If you've ever wondered what happens to your lost luggage after the 90 days an airline tries to reunite you with it, wonder no more. There's a couple in Alabama who might be wearing it, using it or, at the very least, hoping you don't claim it.

When you lose your luggage while you travel, the airline is to use the next 90 days to try and get your bags back to you. If those bags go unclaimed, they go to a place called Unclaimed Baggage Center located in northeast Alabama. It is the only place that you can buy unclaimed and lost baggage from the airline industry.


The store carries everything from clothing to electronics, sunglasses and the actual suitcases themselves. Lindy and Derrick Austin may not need more luggage, but they have made a habit out of hoping you lose your bag and with it, some pretty valuable items they can pick up at a significant discount.

They call themselves "Extreme Lost Luggage Shoppers" and they say most of their wardrobes are made up of luggage people have lost over the many years of traveling. Derrick Austin suggested the couple has spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $25K over the last five years on other people's lost items.

Unclaimed Baggage Center has worked out a deal with the airlines where after 90 days, they send their trucks around the country, buy the lost bags, still full of passengers contents, bring them back to the store in Alabama. They unpack bags every day, discard what they don't want and sell what they think buyers will want. It's like Storage Wars, but only with the airlines.

How much they pay for said bags was not something the store was prepared to answer.

Your Stuff Can Be Bought By Someone Else

So, if you're thinking of traveling and you're the type of person who doesn't notice if a bag is missing after you land in your next destination, you'd better hope you didn't pack anything too valuable inside. After 90 days, someone else can buy.

If they do, there's a good chance you'll see someone living in Alabama (possibly Derrick or Lindy) walking around wearing your lost items.

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