10 Countries People From The U.S. Can’t Access (16 They Can Get To Easily)

The world is full of spectacular places many of which you have probably heard of, and many you probably haven't. Although those from the U.S. can visit just about anywhere with the proper documentation, there are quite a few destinations that are off-limits for those from the U.S. and elsewhere. If you've got your eye set on 10 of these non-accessible places, then forget it, because they do not allow anyone to enter them any longer, and for good reasons too!

However, there are endless destinations that will welcome you with open arms! Despite these forbidden places, those from the U.S. can travel to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India where you can embark on an adventure of a lifetime, completely stress and worry free! If not being allowed somewhere puts a damper on your day, hopefully, these 16 places that you can travel to easily will make up for just that!

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26 Inaccessible: Pripyat, Ukraine

Via Reddit

Pripyat, also known as the location of the Chernobyl disaster, is located in the Ukraine, and has been completely off-limits for decades. According to Mental Floss, Pripyat has been a forbidden location since the tragic nuclear accident occurred back in 1986. Due to this disaster, locals were immediately evacuated due to the high radiation levels, leading the entire city to become abandoned. The ghost town does not let anyone within a 19-mile radius of the premises, due to the existing radiation levels that remain today! Although the nuclear deposits are reason enough to stay away, certain companies have put together a tour called the Chernobyl Explosion Zone, allowing you to visit areas that have been deemed 'safe' since the explosion, says The Zone.

25 Inaccessible: Coca-Cola Recipe Vault, Georgia

Via Encircle Photos

The Coca-Cola vault is yet another place one will never be able to set foot in! The vault, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, possesses the secret recipe to that good ole' Coca-Cola taste. According to TodayIFoundOut, the recipe was relocated in December of 2010 from its original vault at SunTrust Bank, where it was then moved to its new home. No one actually knows what the recipe is printed on, or if it's even available as a printed format, however, what we do know is that no one other than the creator knows the recipe. According to Encircle, the area is kept under surveillance with armed guards and is never opened! Although it would be an interesting place to visit, the chances of ever getting in are very, very unlikely.

24 Inaccessible: Mount Weather, Virginia

via Stay At Home Mom

Although this is located in the United States, those from the U.S. and elsewhere cannot step foot onto Mount Weather. Located in Virginia, Mount Weather is an Emergency Operations Center that has remained quite mysterious and secretive for some time now. The site is home to some of the highest level of civilian and military officials in case of national disaster, says NBC Washington. Although this may seem like a clever use of space, it is essentially a shelter for the most powerful members of the U.S government to seek if a nuclear war, catastrophe or similar event were to occur. Wonder what's inside? Good luck finding out!

23 Inaccessible: Lascaux Caves, France

Via Phaidon

The Lascaux Caves are located in the beautiful country of France, and although France is very open to receiving any from the U.S. or elsewhere, there is one place in particular that no one can enter! These caves, located near the village of Montignac, are completely covered with large paintings representing animals, however, that is not the only thing that caves are covered in. According to the NY Times, fungus and mold have threatened these paintings, leaving it at risk both for the walls of the caves and for those entering them. In this case, the caves were completely closed to the public due to the change of environment, which ultimately led to irreparable damage to the paintings, and an increase in fungi and mold back in 1963.

22 Inaccessible: Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is located deep inside the Arctic Circle on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. This vault is hidden deep inside a mountain, where no one and nothing can enter it! According to NPR, many refer to this location as 'The Doomsday Vault', because it was created in order to withstand even the worst case scenarios. Located inside are millions of seeds, and a complete 'backup' of Earth's food-crop seed, in case everything was to be wiped from existence! As scary as it may sound, this is a crucial necessity to re-starting if a real-life 'doomsday' were to occur! It goes without saying that whether you're from the U.S or not, there is no way you are getting inside here.

21 Inaccessible: Vatican Secret Archives, Italy

Via History.com

The Vatican and the Catholic Church have been in possession of historic works that date back to the days of Jesus Christ himself. These works are located within the Vatican Archives, which are completely forbidden from anyone entering. According to Disclose, the only way to get access to the archives is by getting permission from the pope himself, otherwise, count yourself out! The archives include 53 miles of shelves, and possess documents such as Martin Luther King's excommunication and a letter from Michelangelo to Pope Julius II, says History.com! Although it would be an extraordinary place to explore, no one has been able to enter without special permission.

20 Inaccessible: Club 33 Disneyland, California

Via OrangeSmile Tours

Next up on the list is one you wouldn't expect to find on here! Although it is located in the 'happiest place on Earth', it is quite likely that you will never be able to step foot inside. Club 33 is a, you guessed it, club that was created by Walt Disney himself for the most senior guests who took part in the construction of Disneyland, says Orange Smile. However, the club has since changed its guest list, allowing others to join, for a price. According to Orange Smile, the entrance fee ranges from $10,000 to $30,000 where you will only be given access 14 years later! Since the lump sum of members in the club cannot exceed 487, you must wait your turn before entering. Yikes!

19 Inaccessible: Surtsey, Iceland

Via CondeNastTraveler

Surtsey is an island that recently formed in 1963 after a huge volcanic eruption that lasted for nearly 3 years! According to Viral Motion, the island is used only for scientific research, leaving it completely off-limits for just about anyone else. The main use of the island is for the expansion of our understanding of how an ecosystem forms without any human impact. Although this is a cause we can definitely get behind, some people didn't listen to the rules all too well. Upon an excavation, one researcher relieved himself onto some lava, which led to a tomato plant sprouting from a seed left within the researcher's fecal matter, says India Times. Not only are people now forbidden from the island, but so are any seeds, or remnants of such!

18 Inaccessible: North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

Via Ngttraveller.com

North Sentinel Island is a home to the Sentinelese, which is one of a few tribes in the world that have absolutely no contact with modern civilization. According to The Spinoff, access to the island is completely forbidden, and any entry may result in death! Those who live on the island are known to survive solely on hunting, fishing and collecting wild plants, however, there have been no recorded signs of agriculture or fire to this day, says NGT Traveller. The only successful expedition to this day was in 1967, where T.N Pandit was able to witness what really occurs on the island, however, no one from anywhere can set foot on their territory any longer.

17 Inaccessible: The Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean

Via CCTubes

No, we aren't talking about multi-platinum selling pop band Marianas Trench, we're talking about the Mariana Trench, as in the deepest natural point in the world. Located in the western Pacific Ocean approximately 200 kilometers east of the Mariana Islands, a visit here is impossible for obvious reasons. According to BusinessInsider, reaching the bottom of the world's deepest point has never been done, nor could ever be done due to the depth of its location. Although there is a current world record holder, getting to the bottom is so difficult, that it has made the list of non-accessible destinations for anyone without a set of gills!

16 Easy Access: Australia

Via Webjet

First up on the list, Australia! The land down under is notorious for being extremely hospitable, and chill, so it goes without saying that you won't go a few minutes without meeting someone new! According to Bucker Mission, Australians are famously welcoming to the travelers they call Yanks, short for Yankee, which is what they refer to those from the U.S.. In addition to their beautiful landscapes, loving people and an array of wildlife, you can find yourself enjoying all that while feeling welcomed! Whether you're looking for beaches, mountains or just a fun time, the festive spirits of Australia are bound to guarantee you an unforgettable trip.

15 Easy Access: Georgia

Via Beamish

Whether you're from the United States or just about anywhere, you won't find people as nice and interested in meeting you as those from Georgia! Although it's often mixed with the State of Georgia, we're talking about the European country known for their diverse architecture, seaside views and historic culture that make it an ideal destination. Considering the strong diplomatic relation Georgia holds with the U.S., not only does it make it the perfect place to travel as a U.S citizen, but Georgians are notorious for being open and friendly with just about anyone, says the Georgian Journal.

14 Easy Access: Ireland

Via WorldStrides

Ireland is next up on the list, and rightfully so! The Irish are some of the nicest people worldwide, potentially because they thrive in pub culture and enjoy sharing a pint with just about anyone, however, Ireland has been quite vocal in the past for their love of our former leader and the U.S., says The New Yorker. Whether you're visiting the capital city of Dublin or the cliffside sights of the Atlantic Way, you are bound to have a merry time amongst the Irish, because that is what they are great at! According to Thrillist, with an abundance of pubs, cheap flights and "strong diplomatic ties", Ireland is extremely accessible for U.S. citizens, and anyone else wishing to travel to the land of the lucky.

13 Easy Access: India

Via Holiday With Us

Indians are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and are always keen on giving directions, travel advice or a helping hand to just about anyone, regardless of nationality, says The Culture Trip. In addition to their hospitality, Indians are quite well-versed in English, and are not averse to expressing their curiosity either, says Lonely Planet. With that being said, if you've ever wanted to see the Taj Mahal up close and personal, you know you can do it with ease! Considering just how nice the locals are, it is a cordiality that can be pleasantly infectious, making it quite the extraordinary travel destination.

12 Easy Access: Cuba

Via The Australian

Although this one may come as quite the shock to some, Cuba is quite the hotspot for U.S. travelers at the moment. According to Forbes, many citizens of the U.S. are still under the impression that they cannot travel to Cuba, however, that has since changed. Albeit, traveling to Cuba is not as easy as certain other countries, however, once you do arrive, you will see just how friendly and accommodating Cubans are! In addition to their outstanding hospitality, a trip to Cuba is almost like taking a trip to the 1960s. Most of the cars and architecture, in various locations, including Havana, are from that era which reminds travelers of Miami Vice and American Graffiti. With a divine culture, welcoming spirit and great music, you are bound to have a grand time in Cuba!

11 Easy Access: Japan

Via Pinterest

Most travelers who return from Japan claim that the Japanese are nothing but gracious, patient and kind towards U.S. citizens, says TripAdvisor. So, if you're looking for a place to visit with an array of culture, food, and history, then look no further! Tokyo is said to be the greatest food city in the world, says Thrillist, and in addition to the food, there are endless places to explore! Whether you want to venture into the city life or take a trip to the glittery high-rises of Shinjuku, Japan has it all. According to Wander Wisdom, the Japanese are too very well-versed in English, so if you have any worry of getting lost in translation, fear not, because there will always be someone willing to help you.

10 Easy Access: Canada

Via Entertainment Tonight

Now this one is a no-brainer! If you are looking to take a little trip, then Canada will welcome just about anyone with open arms. Considering Canada and the U.S. are neighboring countries, the two have created a bond that makes visiting each other quite accessible. Not only are Canadians extremely polite, open-minded and friendly, says Ranker, or anyone who is Canadian or has traveled to Canada, but they've also got Tim Hortons, which is reason enough to pay them a visit. Apart from the outstanding hospitality, you won't go a day without being stunned by the glory Canada has to offer! From the mountains on the West Coast, French culture in Quebec, and beautiful views in the Maritimes, Canada is definitely a must-see for anyone from the U.S. or elsewhere!

9 Easy Access: Thailand

Via Asia Green Resorts

Thailand seems to be the 'it' spot as of recent, considering everyone seems to be visiting Thailand left and right. If you're from America, behold, Thailand is a definite easy access country that will not only be welcoming but offer outstanding experiences to make your trip one of a lifetime. According to In A Far Away Land, Thai people are super welcoming to those from the U.S., and are always willing to lend a helping hand! With islands full of breathtaking beaches, mountains and mouth-watering food, your trip is bound to be a success! In addition to the countless adventures you can embark on in Thailand, you won't be breaking the bank while doing so, which is always a plus!

8 Easy Access: France

Via Flight Deals

Next up on the list, France! The French, although deemed as "rude", says The Local, they are in fact some of the most open and happy people thriving in the city of love and light. Cities such as Normandy, Paris, and areas of in the South have a love for the U.S., considering past events that have tied the two countries closer together. With magnificent views, French cuisine, and a charm unlike any other country, France is bound to make your trip one for the books! Whether you are looking for romance, adventure or a taste of culture and history, France is the best place to do that, and according to Thrillist, they are open to sharing that with just about anyone who is willing to indulge in it!

7 Easy Access: Belize

Via Chabil Mar Villas

Belize is well, un-Belize-able! Not only do they speak English, but also carry U.S. dollars, and have many values and traditions similar to that of the United States, making it quite an easy access destination for anyone from the U.S. and elsewhere. Many have commented how Belize feels like an even more laid back extension of Southern California, says TripAdvisor, the people are very diverse, chill and always ready to eat some delicious food! With countless adventures to embark on, such as visiting the Belize Barrier Reef, fishing, laying on a beach, or simply taking in the music scene Belize has to offer, there is something for just about anyone to enjoy! If you want a trip that you can enjoy solo, or with your closest of friends, you better Belize that this is the place for you.

6 Easy Access: Wales

Via Celtic Trails

Wales, like many other countries on this list, has a history of being pleasant, kind and welcoming to anyone wanting to visit their beautiful country. According to The Culture Trip, Wales is one of the most beautiful places in the world, offering endless views of green rolling hills, national parks and stone walls, and homes that add an element of charm to your trip that no other country can do. In addition to the countless things you can do in Wales, they speak English, making it quite an easy destination for those from the U.S., as you can almost guarantee that you will be able to make friends, ask for directions and enjoy your trips stress free, without worrying about any 'lost in translation' moments. Although that sounds easy enough, its best to immerse yourself as much as possible in the Welsh culture, and even give a go at the countries very own language too!

5 Easy Access: New Zealand

Via The Department of Wandering

New Zealand, along with the rest of the countries on this list, is full of adventure! New Zealand is often referred to as Australia's funkier, less desert-y sibling, says Thrillist, making it just as great a destination for just about anyone to visit. The Kiwi population, which is a nickname given to New Zealand natives, are known to be quite open to travelers and will take anyone under their wing in an instant to show them all the beauty New Zealand has to offer. According to The Culture Trip, New Zealand is a hotspot for U.S. citizens, as it's not only easy to access, but offers similarities that will make travelers feel at ease and relaxed all while immersing themselves deep in Kiwi culture.

4 Easy Access: Sweden

Via Wallpapers

Next up on the list, Sweden! Now let me ask you, have you ever met or heard of anyone from Sweden that was mean? No, didn't think so! They simply do not exist. According to National Geographic, Scandinavian people are "perfect in every way possible". Although that may be an overstatement, or maybe it isn't, anyone traveling to Sweden will find themselves being welcomed with open arms. The Swedes are also known for making every effort possible to assimilate newcomers into their country, which offers endless adventures and views galore, says Thrillist. Since Sweden is full of fine education, healthcare, and public services, the folks there are quite happy, making it a pleasant country to visit year round!

3 Easy Access: Peru

Via Planet Janet Travels

Peru, located in the heart of South America, is known for its smiling faces and hospitable citizens. If you choose to visit Peru, which you should, you will not only be embraced with a smile, but you will be fed beyond your wildest dreams. Lima, which is Peru's capital, has a smashing food scene that caters to just about anyone's taste, says Serious Eats, making it the ideal location for any of you foodies out there. In addition to the food, Peru is full of history, culture, and sights to see from Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, and the Inca Trail, to name a few. With plenty of Pacific beach towns, you can go from mountainside to beachside in a day. If you are undecided as to where to travel to next, behold, you might have just found the next best thing, get that passport ready!

2 Easy Access: Greece

Via National Geographic Kids

Greece is not only beautiful, but Greeks are just as beautiful when it comes to their hospitality. With a vast history, immense culture, delicious Mediterranean food, and sights that could bring you to tears, this is the ideal location for just about anyone! Getting into Greece is also quite easy for U.S. citizens, requiring no Visa, you can enter and enjoy all that Greece has to offer simply with a passport, says World Travel Guide. Whether you'll be staying on main land Greece, or venturing off to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, such as Santorini, Crete or Mykonos, you are bound to gain vast knowledge on the country, all while meeting the stellar people who reside in it.

1 Easy Access: Portugal

Via Hand Luggage Only

Last up on the list of easy access destinations is Portugal! This beautiful European country is thriving with culture, great food, happy people and unbeatable views. Many Portuguese, speak both their native language and English, making it a hassle-free destination for any English speaking travelers out there, although giving Portuguese a shot is always appreciated. Portugal is said to be a country that welcomes those with nothing but open arms, and considering the country offers endless yummy dishes and wine, says The Culture Trip, there is simply no way you can go wrong here. If you are traveling to Porto or Lisbon, then you are in luck, because according to Thrillist, the locals are accustomed to welcoming anyone from across oceans, and showing them the Portuguese way!

Sources: tripadvisor; culturetrip; worldtravelguide; seriouseats

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