Destin, famous for its crispy-white sandy shores and emerald-green waters, this popular destination continues to attract thousands of vacationers yearly. One of its jewels is Crab Island, which is more than a typical sandbar retreat spot. The area’s outstanding beauty and chilled-out ambiance make it a great destination for both local and global tourists.

Wondering why the term Crab Island? Besides resembling a crab, this scenery was once home to thousands of crabs before a hurricane changed its landscape. Despite being covered in water ranging from one to four feet, the place still retained its name. Here’s what this enchanting island holds for vacationers.


Fascinating Things To Try In Crab Island

Crab Island is one of Destin’s most charming spots for various reasons. So, why not make memorable experiences with these thrilling activities?

Play Water Volleyball

Nothing intrigues tourists more than playing volleyball on the water. Crab Island has several volleyball nets that ensure guests work out in a fascinating way. Diving to catch the ball, whether on the water or sand court, delivers a perfect balance of leisure and competition. Solo travelers can join the playing teams as everyone around is friendly. Besides increasing social engagement, this game also benefits the body by improving blood circulation. What’s more? There are zero to minimal chances of injuries in case of a drastic fall.

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Spot Dolphins

Watching dolphins make striking turns in their natural habitats is undeniably an enchanting experience. It’s a different vibe from seeing them in an aquarium. The bottlenose dolphins are the easiest to spot, thanks to their blue-gray shade. Vacationers can take guided tours since the guides understand more about their hangout spots. Fortunately, these dolphins don’t migrate as much, so tourists can find them during different months. But there are fewer trips offered during winter. As such, travelers should check trip availability when planning to visit Crab Island during low seasons.

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Chase The Sunset

Crab Island is a stunning beauty by itself. However, the sunsets add more to its gorgeous view. There’s something magical, peaceful, and intimate that comes with relaxing on a boat while viewing the scenes the sunset has to offer. This, plus some snacks and a glass of wine equate to pure bliss! It’s a unique experience for lovers, family members, and friends who want to feel like they are in another world.

Party With Friends

With a soothing atmosphere and gorgeous views, Crab Island sets a top-tier mood for some unforgettable parties. Pontoon boats allow party lovers to bring supplies, including their favorite liquor. Note that alcohol sale isn’t permitted at Crab Island, so tourists planning to take their vacation to another level should pack their beverages. Drop off the kids at their grandma’s, head to Crab Island, and party like there’s no tomorrow!

Relax In The Cozy Water

When planning a vacation, many travelers picture themselves relaxing at the beach and listening to its soothing ripples. And that’s precisely what Crab Island delivers. With rental boats, travelers can enjoy the sun warming their skin and deep their toes into the turquoise waters while conversing with their friends. Simply put, there’s so much tranquility in lying down on this island.

How Do Tourists Get To Crab Island?

Many vacationers may wonder what it takes to get to Crab Island. However, it’s not hard as it may seem. While swimming may sound like an enthralling option, the tidal currents are strong enough to claim lives. A secure and charming way to reach the island is by renting a boat. Some of the most used watercraft rentals include the following:

Pontoon Boat Rental

These boats are available in plenty, no wonder they are pretty popular. They are easy to use and plush, so vacationers can captain themselves to scenic areas. The pontoons come in unique designs to satisfy the special needs of various adventurers. Whether fishing, lazing on the island or cruising, there’s something that offers an enchanting experience. And oh, they range from 20 to 29 feet, making them suitable for small and large groups.

Shuttle Boat

The 33-foot boats are a cost-effective way to get to Crab Island. They hold up to 33 tourists and feature a top cover to protect them from the scorching sun. Each shuttle boat has a storage compartment, where vacationers can secure small personal items like sunscreen, cameras, or sunglasses.

Pontoon With Slides

These pontoons are the smartest rides for travelers looking for boats that scream fun. Although they are limited in number, they offer party lovers the most intriguing Island experience. The onboard water slides thrill riders who want to take their island fun a notch higher. That’s not all. The pontoons have upgraded engines and a well-sounding Bluetooth stereo.

Jet Ski Rentals

This is an exciting option for adrenaline seekers who want to reach Crab Island in style. Besides allowing vacationers to perform thrilling tricks, they make it easy to search for dolphins. There are professional staffs to help inexperienced riders feel like pros while exploring the clear waters.

It’s unbelievable how much joy, calmness, and amusement a small island can bring. And that’s why every avid traveler needs to tick Crab Island off their bucket list. While it’s known for its wild pontoon parties, it’s also a suitable spot for kids to float on the water and watch dolphins.