There are a lot of interesting places in the world, and one of them is Texas. There are a number of things that make this place so fascinating, and one of them is the fact that Selena Gomez owns a home there. There are also some really cool restaurants that a person should visit when they go there.

Another little fun fact about this place is that it has a nickname. According to, this state is often referred to as “The Lone Star State.” That nickname has been around for a long time.

One of the other things a person must know about Texas is that there are many small towns there that have a lot of charm. Here are some cool Texas towns.

9 Hico May Be A Small Town, But It Is Cool

Some people might not be interested in going to Texas because of the fact that there are many spots there that are said to be haunted, but that is no reason not to visit some parts of the state. One of the coolest little towns in Texas is called Hico, and everyone who goes there needs to check it out.

According to, someone famous once lived there. That famous person was Billy the Kid.

8 One Building In Pilot Point Was Used In A Movie

There are lots of towns that have been made a bit famous because one or more scenes in well-known movies have been filmed there, and this Texas town is one of them. According to, a bank robbery scene from the movie Bonnie And Clyde was filmed in a building there. Another fun fact is that the real Bonnie and Clyde were known to hang out around there a long time ago, which is cool.

7 Those Who Are In Waco Can Check Out The Cameron Park Zoo

People who love going to the zoo might want to do some research on things that they can enjoy doing in a small town in Texas that is called Waco. According to, there is a fun zoo there that everyone can check out.

There are plenty of cool things to see there, and one of them is the Piney Woods exhibit where the otters are. There are also fun events held there at times.

6 Thurber Has Some Residents, But It's Considered A Ghost Town

Sometimes, checking out a place that is basically a ghost town is a lot of fun. Things like that can really give someone an idea of what things were like a long time ago. According to, there is a place like that located in Texas.

This town is called Thurber. It is not completely empty since some people do live there. However, it is not very popular, and most people don’t know about it.

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5 Oktoberfest Is One Of Many Cool Things To Do In Fredricksburg

There are a lot of places that really seem to love having festivals. That is fine because festivals are typically very fun things for people to do (unless they do not like crowds). One of the things Texas is known for is the festivals that take place there, and one of them is located in a small town called Fredericksburg.

According to, this festival is called Oktoberfest. Some attendees do a chicken dance there.

4 Travelers Can See Some Mysterious Lights If They Go To Marfa

The world contains a lot of places that are said to have some extremely odd and paranormal activity. This might surprise some people, but one of those places is a small Texas town that is called Marfa.

According to, anyone who goes there might get to see some really strange lights that have been known to appear. Some Texas residents have come up with numerous possible explanations for this very strange and exciting thing.

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3 There's A Lot To See At Moody Gardens, Which Is In Galveston

When a person hears about Moody Gardens, they might make the mistake of thinking that this place is just a garden. But, that could not be further from the truth. According to, this place is actually pretty big, and there is a lot that one can do while they are there. Visitors can see things like the Aquarium Pyramid, which is something that allows them to see some really cool creatures that live underwater.

2 Travelers Can See Dinosaur Replicas In Glen Rose

Glen Rose might be a really small town that is not very popular, but visitors should not let that keep them from going there. According to, this place is the home of something really cool that many other places do not have.

They have some cool attractions that have a lot to do with dinosaurs. One of those places is called Dinosaur Valley State Park, and there are many fun things to see there.

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1 Encounters With Dolphins Can Happen For People Who Go To Port Aransas

Those who love to look at sea creatures might want to at least consider going to Port Aransas when they are thinking about going on a trip to Texas. That is because they can experience a dolphin encounter while they are there, and that is definitely not something that everyone can say that they have done.

But, according to, dolphin encounters aren’t always smooth. That is because the weather can impact things like that.

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