Traveling to Mexico is an experience like no other. It’s stunning and the rich culture runs deep into their veins. There are thousands of street vendors who sell their artisanal and handmade crafts, pottery, and jewelry. However, Mexico is just one country home to delicious exotic fruits and flavourful recipes. When visiting Mexico, it’s easy to get lost in the wonders of this stunning destination and notice that money is beginning to dwindle down in your bank account. Flights and hotels are an expense that is expected and easy to budget, however, all the added activities and purchases can quickly break the bank.


If there’s one thing for sure is that it’s easy to travel too fast and bypass a lot of what Mexico has to offer like the language, the heritage, the cultural sites, and the friendly people. Mexico has lots of beautiful resorts that are also safe. As well, there are many locations that are nearly untouched and have an authentic lifestyle.

The best advice we can give is to keep a budget journal and start planning the activities you plan to do. Then, add a few hundred dollars for spending cash.

For $0.25 Per Taco, Oprah Declares Everyone Gets A Taco!

In Mexico, Taco Tuesday is celebrated every day. They are as common as steamed hot dogs and hamburgers throughout North America. Mexico is among the many countries serving irresistible street food. Street food is always made fresh and by hand which explains why roughly 75% of the Mexican population are said to eat from their local vendors at least once a week. Honestly, how can we blame them? Vendors are known to sell some native favorites, gigantic sandwiches, and entire platters of food.

Mexico also has a variety of street food vendors. Some are known to sell food from a truck, under an umbrella, makeshift windows, and even from the back of bicycles. They sell everything from breakfast, tamales, quesadillas, tortas, and everyone’s favorite, tacos. These prices range anywhere from 6 pesos and 20 pesos, which averages $0.35 to $1.16 for a plate full of flavourful food.

After a night of dancing, there are select stands that only open at night. Snacks like ears of skewered corn topped with chili and cheese are a great end of the evening to burst your palette with local piquancy.


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Hop On A Bus For 6 Pesos And Get An Unguided Tour Of The City

Touring Mexico doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, most tourists tend to book a ticket on a jeep that travels through the forest and ends with a picnic on the beach. Others may purchase a charter bus from the airport to the resort and never leave the beach or poolside. However, riding on the local bus will easily save you a few dollars.

There are three types of bus services in Mexico and they offer a variety of amenities and range in prices. The Executive Class holds TV screens, WiFi, A/C, a restroom, and seats with added leg support and reclining seats. In addition, a bus attendant will walk around and offer complimentary sandwiches and cold beverages. Additionally, the Executive Class also drives directly to the final destination, whereas lower-class bus services will make various stops in the city.

Unfortunately, the bus is a prime location for petty theft so it’s important to keep shopping for bags, purses, and backpacks close by. Also, any jewelry and watches should be put away to avoid any pickpocketing and watch snatchers.

Excursions Can Make Or Break The Bank Averaging $154

All-inclusives don’t include everything, despite the term “all-inclusive.” These resorts will include the basics like housing, food, and beverage, as well as poolside entertainment, however, they do not include trendy dolphin rides or tequila tastings in the jungle.

Vacationers tend to be slightly shocked at the price for an off-resort excursion. While many book through expensive websites or book directly through their hotel, what many fail to realize is that there are so many locals that offer the same exciting excursion for a fraction of the cost.

So grab your change purse and hope on the city bus and visit the real parts of Mexico where culture, cuisine, heritage, and language can be found.


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That Sneaky Travel Insurance Bill That Can Cost Up To $200 Per Day

It’s very tempting to purchase travel insurance when they’re booking online. Future travelers log in to their preferred website, select their dates and locations, and get to the next page. After entering each traveler’s information, they are then asked whether they would like to purchase travel insurance for roughly 15$ per day. At first, we all select it just in case we need it, but after seeing the price after taxes, fuel charges, and insurance, we tend to remove it. Or is that just me?

It’s the little things that make a vacation expensive and when you add a $200 per day insurance bill (that you most likely won’t use,) it definitely makes a staycation look cozier. Though you might be unlikely to use your expensive insurance, it does bring peace of mind in case anything should happen.


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Fall In Love With The Mexican Culture With These Local Home Rentals

If there’s one word that can best describe Mexico it would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It’s stunningly beautiful with a rich heritage and gorgeous beaches. However, there’s only so much one can see from an all-inclusive resort. Yes, they have mouth-watering restaurants and entertaining activities and nightlife, but that only shows you a glimpse into what Mexico has to offer.

Mexico has a diverse and multicultural culture with a majority of Spanish, there are also many residents with African and Asian descent. This could be a reason why Mexican cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world. The only way to witness the true Mexican culture is to live as the Mexicans do. When you’re booking your vacation, travelers are encouraged to rent an Airbnb or a small apartment in the city to get the true taste of Mexico.

Depending on the location, prices will vary. It’ll be more expensive the closer you are to the bridge or the more amenities you request, like an inground pool and multiple bedrooms.


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