There are many ways to savor delicious food. While the mouth is the ultimate way, the eyes are the first to enjoy the delicacy. Sometimes, just looking at delicious food is enough to get one satisfied. But not all foods are delicious to the eyes, and not all countries offer these foods. In a survey by Vacation Renter, tens of thousands of Instagram posts were studied, and 1,000 food-loving individuals were asked about the countries in the world with the most Insta-worthy food and the answers are quite appealing and worth traveling for. Just be sure to visit these countries with good cameras as the food is not just tasty but also appealing to the eyes.

10 Mexico

Mexico is one of the few places around the world where visitors are eager to get hungry just to get a taste of the numerous delicacies the country has to offer. Besides featuring some unique tastes, the food in Mexico is presented in restaurants with a great ambiance that will inspire guests to share their experiences with their Instagram audiences. Some restaurants are positioned in spots where visitors will have great views of the city and also amazing sunsets. All that picturesqueness just makes one want to get hungry in Mexico.

9 United States

From the bustling streets of New York City to the laid-back beaches of Hawaii, the U.S is endowed with an abundance of food that can be tagged as - Insta-worthy. Sometimes, one might not like to share their food experiences, but this is usually due to an uninspiring atmosphere. In the U.S, many restaurants will have guests sharing every single moment of their food experiences with friends on their Instagram profiles.

8 Brazil

In South America, Brazil comes out top on the list of Insta-worthy destinations as it features an abundance of visually appealing food. In Brazil, guests have a lot of amazing restaurant options, from those offering meals on a beachfront with views of Sugarloaf to European-style Michelin star restaurants serving delicious Traditional Brazilian dishes.

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7 Thailand

Thailand is one of the most exotic food destinations in the world. All over this Asian country are foods of all kinds that will have one salivating even before getting a bite. In Bangkok especially, street food is just as exotic as the food offered in restaurants. Just walking through the street and exploring the dishes is a great opportunity to take shots of visually appealing meals.

6 Hong Kong

Hong Kong cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world as it features flavors from several Asian cultures. Its dynamic restaurant scene also makes it easy to get a taste of those unique flavors. In Hong Kong, there are restaurants serving food ranging from Japanese to Korean, Chinese, French, and other cultures around the world. Many of these dishes are gorgeous to look at, and the restaurants also feature decorations that blend in perfectly with the food.

5 Sweden

Sweden takes the concept of eating with the eyes to a whole new level as it features a wide range of restaurants, from those decorated like royal dining, with large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to traditional spots with neutral colors and wooden decors that blend perfectly with the food. With such an impressive restaurant scene, guests here will no doubt ignore their hungry stomachs to take some epic shots first.

4 France

Some people visit France for love, wine, and art. But others visit for the food as the country features lots of Michelin star restaurants with a food atmosphere that makes guests want to take pictures. From beautiful outdoor restaurants serving delicious fries and presenting views of the Eiffel Tower to colorful indoor Michelin-starred restaurants serving fresh seafood, there is so much food to enjoy with the mouth and the eyes in France.

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3 Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the best foods in the world, and one does not even need to have a bite to start enjoying the food. It all starts with a look. Its reputation has even made its way to the Instagram world as the country has some of the highest Michelin-starred-restaurant Instagram posts in the world.

2 Macau

Macau - a special administrative region of China, features many Michelin star restaurants offering Insta-worthy dishes. Besides offering appealing dishes, many of the restaurants in Macau present an ambiance that blends perfectly with the food being offered. From traditional spots to prestigious restaurants offering a wide range of international food, Macau is the perfect place for a food vacation.

1 United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has some of the most appealing food in the world. It also comes at the top of the list of most Insta-worthy restaurants. From breakfast to dinner, every single culinary experience in the UK is satisfying, especially to the eyes. Full breakfast is a great place to start, and there are lots of Michelin-star restaurants to enjoy this meal across the region. All those numerous food items stuffed into one plate are enough to make an Instagram audience salivate.