Mazes can be mystical and magical, or they can be puzzling and intriguing; it all depends on the maze you go to as well as your own perspective and opinion that you draw from it. Going through a maze, no matter the difficulty, is always guaranteed fun and that's without a doubt.

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When there are many different ones to choose from, each giving you a very different experience than the last, it can be difficult to choose which to go to first. That's why we have done all the hard work for you! Here are ten incredibly a-maze-ing mazes that you could plan an entire trip around.

10 Edmonton Corn Maze, Alberta, Canada

The Edmonton Corn Maze is exactly what it sounds like: a big maze carved out in corn. It is located just outside of Edmonton, Alberta (the Canadian province's capital) and is just about just over three miles of walking and exploring.

There are checkpoints along the way as well as fun games and ideas to play or discuss as you walk, making it a very family-friendly experience. In 2018, that year's corn maze was actually carved and shaped to honor the release of a video game called Anthem, which was later released in February 2019.

9 Longleat Hedge Maze, Wiltshire, England

Opened in 1975, this hedge maze is not the biggest or smallest maze on this list, but it certainly is beautiful. It gives you about two miles of hedges, which will take about 20 to 90 minutes, and is located inside the Longleat Maze and Adventure Park.

The experience is promised to be a very exciting and welcoming one. However, some would agree that the absence of a wheelchair ramp makes it hard for handicapped people as well as parents with small children.

8 Labirinto della Masone, Parma, Italy

This particular maze is a little different than the others in that it is part of an open-air museum called Labirinto della Masone Museo. The full museum is about seven hectares and the maze that lies inside it is made up of many different species of flora.

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The museum is part of a group called the Association of Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza, and Pontremoli, an organization who displays many works of art, including paintings and mazes alike. Just as a cherry on top, the architecture surrounding the maze is breathtaking.

7 Andrassy Castle, Tiszadob, Hungary

Many of the best structures were built for love, the Taj Mahal in India being the first one that comes to mind (it's a great and historical story to check out). Andrassy Castle, as well as the maze that runs in its courtyard, is said to be one of those structures.

The castle was originally designed by a man named Artur Meinig for a rich count from the area. The love that the count felt for, the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, is legendary, and the labyrinth that he had built for her expresses that.

6 Pineapple Garden Maze, Hawaii, USA

Even though Hawaii does not have a 'state fruit', the pineapple is definitely a Hawaiian staple (it is the main ingredient for Hawaiian pizza, after all). Planted in 2008, the Pineapple Garden Maze in Hawaii has been declared as one of the world's largest mazes, using up about 14,000 of the Hawaiian staple fruit.

The experience is definitely family-friendly, and tickets are fairly reasonable in price. There are even tours available!

5 Hampton Court Maze, Hampton, England

The Hampton Court Maze is the UK's oldest surviving hedge maze and has changed just a little bit over the years. When it was originally built, the maze was made out of hornbeam, a member of the birch family.

Now, the maze is entirely made of the more common yew trees, like many of the other hedge mazes on this list. It is about a 20-minute walk to the center, but what makes it special is the maze's shape. Instead of being a randomized maze that one could get lost in, it is an elegant spiral.

4 Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens, Victoria, Australia

Sitting just outside of Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria, is Australia's oldest and most famous hedge maze. The circular rose maze is open year-round and is always flourishing with sweet smelling lavender. There are about 1000 cypress trees and thousands of miles of pathways to wander.

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Just like many on this list, this maze allows people of all ages and welcomes families. Fun fact: in order to keep the maze clean and tidy, there are grounds crews that take care of the hedges, trimming them only three times a year.

3 Villa Pisani Labyrinth, Stra, Italy

The old world seems to do mazes well, as Italy is showing up on our list again, this time giving us one of the hardest mazes in the world. It was constructed in 1720 and is a site that many important historical figures walked.

In fact, Napoleon was one of the many people that tried it back in the 1700s to 1800s. Along with him, it was here that Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini (the Italian Prime Minister during World War II) met for a political meeting.

2 Richardson Corn Maze, Spring Grove, Illinois

This is the world's large corn maze, being made up of about 33 acres of corn. That is way too much corn to know what to do with! For some perspective, that is exactly 143,747 square ft (133,546 m) of corn. For a further sense of scale, artist 50 Cent's mansion is about 50,000 square ft.

The maze is part of an 'adventure farm,' which features rides and attractions of other kinds, as well as gift shops and food. The entire park seems to be a great place to take someone on a first date or a great party venue that you can bring your entire family to, which is pretty versatile (and fun) if you ask us!

1 Peace Maze, Castle Wellan, Ireland

Why is it that all the rich people get their own castles and mazes? What does someone have to do for a lord or count to make them a maze? This is the second largest maze in the world, coming in at about 2.7 acres from over 6,000 yew trees.

The Peace Maze was opened in the year 2001 to celebrate the end of the region's 'Troubles,' which consisted of political and nationalist issues that lasted from the 1960s to the late 1990s. The maze expresses the efforts made by those that tried to end the tough time. There is even a Peace Bell that you can ring when you get to the center of the maze.

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