Hotel rooms often have a minibar that is filled with snacks, drinks, and other helpful items for its occupant to use. We have all seen the basic waters, pops, and salty snacks, but sometimes these products lean toward the bizarre. A few hotels have stocked their mini-fridges with some pretty cool products that we wish all hotels would standardize.

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We have done our research and found different items that are so cool, we have considered purchasing them for ourselves. These products might seem a bit overkill, but we want our vacation to be as luxurious as possible. Keep reading to learn about 10 ten coolest things found in hotel fridges!

10 10. City Life Detoxer from Sprayology

This cool little treat can be found in the minibar of XV Beacon in Boston, Massachusetts and it is the perfect way to start the cleanse your vacation was meant to bring you. This mouth spray supposedly helps rid your body of any environmental toxins you might have gotten from the city. This includes second-hand smoke, smog, and any other dangers living in a place like that can bring you.

It is meant to improve your liver and lung health, so you can say goodbye to any difficulties you were having breathing, sluggishness, and your horrible cough.  It might be hard to stay anywhere else in Boston when this hotel has such a cool feature sitting in their minibar.

9 9. Designer Bottled Water

Chicago's Trump International Hotel & Tower knows how to help its guests have the best vacation by stocking their fridge with four different kinds of designer water bottles. The most notable of the four is Bling H20 that comes straight from the springs in Tennessee.

It costs $25 a bottle, but the reasoning behind this price tag is the Swarvoski crystals adhered to the front of the bottle. When you pull this bottle from your fridge you will be the coolest cat around because everyone will envy your expensive tastes.

8 8. DIY Cocktail Kit

The W Retreat and Spa in the Maldives provides its guests with the ability to make their own cocktail from the comfort of their own room. Guests can follow the instructions to make the hotel's signature cocktail, or they can use the materials to make their own preferred blend.

You might not be feeling the bar scene or would like to try your hand at bartending, but no matter the case, this hotel gives you the opportunity to live your best life. It might cost you an arm and a leg, but the memories you make with your family and friends will be worth the added expense for this cool feature.

7 7. Custom Rubber Ducky

San Francisco can be wild and wacky, but this hotel takes it to a whole new level by providing its guests with a custom made rubber ducky in their minibar. When you stay at the Hotel Triton throughout the year you can have access to different kinds of duckies, as they change with the seasons.

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If you come during Christmas you can chill with your Santa ducky, but if you come closer to Easter it might be nice to bathe with the duck bunny. You will never leave feeling lonely when you have a duck by your side to keep you company throughout your entire journey.

6 6. Oxygen Bottle

A few hotels provide guests with bottles of oxygen that they can breathe in as an expensive benefit. They claim to revitalize a person that has been breathing in terrible air, or has been recently exposed to high elevations. One such place in China, called Banyan Tree Ringha Hotel, has an oxygen canister available in every room.

This is due to the fact that they reside on a high mountain, and it can make it difficult for some people to breathe. These canisters are more than cool, and it more than awesome that this hotel provides it for their guests.

5 5. Bread and Boxers

We all forget things while we pack, but this hotel's minibar has you covered with Bread & Boxers underwear line. They come in neat little packages and ensure that you are prepared despite your mistake.

The price might be a bit higher than in department stores, but when you are in a pinch it is the perfect way to avoid running around looking for some unmentionables. It can be a relief knowing that all is saved despite the unfortunate price added to your bill at the end of your stay.

4 4. Macallan Lalique 57 and Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask

This list would not be complete without some sort of fancy booze, and the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, Russia, does not disappoint. There are certain minibars within the hotel that contain the prized Macallan Lalique 57 and Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask for guests to enjoy if they so choose.

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They might be a bit expensive as they both cost hundreds of dollars, but it is not every day you are given the chance to drink expensive bottles of alcohol. Vacation is meant to be enjoyed, and dropping the cash on these drinks is exactly the way to achieve that goal.

3 3. A Large Champagne Selection

Guests at The Levin in London are privileged enough to be able to experience a fridge filled with a selection of champagne. They can discuss their alcohol needs with them prior to their arrival to ensure they have the best brut, cuvee, or rose waiting for them when they check-in. This hotel understands the importance of mixers and even provide guests with a recipe book if they are looking to try something new.

It might seem a bit unusual, but if you are passionate about champagne then this is the place for you.

2 2. A Dog Kit

Some of us refuse to travel without our pets, and one hotel in San Francisco caters to that need. The Fairmont minibar provides guests with their very own dog kit because the opinion of our furry friend is what determines our review of an establishment.

This hotel will always get five stars in our book for looking out for our little angel, and it is part of the reason people come back here time and time again. This little welcome gift will make any pampered pooches day, as much as it did ours when we realized our pet's needs were being looked after.

1 1. Heineken Mini-Keg

We go on vacation to kick back, relax, and enjoy everything that life has to offer. For some of us, this includes drinking beer with a bunch of our friends. The Ace Hotel chain located all over the United States stocks its fridges with a min-keg of Heineken.

You can pregame with this little version of your favorite drink before hitting the bar scene of the neighborhood where you are vacationing. It might be a bit expensive, but this is by far one of the coolest things we have seen in a minibar fridge.

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