David Pearce from Quora made a series of predictions for the year 3000. A thousand years is a long time, and we can't know for sure what the future will hold. According to qualiacomputing.com, David Pearce predicts superhumans who are genetically engineered, eternal youth, superintelligence, groundbreaking VR, and programmable biospheres which will shape the environments of Earth's ecosystems. It is assumed that there will be drastic changes in home design by the year 3000.

Rapid growth in technology during the past few decades could indicate that the world will be vastly different in the year 3000. Looking at the years between 2015-2018, technological advancement is hardly noticeable. Over the last 20 years, however, there has been significant advancements. Pew Research Center says that in 1998 41% of US adults used the internet. Now, about 89% of people use the internet. Changes over a short period could suggest that homes in the year 3000 are totally different! Underwater, underground, space and floating cities are possibilities that could come sooner than later.

Far beyond their years, the following homes are out of place, which leads us to believe they might be from another period. These are 25 crazy homes that look straight out of the year 3000.

24 House In The Side Of A Cliff

It's a home built into the side of a mountain. Few would assume that the side of a hill would be an attractive place to build a house. The feeling of being high off the ground next to a gorge would be bone-chilling for just about anyone. It's a cool concept that doesn't make sense in practice. For a home that is in the middle of the desert, grocery stores and other supplies are far from reach. Pretty cool concept, but logically, the house doesn't make sense. It's an architecture anomaly, which is why it may be from the year 3000.

23 Someone Needs To Explain This Home

This house by a lake is oddly out of place. It's uncertain what this house is made out of—it wouldn't be surprising if it were chalk or plastic. The secretive nature of this home could suggest that it is from the future. People of the year 3,000 may want homes that are unique and are close to water. It's possible that by the year 3000, most of our oceans will have dried up and homes near lakes would be situated on luxury properties. With inflation, a home in the year 3000, like the one in the above photo, could be valued at $300 million.

22 Either In The Future Or A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This home isn't real, but it's too cool to not show and it looks like it could be straight out of Star Wars. It has the feel of a remote desert home like the ones from Jakku and Tatooine. Although Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away, the technology of the Star Wars universe is far beyond ours. The design of this home is similar to what would appear in Star Wars, which will likely still be a popular franchise a thousand years from now. Will homes based on movies become prevalent during the 31st century? George Lucas predicted that Disney's Star Wars could last 100 years. Not a bold assumption, but only time will tell.

21 Accordion Style House

A shift in the terrain below the house may be the cause for the shape of it. Possibly an earthquake is a reason for the shift in the structure's appearance. In the year 3000 homes will more than likely be vastly different, and something we are unable to comprehend. Could strange houses with unconventional shapes such as the one above become a thing? There aren't very many reasons to support the design in the above photo, yet veering away from traditional box houses, opens up the possibility for future hexagonal, triangular, prismatic, and many other shape types.

20 Futuroso Home

Just like how mobile homes are found in the 21st century, the future could possess spaceship homes. Hopefully, human-beings will have solved most of Earth's problems such as climate change, animal endangerment, and poverty. Also, it wouldn't be bad if people from the year 3000 figured out how to travel through space faster than the speed of light. It's possible that people in the year 3000 will go to other planets for vacations and sustainable living. Even with the existence of spaceship homes, it's hard to believe people wouldn't live in traditional homes during the year 3000.

19 The Building Block House

Jenga and LEGO building enthusiasts are going to like this house. Its unusual design gives us the feeling that it couldn't exist during this century. Rooms adjacent to one another are interconnected from the center. A building that is made of blocks could be advantageous for lowering the cost of construction. How this house was constructed is unknown. It must have taken careful planning to ensure the home didn't collapse. You could either love or hate the design, yet it seems like this home could be from the year 3000 based on it's out of place compartmental design.

18 Extra Long For The Purpose Of Aesthetics

There aren't many benefits to having a home shaped like the one in the photo. We can't predict the future, but it's possible that homes will become taller and narrower to conserve land space. A house this wide could exist in the year 3000 but might be a luxury house. Its long design would allow people to play recreational sports inside. Most importantly, the exterior of the home has an architecture that is not easily recognizable. The homes of the future will look out of place compared to today's houses, but may not seem too different than what we're currently used to seeing.

17 At Least The Year 3000 Has Forests

Will houses be elevated off the ground to avoid the zombie mutants who roam the floors? Questions such as how the homes of the future will be different, and why their designs were changed are worth speculating. This triangular prism is several feet off the ground. Having a house that is not on the floor could be beneficial to avoid a shifting foundation. People in the year 3000 will might have reasons for creating an eye-opening home, seen in the above photo that is both wondrous and enigmatic. With house construction becoming a more straightforward process, people may eventually build more houses in remote locations.

16 Apartment In The Future

The apartment of the future is filled with ergonomic design to get the most out of a small space. Apartments in populous cities in China can be quite small for the purposes of affordability and productivity. Places called "micro-apartments" are miniature in size and is comparable to living in an oversized closet or pantry. Poverty is abundant throughout the world, which is why it is beneficial for cities to have micro-apartments. The "Loft Studio Apartment" above represents what homes of the 3000 could look like—practical and simplistic.

15 House With A Serene Design

Who knows? Maybe houses in the year 3000 will be mostly water-based. So much of our oceans have not been explored, and we have built very few structures on top of the water. With a large enough platform, people could walk freely with water below. How people of the future would introduce a trend of building houses on water is of course unknown. So many barriers, such as the potential of someone falling and drowning in the sea, will prevent water houses from emerging. Also, being disconnected from cities may deter people from living on top of lakes or oceans.

14 Iron Man Movie House

We know Iron Man as the superintelligent Marvel hero who uses the most progressive technology to aid his efforts. Tony Stark, the inventor, owns a mansion in Malibu, California. In Iron Man 3 the mansion was destroyed, but eventually, a home with a similar style and more advanced gadgetry could be rebuilt in the year 3000. What type of gadgetry would a Tony Stark mansion of the year 3000 possess? A time machine, spaceflight capabilities, and instant 30-second Amazon delivery are all possibilities for the future. Even now, the Stark mansion has qualities that could fit in the year 3000.

13 Homes Of The Year 3000 Will Be Underground

In more than a thousand years, the potential for the destruction of the Earth could be at its all time. Many homeowners are building bunkers to protect themselves in the case of an emergency. Being underground has its advantages. Underground, one is safer from tornadoes, nuclear attacks, earthquakes, and zombie apocalypses. With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, the potential for a robot takeover is at an all-time high. People from year 3,000 may care less about design and more about function. A rising cost of land could make building homes underground pragmatic.

12 It Must Be from The Future!

One can guess whether a house has a futuristic design just by it looking out of the ordinary. Nobody can predict what houses will look like a thousand years from now. Is it a strange round house or a rocket ship home? It differs in appearance from surrounding homes, and with a design that could only be ahead of its time, this house is an attractive buy for people who want to pretend they live in the year 3000 or are a fan of unusual house designs. The unique home isn't from the future, but it wouldn't be surprising to see a similar house appear in the year 3000.

11 You Won't Need Windows In The Future

Windows of the future will be voice-controlled, but you may not need windows at all since technology will bring forth simulated environments that are relaxing and much more realistic than what is shown in the photo above. This home shows some of the features that homes of the future will have. At any moment, you will probably be able to see the weather with super advanced capabilities. Companies like Apple and Google may still be technological powerhouses in the year 3000, who are capable of engineering tech beyond our imaginations.

10 The Future Is Friendly

The price of homes could either increase significantly or drop dramatically in the year 3000. Currently, it is possible to 3D print entire houses out of plastic. The technology of 3D printing is rapidly growing. 3D printing technology allows you to create a wide variety of items using blueprints instantaneously. According to the website of i.materialise.com, "Over the last year alone we have seen 3D printed houses, drones, dresses, jewelry and tableware being printed." The potential for future 3D printed homes is seemingly endless. Soon, 3D printers will be used in schools. The revolutionary technology has yet to reach its potential.

9 Futuristic House Architecture

Any house that looks different from ordinary designs of the present could be from the future. Unarguably, it's a gorgeous house that many would want to live inside. Large panoramic windows are appealing. There are few reasons to pass on an opportunity to visit this home.

It could be from the future, but would make the home stand out above others would be futuristic technological functions. Artificial intelligence in the form of products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are emerging to change the average person's lifestyle. Through Amazon Alexa, people can control things like lights, television, and thermostats.

8 Swinhay House

As detailed by swinhay.com, "Quality materials and excellent workmanship are evident throughout, from the marble floors abutting curved glass balustrading to the sweeping ceilings with cleverly concealed lighting details."

Perhaps by the year 3000, problems such as crime, poverty, and weather disasters will be rid from the Earth, allowing people to make homes entirely out of glass. We may have a limited amount of trees, but we have an abundance of sand, which is used to make glass. A remarkable amount of glass was put into this house, which Swinhay calls, "futuristic house that provides for an active lifestyle both inside and out."

7 Everything Is White In The Future

In movies of the future, it seems like white walls and floors are the most popular. Perhaps people in the year 3000 will make house interiors white since cleaning will be automated and white is easy for spotting dirt and grime. Today, few people have white walls and flooring in their homes. This photo of a house shows a smart device on the wall. With certainty, smart devices of the future will be more intuitive and provide revolutionary functions. Even the furniture looks out-of-place in this home, which is why it could be from the year 3000.

6 Home Of The Future

A home in the future may resemble what we see in movies. A virtual screen in the wall could be used to quickly look up recipes and perform a variety of other tasks. Even more likely, a centralized computer will control many of the functions of the entire home including the thermostat, humidity, and volume of the doorbell. It's more than likely that this house will be far more advanced in the year 3000. It would be nice if someone could invent the time machine or a way to look into the future, so we can know what the year 3000 looks like for sure. According to Glen Stok from owlcation.com, we can't travel to the past, but it could be possible to travel to the future.

5  Cooking In The Future Will Be Vastly Different

Being able to cook foods in an instant, and the increased use of automation during the cooking process will likely be a thing in the year 3000. Preparing food is already becoming easier. Use an instant pot or a Magic Bullet blender; the method to create stew and smoothies is becoming so easy that you barely have to do anything. Cooking food will only become easier as time progresses.

The microwave was a revolutionary invention due to its ability to heat molecules inside food. Radiation cooks food evenly and can "cook a joint of meat roughly six times faster than a conventional oven," according to explainthatstuff.com.