Seattle, Washington has an unexplainable appeal to it. Maybe it's the idea of being able to enjoy the best of all life's natural benefits: you've got the beach, the mountains, and the city. Seattle is an unencumbered pool of entertainment that all travelers should have on their bucket list.

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Not only is there so much to do here, but there are a few key attractions that you will only find in Seattle. Whether you want to visit a massive troll or say that you've been to an original Starbucks, here are 10 crazy and unique things you can only do in Seattle.

10 10. Visit The Bruce Lee Museum

Lakeview Cemetary is the final resting place of the famous martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee. His son is actually right next to him, creating a whole homage and respectable place for the man. There is even a special exhibit in the Wing Luke Museum dedicated to Lee.

His family donated a few items to this memorial such as personal notes and letters written by the man himself. For those wondering why Lee is buried here, his family decided on the city after realizing that their happiest memories were of their times in Seattle.

9 9. Get Coffee From The Original Starbucks

Established in 1971, the original Starbucks can be found at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington. This is the only Starbucks that doesn't fit the current corporate mold; even their famous green logo is different here.

Their original logo was still a mermaid, but her sealegs are included in the original design.  So take a step into the coffee-infused air and get a cup of joe from the world's first Starbucks.

8 8. Visit The Fremont Troll

The Fremont troll reflects the Scandinavian folklore, The Troll Under the Bridge. It was conceived by artists Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead in 1990. The city of Seattle was looking for a way to utilize the space under the bridge, which was heavily used by drug users and becoming a general ground for dumping trash.

So, the Fremont Arts Council began a competition in the hopes that an art piece could revitalize the space. The four artists won the competition, thus creating this unique tourist attraction in Seattle.

7 7. See The Official Bad Art Museum Of Art

The Official Bad Art Museum Of Art (otherwise known as OBAMA) is located inside Cafe Racer in Seattle. This exquisite restaurant looks like the inside of a Doritos bag with its stained orange walls and purple accents.

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However, it's the art that takes up the central focus of this awkward cafe. Paint-by-numbers, children's doodles, and obscure drawings are the only forms of art you will find here. It's the home for the anti-artists or for anyone who has ardor for all things strange and peculiar.

6 6. Join The Gum Wall

In the 1990s, the Market Theater in Seattle became fed up with the audience leaving their used gum underneath the theater's seats. They put out distinct marketing signs that forbade people from putting their gum under the seats. In some presumed sort of mockery, patrons began leaving their gum instead on the wall outside of the theater.

The city initially tried to clean up the mess, but after the attempt became useless, it was instead labeled an attraction in 1999. So join this elite band of rebels by putting your own wad of gum on the Gum Wall when you visit Seattle.

5 5. Ride A Hot Tub Boat

Soak in the sea-nery; that's the slogan for the brilliant minds behind the hot tub boat. Seattle's bay can now be enjoyed year-round for those looking for a more comfortable way to sail the seas.

The hot tub boat is made out of hand-crafted wooden material that keeps passengers safe, warm, and relaxed. It's powered by a small engine with a joystick that allows you to maneuver the boat on the water. A tiny broiler keeps the waters warm and also allows you to control the temperature.

4 4. See The Museum Of Pop Culture

This non-profit museum is known for its exhibits that cover pop culture. Anything from horror cinema, to video games, to science fiction literature can be found inside these walls. Visitors will be able to see costumes up close that come directly from their favorite films or stage performances.

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It also has a dominant fixation on the music industry, with a climbing wall of guitars being one of its prime features. The museum also has constructive activities like On Stage, which gives you the opportunity to perform live in front of a virtual audience.

3 3. Explore An Underground City

In the mid-19th century, Seattle's buildings were made primarily of wood. But after an unfortunate grease spill, the Great Seattle Fire burned down half of the town. The city took two steps to address this issue. The first being that the buildings would be made of brick; the second was that the city would need to be elevated two or three tiers higher.

Naturally, the previous town and its charred building were left abandoned and Seattle built a brand new city above it. However, this old city is still accessible and serves as a primary tourist attraction for those fascinated by the original Seattle.

2 2. Visit The Giant Shoe Museum

This flamboyant attraction can be found in the Pike Place Market. The attraction works by dropping a few coins into a slot to enable access to the stereoscope-style viewing slot. Visitors who peer inside will be able to see real shoes worn by proclaimed giants such as Robert Wadlow, whose shoe size is a whopping 37.

There is also the more costly attraction (about fifty cents), which showcases a display of the World's Largest Collection of Giant Shoes. Pike Place is jam-packed with local entertainment, but it won't be hard to find this one. Just look for the spirited wall that is reminiscent of an old circus-style sideshow.

1 1. See What The Ye Old Curiosity Shop Is All About

Ye Old Curiosity Shop has been on the docks of Seattle's bay since 1899. Just ten years after the disastrous city fire, people seemed to find comfort in the little old shop that housed some of the strangest gadgets that you could hope to find.

Over five generations later, the collection of specialized hand-crafted jewelry, Native American paintings, and three-headed duckling knick-knacks has only grown. If you're looking to find a rare souvenir for your friends and family back home, you'll want to pick something up from this shop!

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