As Coronavirus continues to spread at a rapid pace throughout the world, many countries are finding themselves in hot water. While China, South Korea, and Japan managed to flatten the curve in a matter of two months, things are not looking fo great for other countries including Spain, Italy, the United States, and Brazil.

While the WHO has declared this virus a pandemic, many did not take proper measures in order to avoid the rapid spread of COVID-19. With political rallies, large gatherings, tourists continuing to walk about, and schools not closing quickly enough, many countries are now paying the price for allowing this to continue for so long.

Despite the world's efforts to contain the virus now, many people should have acted far sooner in order to not overwhelm our health care systems. With all that being said, here are 15 countries that are definitely not taking social distancing seriously enough!

15 The United States - Spring Break, Really?

One of the most frustrating photos surfaced a few days ago where countless Florida residents and American students flocked to Clearwater Beach in order to celebrate their Spring Break. Despite the U.S. declaring a national emergency, this didn't stop them from taking measures further and closing beaches until this past weekend.

14 Mexico - Hosting Political Rallies

While Mexico is not experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak as much as other countries, its leadership is certainly not taking matters seriously enough. Mexico continues to gather in large crowds as Mexican President Obrador appears at countless rallies and gatherings amidst his political campaign.

13 Colombia - Hitting Up The Shopping Malls

In addition to Mexico, Colombia is also another country that has not acted fast enough! While city officials are taking precautions by wearing masks and gloves, it appears the residents are not as worried. Countless people continue to visit shopping malls, parks and tourist attractions per usual.

12 England - Underground Packed Everyday

Boris Johnson is without a doubt one of the only European leaders to have the biggest delay to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Prime Minister refused to close schools and other non-essential establishments after the WHO declared Coronavirus a pandemic. This led to thousands of people squishing into the London underground every single day to travel around the city, head to work, school and continue on with life as normal!

11 Germany - Out & About

While Angela Merkel has now enforced stricter rules and regulations in Germany this past weekend, things did not happen quickly enough to keep their numbers of COVID-19 cases low. Tourists continued to gather around and near tourist attractions, including the Brandenburg Gate, where life appeared to be continuing on as if nothing was wrong.

10 Vatican City - Religious Gatherings

Italy is currently the second country with the highest number of COVID-19 cases worldwide, with that being said, it appears many officials, including the Pope himself, did not act fast enough. Pope Francis was kissing, shaking hands and hugging countless residents and tourists in the Vatican City who showed up for the final in-person gathering that occurred during Ash Wednesday at the end of February.

9 Egypt - Sightseeing Continues

Egypt has managed to also find itself receiving a lot of criticism for not taking the matter seriously enough or acting in a timely manner. Tourists were spotted well into the first week of March visiting the Giza Pyramids in large numbers, avoiding the WHO's efforts to promote social distancing.

8 Italy - Tourists Emerge Despite Lockdown

As mentioned, Italy is currently experiencing the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases globally, however, it is safe to say that despite the government notifying its citizens to stay home, many continued to flock to tourists sights and attractions and take as many selfies as they could before the country finally went into lockdown.

7 France - Didn't Act Quick Enough

France, which is currently creeping up to 20,000 cases throughout the country, also did not act fast enough! President Macron did what he thought would be best, however, it wasn't quick enough. Tourists, despite wearing face masks, continued to visit a number of tourist spots including the Sacre-Coeur basilica.

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6 Brazil - President Is Still Shaking Hands

The Mexican President is not the only politician to snub Coronavirus warnings! Brazil's own president, Balsanaro, was also spotted shaking hands and attending political rallies and gatherings during this very scary time. With all that being said, Brazil has now found itself with the highest number of cases in all of South America, according to WorldoMeters.

5 Spain - Ignored Italy's Warnings

Spain quickly crept up in coronavirus cases at quite a fast pace! Despite Italy going into lockdown and taking preventative measures to decrease their numbers, it appears Spain did not follow suit and is now experiencing a very similar situation. Tourists were continuing to visit attractions, restaurants, and malls before Prime Minister Sanchèz declared a national lockdown.

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4 Switzerland - Numbers Continue To Increase

While the numbers in Switzerland remained relatively low for some time, its numbers continue to rise and the country is experiencing close to 10,000 cases. Considering many EU countries did not act fast enough, they are experiencing an overload of hospital visits, including in Switzerland, which is why it has become the second EU country with the highest number of cases.

3 Australia - People Still Flock To Tourist Attractions

Australia was one of the first countries where the toilet paper craze first began! Despite the country down under having less than 2,000 cases, panic ensued quite fast after the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Despite the global virus spreading fast, tourists remained unbothered visiting loads of spots across Sydney.

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2 India - Ignoring Guidelines

India is yet another country that is finding itself in troubled waters. The country did not act quickly enough up until this very week. While over 30 states across the country are in lockdown, many residents and citizens have not been taking measures seriously enough, which has led to increasing numbers throughout the country.

1 Portugal - Should Be Following Spain's Lead

As numbers increase throughout all of Europe, Portugal is yet another EU country that should be following Spain's steps in order to avoid dealing with the same issues. While Portugal remains low in regards to COVID-19 cases, the country has only just started taking proper measures in order to keep those numbers as low as possible.

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