Going on a vacation requires a traveler to book a home away from home for them and their companions to stay. Some people choose their hotel based on location and proximity to their destination, while others prefer to live on the wild side. What does that mean? Well, in this case, it means booking a room at a hotel that has a history that's a bit different than your normal Hilton or Radisson. We're talking about hotels that try to forget the dark history that follows them and ominous tales that might swirl around to this day.

Fortunately, some hotels can bank off of things like this and consider it a tourist attraction, while others are just plain creepy. Below are 10 hotels that are seemingly normal, but may have a reputation for ghosts roaming around in a certain room or a room that has had such bad luck, it's completely forbidden to the outside world.

10 Alexandria Hotel In Los Angeles, CA Has A Whole Wing That's Off-Limits To Guests

There are some hotels that have a room or two that's a bit suspect, but the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles has an entire wing blocked from guests. This hotel was popular in the 1930s as being a hotspot for celebs and acquired a rep for being haunted. Fast-forward to today and an entrepreneur plans to turn this wing into small apartments.

9 Chicago's Most Haunted Hotel, The Congress Hotel, Has Three Rooms That Are Either Boarded Up Or Sealed Shut For Terrifying Reasons

One of Chicago's oldest and largest hotels, The Congress is also one of the most haunted as well. On the 12th floor, there's a room so haunted that the staff won't go near it. On the 4th floor, guests have recalled seeing ghost children and one of the most notorious ghosts, "Peg Leg Johnny" that still haunts the room he stayed in, to this day.

8 The Russell Hotel In Sydney, Australia Has More Than One Ghost That Haunts Room 8

Down under, one of the most famous hotels, The Russell, has several ghosts that occupy its domain. Built in 1887, the hotel was set upon the Convict's Hospital that once stood there as well. It was used as a hostel for sailors and at one point, a brothel of sorts. Room number 8 is the most haunted due to a poor, weary sailor being murdered there.

7 The Stanley Hotel In Estes Park, CO Is Said To House Hauntings In Room 217 And Was A Filming Spot For The Shining

Although The Shining was filmed at several locations, author Stephen King based the best-selling novel on this hotel. In fact, King knew about room 217 being haunted, so he and his wife booked the room. While exploring after a drink at the bar, King saw two girls at the end of the hall and then dreamt his son was hurt by a fire hose. The Stanley Hotel hasn't been the same since.

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6 The Biltmore Hotel In Coral Gables, FL Has Accounts Of Paranormal Activity As Well As A Long And Dark History Of Murder And Death

Since 1926, this beautiful building has housed a lot of different crowds. But the most notable was a 13th-floor party by Thomas "Fatty" Walsh, who was shot and killed by another gangster, says Miami New Times.

World War II happened and it was then turned into a military hospital. By 1968, kids snuck in and started rumors of ghost activity on the 13th floor; specifically, the suite Mr. Walsh held his party in.

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5 The Majestic Banff Springs Hotel In Alberta, Canada Has Room 873 That's Strictly Forbidden For Guests Because Of Heavy Paranormal Activity

Built in 1888, this property was meant as a retreat for businessmen. Since then, it's housed Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe. While these guests are well-recognized, some others like to stay in the shadows. Allegedly, a man murdered his family in Room 873 and later on down the line, it was boarded up due to the increased ghost activity.

4 Room 311 At The Read House In Chattanooga, TN Has A Grim History Of A Lover's Quarrel And Is Only Available To Stay In For Five Nights In October

For those that have dared to visit this Southern charmer know that Room 311 is haunted by the ghost of Annalisa Netherly - a ghost who was taken out by an enraged and jealous lover. Throughout the years, guests have encountered shadowy figures. The hotel pays homage to Netherly by avoiding renovation and keeping the room exactly how it has been for years.

3 Chillingham Castle In Alnwick, UK Dates Back To The 1200s And Guests Have Reported Chilling Experiences In The Pink Room

One of the rare encounters of a ghost sighting is right above in The Pink Room at Chillingham Castle. There are several ghosts that haunt these halls, but the most famous of all resides in "The Pink Room." After minor renovations, workers found a small boy and man in the rubble. Ever since guests have reported seeing a "Blue Boy" with hues and flashes around him.

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2 Room 18 At St. James Hotel In Cimarron, New Mexico Is So Disturbing It Needs A Padlock

Back in the day, this hotel was considered luxurious and had guests such as Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid and more. Over 26 murders have taken place within the walls of St. James and guests have encountered a violent presence in the room.

Legend has it, a deadly poker game went wrong when the owner almost lost the hotel to the cowboy who won the game. He was found dead in, you guessed it, Room 18.

1 Room 6 At The Logan Inn In New Hope, PA Is Known As Emily's Room Where Guests Can Hear A Woman Crying

Established as a tavern in 1772, The Logan Inn supports a proud and dark history. During the Revolutionary War, some of the fallen soldiers were stored in the basement until they could have a proper burial. Alongside that, the mother of a former owner of the inn lost the hotel due to unpaid debt and still haunts a family portrait outside Room 6.

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