Plenty of travelers have Mexico on their wish lists. And while the picturesque beaches and wealth of party spots are notable attractions, the low cost of traveling in Mexico is also a significant highlight.

If you want to vacation cheaply, you can't really go wrong in Mexico. Of course, if you're choosing a resort, you can expect to shell out a few thousand dollars. But if you opt out of pricey resort properties, you can traverse Mexico and see all the sights (and eat all the tacos) for far less than you might expect.


Here's how much one vacation day costs in Mexico, if you skip the resort properties.

The Conversion Rate Is An Amazing Perk For Travelers

Honestly, it's a bit sad that the economy is so low in Mexico. But for travelers, the low conversion rate makes this geographically diverse destination a complete steal.

As of early 2020, the conversion rate is one US dollar to 18.78 MX pesos. For Canadian visitors, one Canadian dollar equals 14.39 pesos. And for our European friends, one Euro equals 20.91 pesos.

For reference, the average household income in Mexico, per Baja Insider, is 13,329 pesos per month (or $843 US dollars). While it's a sad reality for people who live there and have to exist on that amount or less, it's a positive for travelers who don't want to spend their entire month's wages traveling.

Flying In Is Your Biggest Expense

Flying in for your trip? That will cost you anywhere from $160 for a round-trip ticket from Los Angeles, California to $700 when departing from London's Heathrow airport. Canadian travelers can expect prices in between those figures.

Flights: $160 to $700 per person, depending on your origins.

Honestly, a hotel can cost less per night; you can stay in a "very good" hotel (according to for $13, taxes included!

Food Is Fresh, Accessible, And Superbly Cheap In Mexico City

From street tacos to fresh fruit topped with limón y chile, you can expect to spend very few pesos on Mexican cuisine. British traveler Northern Lauren, who hunkered down in Mexico City long enough to learn all about the average expenses, offers some general guidelines on pricing.

A takeout latte is around 40 pesos, and a concha (a delicious pastry-like confection) from a pastelería sells for as little as 18 pesos.

For lunch, Lauren explains that taco stands charge anywhere from 5 to 20 pesos per taco. The total price depends on the fillings and the neighborhood, though. If you're feeding one person a lunch of four tacos, that might run you about four US dollars. Let's say you add a beverage (or a few more tacos), and you're looking at around five bucks for a meal.

In contrast, Lauren says that a "fancy lunch" at an indoor restaurant runs about 200 pesos per person. Having a Mexican adult beverage (like a Dos XX or Victoria)? That will run you about 35 more pesos, for a total under $13.

And for dinner? Renowned restaurant Pujol charges about $93 USD for a seven-course supper if you're looking to get fancy, says Eater. Stick with street vendors again for dinner, though, and you'll come in under budget.

Food: $30 to $115 USD for one person.

Excellent Transportation Is Totally A Thing (That's Affordable) In MX

I was initially surprised to find out that Uber is common in Mexico, but there are tons of other transportation options, too. The buses are cheapest at under 10 pesos for just about any destination.

You can take the Metro or Metrobus for 5 or 6 pesos, respectively, regardless of the destination. Just make sure to get your rechargeable card first! Another option is the Trolebus, which only costs 4 pesos each way.

Ubers cost around 40 pesos for short trips around the city, and you can also rent scooters or bikes starting at 100 pesos per day.

Transportation: Under 10 bucks, even if you ride every mode of transport two ways across the city!

Entertainment Won't Break Your Budget

Depending on what you want to see, entertainment can be free or it can cost a bit. There are free entry museums all over Mexico, including the big tourist areas like Mexico City (CDMX), Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, and Oaxaca.

Northern Lauren notes that in Mexico City, cover charges for clubs can range from 50 to 200 pesos. Ticketmaster has tickets for Lucha Libre events starting at under 500 pesos.

And of course, beach access (and posing with the huge city signs in every big and average-sized city across the country) is always free!

Entertainment: Anywhere from 50 to 700 pesos (between 11 and 38 bucks).

Bottom line: Not counting airfare, one day of vacation in Mexico will cost you between $64 and $176 dollars.

If you factor in airfare and plan to stay a week, you could get by on as little as $700, if you're arriving from a US territory. Of course, airfare can also vary based on where you're flying in (whether northern, central, or southern Mexico).

But if you're looking for an inexpensive vacation destination, Mexico should top the list!