As amazing as these designs are, they are not crop circles made by extraterrestrials. No, 'tis the season for exploring corn mazes!

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In autumn, corn mazes are a popular festivity in the United States. Also, in a time of aerial photography, the mazes have some intricate designs that you can see only from above. So not only is it a form of entertainment, it is now also a form of art. Farms often spend months choosing themes and putting a ton of work into growing the corn and making the paths.

Here are ten corn mazes in the United States that are the best of the best.

10 The Great Vermont Corn Maze - North Danville, Vermont

Now this maze is huge. The big maze is a hike that can take two or more hours to complete. It covers 24 acres of land and has about three miles worth of dirt trails. You are not going to be able to jump and take a peek around either, as the corn grows up to 10 feet high.

Do not fret though, as they have plenty of emergency exits that allow you to take a break if you need one. Wear some good walking shoes, as the maze is situated on a hill, so there are slopes.

9 Happy Day Farm - Manalapan, New Jersey

Happy Day Farm loves festivities. In the fall, you can enjoy a pumpkin festival, apple festival, field trips, birthday parties, and of course the corn maze, which has been around since 2012.

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The corn field covers about 10 acres with three files of paths and a lookout bridge. There are even two paths depending on what kind of experience you want. There is a shorter one for the little kids and a challenging one for maze fans.

8 Queen's County Farm Museum - Floral Park, New York

Queens County Farm Museum is a place that dates all the way back to 1697. It is known as New York state's longest continuously farmed site. They have a lot for visitors to check out such as historic buildings, livestock, gardens, and a greenhouse.

It is New York City's only corn maze, which is what makes it special. The maze is pretty interactive, with puzzles and clues. It is one of the smaller mazes on the list, as it only covers three acres.

7 Cherry Crest Adventure Farm - Paradise, Pennsylvania

This five-acre corn maze has about 2.5 miles of paths. They also have "Maze Masters" to help anyone if they have gotten lost. The average time it takes for someone to find their way through is about one hour.

It is pretty interactive, as you get a gameboard with a map, clues, photographic opportunities, and more. You also get to choose a challenge level that ranges from easy to difficult. The difficult route can take about two hours.

6 Treinen Farm - Lodi, Wisconsin

Treinen Farm loves to create art with their corn mazes, and has put a ton of work into them. They spend months creating designs, coming up with ideas, and creating the pattern all before the corn is even a foot fall.

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The farm likes to have various levels of challenges for different visitors. They can give you a maze challenge that will take only 45 minutes or give you a big challenge that could take a couple hours. The best part? They have prizes!

5 Cool Patch Pumpkins - Dixon, California

Cool Patch Pumpkins only sold pumpkins for a while, but when sales were not doing so well they decided to also add a corn maze. As their sales began to do better due to the maze, they got very ambitious. In 2007, they even won the Guinness Book of World Records for "world's largest temporary corn maze."

They didn't stop there either, beating their own record in 2012. Each year, they love to sport new designs and expand themselves.

4 Richardson Adventure Farm - Spring Grove, Illinois

In 28 acres of live corn, Richardson Adventure Farm made a ten-mile trail of maze. You get a map and there are three bridges that allow you to get your bearings. Interestingly enough, the maze is actually made of four smaller mazes. Also, there are no dead ends.

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They also have a lot of various games you can play in the maze, such as finding all of their checkpoints, completing a quiz, or making animal tracks.

3 Conners Farm - Danvers, Massachusetts

This maze is advertised as the tenth-largest in the United States. While it is definitely big, it is separated into three sections. The maze has trivia questions and you can also get texts if you get too lost ⁠— that's right, the farm has cell service!

Like many great mazes, they also have lookout bridges to help you see where you are. On average, the maze takes about an hour to complete. Besides the maze, the farm also has carnival rides, apple picking, and great food.

2 Sever's Corn Maze - Scott County, Minnesota

Sever's Corn Maze includes challenges visitors can complete while trekking through the trails. You get to mark checkpoints on your map and use every correct entry to be eligible for a prize drawing. Their 2019 maze is going to be dinosaur-themed.

The corn maze is just one aspect of their annual fall festival. They also have a corn pit, obstacle course, magic shows, a straw bale maze, music, an exotic petting zoo, sculptures, and more.

1 McPeek's Mighty Maze - Coshocton, Ohio

McPeek's Mighty Maze has done various themes in the past, including dinosaurs, space exploration, expedition Everest, and a deep sea adventure. In 2019, their theme is an African Safari. One fun activity is their "flashlight nights" which lets you explore the maze at night by flashlight. There are not any scary creatures hiding in the corn, though; it is just an extra challenge to do in the dark.

Besides the maze, they also have a playground, hayride, cornbox (sandbox but made of corn), pumpkin painting, and more.

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