Travel is a wonderful thing, however, it is quickly becoming more expensive. Flights, accommodation, transport on the ground, whatever it may be, prices are increasing, not to mention the amount of scams travelers are facing from locals who think they can get away with it.

More often than not, these lies and scams can be found in regions where English is not a common language; places like South America, Asia, and Africa, but also in some Central and Eastern European locations as well.

As these lies and scams are on the rise, it is important to do your research prior to arrival, especially if you are traveling to a country that resembles a whole new world. Let's check out some of the countries that are amazing to visit, but ones where caution should be taken.

20 Thailand, The Land of Smiles

Thailand is an amazing country and it could not be recommended enough to visit, however, as English is not a common language, some locals try their luck and ripoff tourists who wouldn't really know any better. From transport to queuing up for tourist attractions, it is important to stick to your morals and question anything that seems out of place.

19 Madagascar Is Dealing With Civil Unrest

Since the turn of the last decade, Madagascar has been involved in many conflicts and corruption due to government unrest. If you do choose to visit the country, just remember this is still the case today and whilst the scenery may be surreal, so may the situation you find yourself in if there were to be civil unrest.

18 Burkina Faso Is Full Of Hustlers

As you roam the streets of Burkina Faso, local hecklers will follow you for miles in an attempt to sell you something. Even if you do learn some French prior to your arrival, they do not get the message. If you do give in and buy something, another local might guilt trip you into purchasing his items as well.

17 Pure Pakistan

Pakistan has a similar atmosphere to that of India, so it also important to proceed with caution here, too. Common travel scams, from spray painting white grapes red and upping the price, to fake police and faith healers, and everything in between, are what you should look out for whilst traveling in Pakistan.

16 Indonesia, The Island Of Lies

Indonesia is notorious for lying to tourists, especially backpackers who may have limited funds. Paying too much for transport, for food at the markets or at the airport are common tricks. Yep, that's right, if you happen to cross paths with an airport official on an off-day, you might be paying the price, and a hefty one at that!

15 The Dragon That Is Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best places to travel in Asia, if not the world. However it is much similar to Thailand in that lies and scams are on the rise, despite the out-of-this-world hospitality of the people. It is important to perhaps seek some local knowledge before arriving.

14 Pizza, Pasta, Must Be Italia

It is not surprising to find scams when you are at the 6th most visited site in the world. The Colosseum attracts just over 5 million tourists each year and is infamous for scammers saying you can 'skip the line' if you pay 100 euros more, or locals offering to take a photo of you and later demanding payment for the photo.

13 Hungary For Your Money

This is an unusual one, but the reason it made this list is because of the taxi drivers who use the language barrier to their advantage. One Australian traveler was charged 5x what the fare should have been simply due to the language barrier, and let's be honest, Hungarian isn't the most common language in the world.

12 Paradise Island - Bahamas

The Bahamas is among the most visited archipelago in the world so it is no wonder locals try to rip-off tourists. From unpriced goods at the markets to 'must-see' attractions and restaurants with no menu, it is easy to see how it happens. Ensuring you confirm with vendors how much it will be prior to flashing your money around can go a long way.

11 India, The Country Of Burnt Down Hotels

A country full of culture, ancient traditions and millions upon millions of people, India is also home to many scams and lies. The most common scam, as per Hippie In Heels, is for the taxi driver to tell you your hotel has burnt down or has moved, and then proceed to drop you at his friend's place.

10 The Dark Past of Ukraine

Ukraine is an absolutely wonderful place to visit, full of historical buildings and heart-felt stories, it is a place that is highly recommended. If on a guided tour, the guide may dance around the country's damaged past to better your experience, but there are no uncommon scams to report of.

9 Somalia, Africa's False Paradise

People say what a magnificent coastline Somalia has and how rare it is to see pirates and that it is on their bucket list. Well, pirates do still exist and they are quite common in these areas, so while some may say it is great to travel there, at what risk?

8 High Priced Real Estate in Mexico

Problems in Mexico are no secret and if you travel there and don't look the part, it is even worse. While it may be home to some amazing coastline and party scenes, the dark side of Mexico is real and something that no one wants to experience. Walking in the street, locals offer higher than normal prices for tours and even real estate.

7 The Gateway to South America, Colombia

Colombia is a place that is bursting with culture and is one of the best places to visit in South America. While it may seem vibrant and stress-free on the outside, Colombia is home to some not-so-great things. Things that tourists would rather not see but are assured everything will be alright. It is best to proceed with caution in Colombia.

6 The Philippines, Too Good To Be True?

Tripzilla reports that the Philippines may be one of the worse offenders in the Asian region when it comes to scams and lies. While there are all of the common tourist scams here; taxi drivers, ATM skimming, etc., you will find one on just about every corner, and it just gets annoying after a while. Still, proceed with caution and enjoy this wonderful country!

5 Little Russia

Just like Ukraine, Russia is scattered with scenic towns, beautiful scenery and magical castles. While walking around the streets of Russia, is it hard to believe that this was once a very negative place where all people wanted to do was flee. Locals will try to skim over this history as it is a past they would rather forget.

4 Tacky Tanzania

You are about to embark on an elusive African safari with a guide who couldn't seem happier. Altezza Travel says that while some guides seem very happy, it could be a bad sign. If you do come across this, as soon as you threaten them with the police, they will usually leave your sight.

3 Unpredictable Egypt

Egypt, much the same as Italy, is home to some of the world's most famous attractions. The Pyramids are a gold mine for scammers and not just that, the country itself has recently fallen into political turmoil amid protests and such. As a result, the government is lying to tourists and keep up tourism, when really it isn't safe.

2 Cheesy China

China is a great place to visit, but like many countries on this list, it is recommended to proceed with caution. China Highlights says that tourist traps are hit and miss here, for example, getting some local knowledge from your hotel could result in them receiving a commission for doing so.

1  North Korea

Only organized tours can operate in North Korea which they are organized in a way that is a route following a series of events which depict the normal goings-on in a country when really, things are pretty weird there. Furthermore, you can only sleep in one hotel and are escorted by government officials everywhere.