As we leave 2018 behind, we can safely say it has been a weird year.

The headlines around the world have included big World Cup matchups (and bigger wins), as well as net neutrality. Of course, there was also Yanny vs. Laurel (which did you hear?). Oh, we can't forget that Fortnite became a sensation literally overnight (we still don't completely understand this one) and cryptocurrency lost its limelight.

There has been plenty of travel-related news this year, too, as Elon Musk draws nearer to putting average people into space on holiday and electric scooters shook up many cities that were already seeing a tourism boom.

We have grown accustomed to constantly taking in the news because it is so easily accessible. Sure, all of this is very important, but we're being totally honest when we say we're not sure it is a good thing to have a 24/7 news cycle that stresses us out. Our take is that things can't always be serious. Thankfully, there are certain sites that we can rely on to put a fun spin on the news.

We searched through news articles that were published this year and found the craziest headlines. Feast your eyes on these twenty-five beauties, everything from women stuck on a giant inflatable unicorn to a guy that couldn't stop working out, as well as the strangest (yet cuddliest) reason for there to be alarm at an airport.

25 Minnesota Deputies Reel In Women Stranded On Waterborne Unicorn

It wasn't quite so bad that the Coast Guard needed to be called in for the rescue, but there were police and ropes involved.

According to NBC Los Angeles, a group of Minnesota police officers came upon a group of women stuck in the middle of a lake. They were onboard a pool float in the shape of a unicorn (a rainbow unicorn, at that) and the tide had pulled them into mud. After stifling a few laughs, the officers threw them a rope and pulled them ashore.

Those pool floats really need to come with a warning label (note: they do, it says not to use anywhere other than a pool).

24 Spanish Man Builds 60-Foot Spaceship To Visit Planet From His Novels

To infinity and beyond! This guy isn't exactly Buzz Lightyear, but pretty close.

According to the Huffington Post, Spain's own Lucio Ballesteros built a 60-foot, 2,600-pound spaceship basically in his own backyard. He said the craft isn't quite ready for its maiden voyage (claiming technology isn't quite advanced enough yet).

But wait, it gets better. Ballesteros states that his top space travel destination is a planet called 10/7. Never heard of it? That's because Ballesteros is a novelist and made it up in one of his books.

23 American Airlines Removes Passenger Who Won't Stop Doing Pull-Ups

There has been more than one story this year about a passenger being booted from an airplane, but none more funny than the case of the guy that wouldn't stop doing pull-ups.

Mid-flight, somewhere between Phoenix and Boston, a gentleman stood from his seat and started doing pull-ups on the overhead bin. Repeatedly. Even when asked to stop (by passengers and crew members, alike).

According to the report by the Huffington Post, the plane flown by AA actually had to make an unscheduled landing so the passenger could be removed. Let this be a lesson to us all that we have to get our workout in before we board.

22 Drivers Stop To Chase Money On New Jersey Highway

Finding a quarter on the sidewalk is exciting and pulling out a $20 bill from your jeans pocket is the best surprise. But what about coming across a wad of cash while driving? That's downright life-altering.

Motorists on a New Jersey highway slammed on their brakes and flung open their doors earlier this year when an armored vehicle on its way to the bank had a malfunction that caused money to fly onto the roadway.

There were no immediate reports of how much money had been lost (and found), according to CBS News, but footage from the scene indicated some folks made it out a lot richer than they started the day.

21 Family Seeks Photographer To Travel With Them For $100,000

Finally, scouring the help wanted ads is finally paying off. A family in Britain put out an ad a few months ago seeking someone to accompany them on their vacations as a traveling photographer.

According to United Press International, the job pays $100,000 and destinations on the itinerary so far include Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Grand Prix in Monaco, and deep sea diving in the Maldives. Basically, you get paid to adventure (and occasionally snap a photo of your subjects making sunset heart hands), which sounds like a dream job.

20 Canada Man Flew 1,400 Miles In The Wrong Direction After Boarding The Wrong Flight To The Arctic

It can be annoying to continually show your boarding pass at the airport, but all of those checkpoints are there for your benefit (and for overall safety, but the spotlight is on you right now). However, sometimes there are breakdowns in the system, especially at smaller airports.

A story in Travel + Leisure referenced a man that boarded the wrong flight and ended up hours away from his supposed destination in Canada. He really had nobody to blame but himself (but we would totally blame somebody else), so decided to make the most of the adventure and explore the new destination a bit before heading back to his planned location.

19 A Train Left 25 Seconds Early In Japan And The Company Wants Everyone To Know It's Really, Really Sorry

We're pretty sure no plane, train, or automobile has ever left early to screams from angry travelers demanding a refund, but Travel + Leisure proved us wrong. According to their story, a train in Japan closed their doors and pulled away a mere twenty-five seconds early. This early departure apparently caused one person to miss their train and resulted in the company issuing a strong apology for the severe inconvenience.

Travel tip: give yourself more than a twenty-five-second window and you will be just fine.

18 Purrfect Job: Russian Town Hires Cat Chief To Attend To Strays

Have you ever wanted to play with cats all day? Well, in Russia, you can.

According to Reuters, the small town of Zelenogradsk took creative measures to address their stray cat issue. They advertised in the local paper for the position of Cat Chief to manage the roughly seventy stray cats on their streets. One lucky woman (out of eighty applicants) was hired and given a salary of $85 per month to keep the cats fed and happy.

Okay, there's more to it than just playing with cats, but it still sounds like a pretty good deal.

17 Woman Boards Flight To Find Her Seat Assignment Is In The Plane's Lavatory

Maybe you have joked before that your seat doesn't exist because you are still walking toward the back of the plane and it seems like there aren't enough rows. However, you probably found your seat (and it probably wasn't that far back). According to Travel + Leisure, one woman wasn't quite so lucky.

Onboard a Lion Air flight, she discovered that her seat, 35F, didn't actually exist - the rows ended at 34. Her assigned seat, then, was technically the lavatory (update: they scrambled and found her another seat after she took to social media to share the mixup).

The holiday season is filled with parties. We instantly discard most of the invitations, but sometimes one really catches our eye. For instance, a Cookie Monster Cat Party sounds like exactly what we're looking for.

The U.S. Embassy in Australia accidentally sent out an invitation to such a party to everybody in its database. According to NPR, the Embassy had to send a follow up un-invitation as the event had been made as a joke during testing for the new event management system (they basically blamed it on an intern).

Too bad, we already had an outfit picked out.

15 Runaway Pig Lured Home By Deputy's Doritos

After reading the following story, we're officially changing the concept of believing things will happen only when pigs fly. Now, it's when pigs eat Doritos.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the San Bernardino Sheriff's office was called to corral a large pig that had broken free from its enclosure and was wandering the streets. Unsure exactly how to catch the pig (because that's probably not something you learn during police training), the officers tried to lure the pig rather than grab it. One trail of Doritos chips was all it took.

14 An Upside-Down Hotel Shower Is The Travel Nightmare You Did not Know You Had To Worry About

This headline was one of those that you just can't get enough information from to really tell what is going on. It turns out, the meaning of the headline was exactly as written.

According to Travel + Leisure, a traveler checked into his hotel and retreated to his room for a warm shower. Here, he found a normal looking but completely dysfunctional shower head that sprayed water up instead of down. Unable to adjust the shower head and unwilling to skip the shower, he just waited for the water to hit the ceiling and come back down onto his body.

13 AirAsia Baggage Handlers Kiss And Hug Passengers' Luggage In Bizarre Photo Shoot

A few years ago, AirAsia disappointed some customers with poor baggage handling that resulted in ruined luggage and broken items. In an effort to turn their image around this year, their marketing team put together a unique photo shoot to share on their social media.

According to the story in Travel + Leisure, the company baggage handlers were photographed in various poses hugging and kissing random pieces of luggage as they were loaded onto the plane.

That is a level of care we didn't know existed (and maybe shouldn't exist).

12 A Baby Bunny Caused An Airport Scare And Now His Name Is Boeing

As you sit in the terminal, you can guarantee that every few minutes there is an announcement about not leaving your bags unattended. At that moment you are probably staring at an unattended bag (it happens all the time, but nobody seems to care). However, somebody did take notice of an unattended bag at an Australian airport earlier this year and the contents were certainly alarming.

According to Travel + Leisure, a tiny rabbit (without a passport) was found inside. Airport staff named the bunny Boeing and called animal control so he could find a nice home.

11 Bank Of America ATM Mistakenly Dispenses $100 Bills Instead Of $10s

Money doesn't grow on trees (the answer to the question our parents always used to ask us), but it does apparently grow on an ATM machine in Houston, according to CBS News.

The outdoor machine had a glitch that caused it to dispense $100 bills rather than $10 bills. Word of this favorable faux-pas got out quickly. Bank of America, the owner of the machine, put out a statement riffing off the Monopoly game saying that there was a bank error in your favor and you could collect free cash.

At least they saw the humor in the situation.

10 Rhinestone Vest-Wearing Pigeon Reunited With Family

If we had a nickel for every time we heard about a pigeon in a rhinestone vest...we would just have the one nickel.

NPR broke a story this year about Olive the pigeon. Olive's adoptive parents dress her in a rhinestone vest (she apparently very much likes the sparkles) which made her very easy to spot when she flew away from home and was found four days later in another town.

Olive is on strict house arrest now, but her sudden fame did land her a new vest (this one made out of Swarovski crystals).

9 The Pope Just Married Two Flight Attendants At 30,000 Feet

If there was a competition for coolest wedding story, the flight attendant couple that was married mid-air by the Pope would win wings down (please excuse the plane pun).

During his South American tour, the Pope had the pleasure of officiating his first wedding at 30,000 feet. According to Travel + Leisure, each crew member was permitted to greet the Pope and could ask one question. Lovebirds, Carlos and Paola, took advantage of the opportunity to ask him to marry them. The Pope obliged upon learning that the church the two were supposed to have wed in had been destroyed in an earthquake and the wedding subsequently postponed.

8 Man Who Demolished Landmark House Ordered To Build Replica

A judge in San Francisco punished a man in a very peculiar way earlier this year.

Ross Johnston had been approved for minor work on a landmarked home he had recently purchased. His idea of "minor work", according to NBC Los Angeles, turned out to be a complete demolition of the property. Along with a fine for the illegal work, the judge on the case sentenced the man to rebuild the home exactly as it had been and place a plaque on the front of the replica telling the story of his error.

7 Parents Turn To Craigslist After Son Forgets Location Of Parking Garage

You can find a lot of things on Craigslist. As one family found out, as reported by Mashable, you can also use Craigslist to find your misplaced car.

Parents in New York almost didn't believe their nineteen-year-old son when he returned home from a concert (in a cab) and told them he didn't remember where he had parked the car. Baffled at their "doofy" son (their words, not ours), they posted an ad on Craigslist looking for information on its whereabouts.

And because Craigslist is amazing, they received a tip almost immediately and were able to retrieve it.

6 Who Let The Goats Out? Runaway Herd Invades Idaho Neighborhood

If you were to look out your front door and see one hundred goats on your lawn, you would probably turn right around and head back to bed because you must be sleepwalking. While that is usually true, people in an Idaho neighborhood actually did wake up to find a hundred goats on their lawn.

The goats, rented by the county for a nearby project, broke free from their responsibilities and wandered into a Boise neighborhood. They were eventually wrangled, according to Reuters, but not before people took to social media to mock the strange situation (rightfully so).