ending both their lives on the spot. As a hotbed for death, serial killers were also known to live at the hotel and carry out their mischievous acts there. The fact that most of the murders have been unsolved has even made it more disturbing. The death of Elisa was particularly one that has left many wondering if the hotel itself is cursed. An investigation revealed a CCTV video of the lady exhibiting strange behavior after the body was found decomposing in a water tank. What’s strange is that drugs were not found in her system. Could she have been under the influence of a ghost or something paranormal? No one knows the answer to date. The hotel remains open, but we doubt one will be able to get any sleep in any of the rooms.

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5 Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

Paranormal activities have been reported in a certain room 302 at Hotel del Corona, San Diego, by guests who stay there. The strange activity, however, is not without a story to back it up. It all began in 1892 when a woman named Kate Morgan checked into the hotel and never checked out. She ended her life after she got tired of waiting for a lover. After her death, visitors who check into the room have reported witnessing objects move, doors close and open on their own accord, and footsteps being heard all over the place. According to many, the ghost of Kate never left her room.

4 Griffith Park Zoo, Los Angeles

Also known as Old Los Angeles Zoo, this place is said to be haunted by animals that have died in the park due to the suffering and torture they went through. During the day, it remains abandoned and lonely, but reports have been made by people who visited at night about how the zoo’s dead animals come alive during the dark.

3 Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena

It’s not known why the Colorado Street Bridge has become a hot spot for suicide. Over a hundred suicides have been recorded here since the bridge was first built in 1912. The reports by visitors to the bridge seem to suggest that there’s something unusual about it. Some say they felt unease in the air, while others claim they saw strange images under or on the bridge. With such horrifying stories, even the bravest explorers might not be able to hold it together if they ever try to visit this bridge at night.

2 The Whaley House, San Diego

Visitors to the Whaley House say they hear the footsteps, giggles, and crying of a baby. This has been connected to the death of Thomas Whaley’s baby. At the time, the house belonged to Thomas and his wife, Anna. People now also claim that the ghosts of Thomas and Anna still inhabit the house and are responsible for the mysterious switching light, the swinging crystals, and other mysterious things that occur in this house. Visitors to this house say the house is very active and something mysterious happens on every tour, which makes it more interesting to visit.

1 Bodie Ghost Town, Bridgeport

There are numerous abandoned towns in the United States, but Bodie Ghost town stands out for many reasons. Reports about strange sounds have been made about this place but what makes it popular is the curse. According to the legend, anyone who takes something from the town will experience a curse. Perhaps this explains why there have been reports of people returning things they stole from the ghost town after experiencing the curse. Some visitors who stole things from this town reported having so much bad luck, from losing their jobs to getting involved in car accidents or even going bankrupt.