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Imagine listening to: “The summer wind came blowin' in; From across the sea; It lingered there so warm and fair; To walk with me,”—while on a real summer vacation; blown softy by the California summer wind; and staying in the very house where Frank Sinatra composed some of his chart-topping hits—over in the beautiful neighborhood of Palm Springs, California. Of course, aside from Twin Palms, Franks Sinatra’s famous retreat, there are several high-end hotels and resorts around Palm Springs that would still fit the bill.


However, there’s no feeling like staying in the palpable shadow of the man whose musical genius wowed presidents and peasants; the refined and the rough. Therefore, while there’s every reason to visit Palm Springs—spending a night at Frank Sinatra’s scandalously famous homestead should be on every traveler’s bucket list. We reveal the cost of renting Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs Estate and some interesting stories about it.

The Story Of Twin Palms: One Time Home Of Frank Sinatra

In 1940, 25-year-old Frank Sinatra had already achieved the kind of fame that would have been the dream of many artists. But Frank Sinatra was a different animal. He had a hunger for success and fame that knew no respite. It is in this stage of life that he arrived in Palm Springs, California—and dramatically breathed life into it. Once a sleepy, laid-back town, Palm Springs suddenly became the resort of Holywood’s swashbuckling buccaneers. Initially keen on a Georgian-style mansion, Sinatra identified a design that he wanted, directing Stewart Williams, the distinguished California-based architect—to build such a house in the summer of 1947. But Stewart, whose distinctive architectural genius shaped the Coachella Valley, would tactfully dissent.

The design that “Ol' Blue Eyes” wanted wasn’t suitable for a desert place. This argument convinced Sinatra who in turn gave Stewart $150,000—the modern equivalent of about $1.9 million— for the air-conditioned desert-friendly home. Well, Sinatra had just made his first million and money was not a problem. Completed before the end of the year, Sinatra’s mansion embodied Hollywood's glitz and glamour and set a standard in Palm Spring’s architectural landscape. It would become the scene of Romeo-and-Juliet-style romance as well as devastating heartbreaks. It was while staying here that the curtain would fall on his tempestuous 12-year marriage with Nancy, his home-maker first wife. It was also here that he would marry Ava Gardner (within a week of his divorce against Nancy) whom he would live with—and fight with— for six turbulent years.

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Here’s What To Know About Twin Palms Vacation Rentals And Their Cost

Those who’ll be checking into Frank Sinatra’s glamorous Twin Palms estate between 29th June 2022 to 28th Sep 2022 will pay $2,500 per night. For this amount, the minimum duration of stay is five days. After this period, those who’ll stay at the home between 29th September 2022 and 15th December 2022; or between 2nd Jan 2023 to 28th May 2023—will have to part with $3,300 per night—for a similar minimum-stay period. That’s $800 more. The most expensive time to stay at this historic residence is between 16th December 2022 and New Year’s Day; when guests will part with a decent $3,630 per night—for a minimum of seven nights. What does this entail?

Four spacious Terrazo-floor-tiled bedrooms; each with an ensuite bathroom—that can sleep up to eight guests. Three of the four bedrooms have both a shower and a bathtub, while one has only a stand-alone shower. A cracked dent in a sink is rumored to have been occasioned by a quarrel between Frank and Gardner; when Frank threw a wine bottle at her beautiful actress wife. Other features include designer-style furnishings, the original sound and recording system, and a fully-equipped kitchen that boasts luxurious Viking appliances. Of interest will be the extensive Sinatra memorabilia and some fascinating works of art. Outside, there’s a piano-shaped, swimming pool, fringed by twin slender palm trees—that lend this estate its name.

  • How Far Is Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Home From Palm Springs International Airport? 1.8 miles (2.9 Kilometers)

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Here’s What To Know About Private Tours At Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Vacation Rentals

For those who are not keen on staying as guests, Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Vacation rentals has an exciting option: Visiting the estate as part of a tour group. Group members will be regaled with interesting details and fascinating factoids about the prevailing mid-century architecture. They’ll also enjoy learning about the man who was among the world's best-selling music artists and the history of some chart-topping records.

  • When Are Group Tours Scheduled At Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Resort? Tours are scheduled from Tuesday through Thursday depending on availability.

For group tours, there has to be a minimum of twenty members. The tour takes 45 flying minutes. Here’s the truth: Whether one plans to stay where genius and fame once dwelt side by side with scandal—or visit the facility to learn about its storied past—a visit to Frank Sinatra’s estate will live in one’s memory for a long, long time.