The Bahamas is an absolutely stunning place filled with kind and beautiful people and a deep connection to their traditions and lifestyle. It is a tourist hot spot for romantic couples, squads of friends, young families with excited children, bridal parties and so much more. The Bahamas has always received high praise for the services they offer.

Nassau, Harbor Island, and Green Turtle Cay are some of the favorite islands in the Bahamas for tourists. Vacationers are greeted with a wide range of activities, traditional foods, refreshing beverages and incredible hotels overlooking some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises one will ever witness.


However, beauty and relaxation don’t come at a cheap price. Find out below the average cost per person for a 7-day Bahamas dream vacation.

The Average Hotel Night Stay

When vacationers skip the all-inclusive resort, they’re skipping out on two major benefactors - the incredible prices and the open bar. However, in all honesty, no one really wants to sit in an overly-crowded resort filled with children and unruly adults looking for a cheap vacation.

Unfortunately, quiet and privacy also comes with a price tag. The average cost of a hotel in the Bahamas, that does not include the all-inclusive perks and benefits, is an average of $312. There are some that can be found for a small price of a little over a hundred dollars per night such as the Hilton in Bimini, while others can be found for over four hundred dollars such as The Reef which is located in the heart of Atlantis amusement park and resort.

These prices may include a continental breakfast, but will definitely not include a buffet lunch, specialty dinner or poolside cocktails. On the flip side, they will include the privacy that one requires when trying to relax by the beach.

Average cost for a 7-day dream vacation stay: $2184

Gotta Get There Somehow

It’s a beautiful day to fly! Depending on the season, flight prices will vary. Some booking agents such as Flight Hub will offer discounted prices, for example, today's price of $96, for a round trip to Nassau, Bahamas, while other flights can reach as high as $1223, flying into San Salvador Island with two stops before reaching your final destination.

According to the US Travel Guidelines, the best time to fly to the Bahamas is anywhere from December to April, during the country’s peak season, excluding the holiday season. The risk of hurricanes decreases during these months and the weather hovers around sixty degrees. Yet, it’s important to remember that the busiest times to visit the Bahamas is during the winter, when vacationers try to escape the blistering cold in their regions for a warm, white sandy beach remedy.

Your final destination will also be a great inspiration to budget your upcoming travels. For example, Eleuthera and San Salvador Island will be more expensive than the more popular tourist attractions like Nassau and Grand Bahama.

Average cost for a flight to your 7-day dream vacation: $659.50 / per person

That Darn Bar Bill That Won't Go Away

Just because you choose not to book at an all-inclusive resort does not mean that you will go thirsty. Though there are not many bars in the Bahamas, the ones that they do have carry incredible ratings in any search engine. However, it wouldn’t be a true vacation without a refreshing mojito in one hand and a slushy margarita in the other.

While bartenders at the hotel will charge a hefty price for a watered-down cocktail, the bars in town are known to charge less for a stronger drink. Refreshment counters in town, such as The Daiquiri Shack in Nassau, Bahamas are known to ask between 6$ to 10$ per drink, depending on size. However, they offer a wall of fresh fruit where patrons can mix and match fresh fruits to create the perfect personalized margarita.

Average cost for weekly bar tap, on a 7-day dream vacation: $840 + tip.

Let's Not Talk About The Cost For Activities

And, of course, then there are excursions and fun activities that will enhance your knowledge about the island and their culture or just relax your mind and worries for an incredible getaway. One thing that’s for sure, the Bahamas are not boring.

The Bahamas is gracious to have beautiful weather a great majority of the time. Therefore, they are able to provide new and returning guests with various activities for all ages. Some of the top excursions and tourist attractions include their food tasting and cultural walking tour that goes for $115 per person, various rum reggae tours that can reach up to $75 and a luxurious full day swimming with a small group of pigs that can only be reached by a powerboat for $510 per person.

Of course, the local hotel can provide their suggestions for day or evening activities, such as their hotel spa or pre-planned themed dinner and a show, which will most likely cost more than traveling on the outskirts of the hotel.

Average cost for 5 activities, on a 7-day dream vacation: $1000