The bustling Danish capital of Copenhagen is a popular tourist attraction—the perfect combo of old and new, the city blends its penchant for sustainability and modern, clean living perfectly to a backdrop of stunning architecture and royal history dating back to the Viking Age. Throw in a vibrant cultural and restaurant scene; exciting contemporary and historical attractions; and easy to navigate streets (on foot! by boat! by bike!) and visitors have a world-class Scandinavian city that makes it easy to see why Danish people are some of the happiest on the entire planet (hygge, anyone?)


And while there are a ton of exciting things to do in this sophisticated city, perhaps one of its most well-known attractions is Tivoli Gardens—a veritable national treasure in the heart of Copenhagen that even the famous Walt Disney looked to for inspiration.

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About Tivoli Gardens, AKA Pleasure Garden, In Copenhagen

Founded in 1843, Tivoli was originally located outside of the city—however, today its central downtown location makes it an intrinsic part of Copenhagen city life. A riotous mix of lush, curated gardens, stunning architecture, intriguing history, and thrilling attractions, Tivoli is part theme park, part garden, and all fairytale fun (Even Hans Christian Andersen was a fan).

The Rundown

  • Address: Vesterbrogade 3 1630 København V Denmark
  • Contact: +45 22 15 10 01
  • Hours: Tivoli will reopen in April 2022; the Summer season runs from April 8 through September 25, Halloween October 13 through November 6, and Christmas November 18 through December 31, 2022
  • Tickets/Pricing: Tickets can be purchased in the park at vending machines or online. There are a variety of options and packages that can be purchased. Entrance tickets for Tivoli’s open seasons start at 145 DKK (approximately $23 USD) for adults and children over eight years of age. Additional packages may be purchased that include rides, aquarium visits, and accommodations.
  • How To Get There: Tivoli is conveniently located right next to Copenhagen’s Central Station within walking distance of City Hall; making it easy to get there via public transportation. Visitors can enter via the main entrance in Vesterbrogade or the Central Station entrance in Bernstorffsgade.

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Things To Do In Tivoli Gardens

There are so many things to see and do in Tivoli Gardens that visitors will want to take their time exploring all the famous theme park has to offer—from exciting amusement park rides to exquisite gardens; concert venues to eclectic culinary experiences, Tivoli has something for everyone within its enchanting 20-acre park and gardens.

Take A Ride Around Tivoli

From nostalgic, classic rides to exciting, high-octane thrills, Tivoli has something for everyone looking for adventure—all in the heart of the exciting city of Copenhagen. Unlimited Ride Ticket Plus gives visitors access to all of Tivoli’s rides during the open season for approximately $45 USD (entrance to the park not included).

  • Tivoli’s wooden Roller Coaster is one of its most popular rides. Built in 1914, its also a piece of history—one of the oldest running roller coasters in the world
  • Adrenaline junkies will love The Demonthree loops and a height of over 90-feet at its highest point, this thrill ride is one of the most exciting rides at Tivoli
  • Looking for a bit of nostalgia? Then be sure to check out the park’s Ferris Wheel with its great views of Copenhagen and the surrounding park, and the Classic Carousel, perfect for kids of all ages
  • More a park attraction than an actual ride, The Trolley Car has been ferrying guests throughout the lovely park for over 50 years

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The Gardens Have It

Tivoli is famous for its lush, beautiful gardens—but there’s more to this stunning spot than gorgeous greenery.

  • Even though it’s a bustling theme park, there are also a number of opportunities for peace and tranquility at Tivoli, too. Check out the quiet Pergola Fountains, an area that combines ‘fragrance and flavors’; stroll thorough the Bamboo Forest or the Orient Area for some Far East inspiration amidst the thrilling attractions; or head to the famed Parterre Gardens for a quiet lunch or to enjoy Danish garden culture at its finest
  • Stroll through The Alley, a fantastical area of the park based on a Danish market town
  • Visit The Tivoli Aquarium and bask in the marine life at the 300-meter long coral reef—home to over 100 species
  • Head to The Merry Corner, a Renaissance-inspired filled with fun and attractions, including the Aquila, a wild ride where visitors can experience 4G centrifugal forces while seeing the world from upside down

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Grab A Bite To Eat

Tivoli is chock full of culinary experiences that only add to the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the historic park. From upscale meals to casual bites; sweet treats to inventive international cuisine, Tivoli’s dining options celebrate delicious flavors and fun global (and local!) fare.

  • Tivoli Food Hall is the place to be—with some of the city’s best eateries, it stands alone as a sought-after culinary destination for those both inside and outside the park. A great place to sample both international and local faves. Tivoli Food Hall will reopen on February 16, 2022. Hours are Sundays through Thursdays 11 AM-9 PM and Friday/Saturday 11 AM-10 PM
  • Those with a sweet tooth will love Tivoli’s variety of tasty treats: homemade licorice at Lakrids; traditional Danish sweets at Bolchekogereit; and delish ice cream at Bazar Isen
  • Looking to sip on an adult beverage? No problem! There are several great bars to choose from for those with a more mature palate. The Anarkist Bar is a beer lover’s paradise serving up brews from their microbrewery in Odense along with mouthwatering pizzas; the Nimb Bar offers a magical, upscale experience with a cocktail list to match; Nohrlund Bar has organic cocktails and beers a-plenty, and Ølgrotten is a hip spot carved into the old roller coaster mountain

Tivoli Gardens is a microcosm of Copenhagen itself—like the city, it has its fair share of natural beauty, stunning architecture, historical gems, fab food, and great times. The perfect place to experience nostalgic charm and fabulous fantasy in the heart of the city, Tivoli is one of the most must-see spots in the Danish capital known for its altogether amazing attractions.

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