Every American fantasizes about taking a long weekend getaway either in the country or to a foreign land as one can explore wonderful destinations, take photos, purchase special items, and create unforgettable memories. These desires are frequently outshined by the difficulties affiliated mostly with visa entry procedures. American tourists, on the other hand, no longer need to be concerned since there are places all over the globe that are great enough to grant them the opportunity to visit multiple nations, even without a visa. To learn more, here is a list of countries around the world that American tourists can visit without a visa.


More Countries Americans Can Visit Without A Visa

American citizens can visit 185 countries without needing a visa. This list was updated to include additional countries that Americans can visit without a visa. These include the affordable nations of Mexico and Colombia.

12 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is renowned as among the Asian nations that attract a large number of travelers from all over the world. There is also no need to be perplexed while deciding on the finest appealing place for a vacation in Hong Kong as there is an unlimited number of places to visit, ranging from such as retail malls, historical monuments, and breathtaking nature-based tourism spots. Furthermore, because of the quantity of greenery located throughout the city, anything tourists are searching for, there are more than enough destinations to visit as well as things to make them satisfied.

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11 Macau

Macau is just a little bit of Portugal smack dab in the middle of the farther East. It features well-preserved medieval buildings and cobblestone lanes that await exploration. Strolling through the crowded roads up to the abbey remnants, travelers would see the state's rich history all around them. It's also no wonder that Macau's historical core has been added to the ranking of China's foremost valuable Heritage Sites. Furthermore, travelers are not required to get a visa to enter the nation.

10 Mauritius

Mauritius is such a picturesque island republic inside the Indian Ocean along the southeast border of Africa. This country is made up of the islets of Mauritius as well as Rodriguez and also the outlying islands that are also components of the Mascarene archipelago. Furthermore, with its wonderful white pristine beaches, gorgeous blue ocean, highlands, UNESCO Historic Sites, and much more crammed into one country, travelers will never be bored in Mauritius with everything they can explore in the country.

9 Taiwan

Every nation in Asia is gorgeous, but Taiwan is unique for a variety of reasons. Taiwan was named the happiest country in Eastern Asia. Despite the fact that it is a tiny island, travelers will be astounded by the nation's never-ending array of sights and interesting activities to do. Taiwan, along its numerous rivers and streams, is strewn over the country. Global museums, buildings, and a plethora of restaurants and supermarkets have something for everyone they will surely enjoy.

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8 Philippines

Whenever travelers wander in the Philippines as a vacation destination, they will discover different activities and interesting excursions. The Philippines has been renowned as among the most prominent tropical getaways in the world throughout the years, becoming the best location for foodies, adventurers, beachgoers, and anybody looking to satiate their sense of adventure without a visa. Furthermore, the country's various romantic places highlight why several couples prefer to vacation in the Philippines.

7 Vietnam

This vast Southeast Asian country is rich in heritage, recreation, delicious food, and fantastic individuals. Regardless of how much experience travelers spend in Vietnam, they can never lose exciting things to do. It also features several of the largest global caverns, in addition to being a wonderfully gorgeous site that is great for an adrenaline rush. Furthermore, travelers who don't have a visa can still appreciate and travel to Vietnam for up to 14 days.

6 Cambodia

Cambodian history comprises a few of mankind's greatest aesthetic triumphs along with some of its most heinous actions. This country is recognized as the birthplace of the massive structures of Angkor Wat as well as the violent Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s. Most visitors come here for its heritage. However, this Southeast Asian country has much more to show to visitors than a brief temple hop if they stay longer. Aside from its temples, Cambodia is also a burgeoning Southeast Asia vacation spot that tends to enchant those who visit.

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5 Thailand

Thailand is among the most frequented countries in the world, with over 35 million visitors each year. Thailand is also a fantastic, diversified destination that is well-known for being a nice visa-free place. From its white pristine beaches as well as fantastic accommodations to historical shrines and delectable cuisine, this tropical destination simply has much to give for every traveler. Furthermore, this destination is well-known for its local street food and delicacies, as well as being the most devout Buddhist country in the world.

4 Singapore

The majority of travelers visiting Singapore don't demand a visa to enter. Singapore was ranked among other geographically and religiously conservative nations, distinguishing it from its neighbors. Visitors may also enjoy gastronomic delights from other nations, along with various sanctuary sites. Another compelling incentive to consider Singapore is that it is among the world's cleanest countries.

3 Fiji

Even for budget-conscious tourists, Fiji remains a pricey destination to visit. This state also accepts visitors who don't have a visa. If travelers prefer to do island hopping on Fiji's outlying islands, there are also a variety of traditional and transient resorts to do on each island. Fijian culture centers upon the family to warmly welcome different people and interests. Furthermore, Fiji is brimming with adventurous, exciting activities that tourists will thoroughly appreciate.

2 Mexico

Americans looking to enrich their culture or craving a charming beach vacation should consider visiting affordable and neighboring Mexico. They can particularly head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, San Jose del Cabo, or Cancun since these are some of the most affordable international destinations to visit in Mexico. And, of course, no visa is required. People living in US southern border states and in California will mostly find it convenient and easy to travel to Mexico.

1 Colombia

If one wants to visit the beaches, see nature, and enjoy the city, then Colombia perfectly combines all three. Nothing would feel more enchanting than admiring the colonial architecture in Cartagena, trekking through the Sierra Nevada, and diving off the coast of San Andres Island. Popular tourist sites in Colombia are affordable, and people can pay only around USD 1 to visit the Bogota Botanical Garden. A hotel stay will cost around USD 65 per night. Additionally, American tourists won't have to get a visa to visit Colombia.

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