Australia is a huge country with so many things to do. There are many different cities along the coasts and there's a vast area of land in the middle for visitors that want something a little different and want to really experience nature.

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Although just about anyone who has ever considered visiting Australia will know about things like going surfing or visiting a wildlife sanctuary to see kangaroos, those aren't the only things that visitors can do in Australia! There are also some really unique things that visitors can do while they're down under to make the most out of their trip and have a really good time.

To see 10 unique things to do in Australia, keep reading!

10 Enchanted Adventure Garden

Enchanted Adventure Garden is a park located in Arthur's Seat that has so many different things that a visitor can do. Visitors can go through multiple different hedge mazes, take a trip down one of the massive slides, and even go zip lining, among other activities.

Enchanted Adventure Garden is definitely a unique place for visitors that want to get out and have a good time. There are so many different things here to do, making this destination a perfect one for anyone in your group that will be visiting Australia.

9 Goulds Book Arcade

Goulds Book Arcade is located in Newton, Australia and is a must-see destination for anyone that enjoys books. There are bookshelves all over the store and there are even books stacked on the floor because of the fact that the shelves just can't hold all the books in this store.

Goulds has been open since the 1960s and is currently owned and operated by the family of the original owner. This bookstore has countless books and magazines and is known for their large collection of rare and out-of-print books. No matter what you like to read, you're bound to find something in this store. Just give yourself enough time to really look around!

8 Penguin Parade At Phillip Island

When most people think about the animals of Australia, they don't exactly think of penguins. Koalas and kangaroos? Sure, but penguins are definitely cold weather animals and Australia's weather is known for being scorching hot.

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Still, Phillip Island is located about 90 minutes from Melbourne and is home to a very popular tourist attraction. Every night, penguins arrive on Phillip Island and visitors come from all over to watch the Penguin Parade. Phillip Island offers multiple different tickets that give different views of the penguins' arrival, as well as tours and other attractions for animal lovers to experience.

7 Paronella Park

Paronella Park is located in Queensland and is a really unique piece of Australia's history. José Paronella moved from Spain to Australia in the early 20th century and worked there for a while before he moved away and then returned again for his honeymoon in order to start building Paronella Park.

Paronella planted thousands of trees in this area and built a house as well as a Spanish-inspired castle within the land where he had been planting. Through years of hard work, he managed to make his dream of a lush jungle landscape that people could visit and experience nature a reality. To this day, visitors can take a tour through Paronella Park and see the results of the decades of work and building that  José Paronella dedicated the last years of his life to.

6 Glow Worm Tunnel

This tunnel was originally called the Metropolitan Tunnel and was built sometime in the late 19th century, but unfortunately wasn't in use long. It closed in 1915 because of the fact that it became way too dangerous for travelers to go through because of the way that soot would build up within the tunnel.

The tunnel was blocked off and was entirely abandoned for years... At least by humans. When one side of the tunnel was uncovered, it became apparent that the tunnel hadn't been completely abandoned. Glow worms took over the tunnel and now light it up with a bright, mesmerizing light that visitors come from all over to experience.

5 Pioneer Settlement

Pioneer Settlement is a tourist attraction located in Swan Hill, Australia. It's known for being the very first fully outdoor museum in Australia and was founded back in the 1960s. Visitors to Pioneer Settlement truly take a step back in time and find themselves in the world of the 1900s.

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Visiting Pioneer Settlement allows visitors to see a total of 50 different historic buildings and old pieces of equipment. Pioneer Settlement even features the Kaiser Stereoscopic Theatre, a movie theater from the late 19th century.

4 The Giant Stairway

The Giant Stairway is located in Katoomba, Australia. This stairway is as much of a tourist destination itself as it is a path to another, more well-known tourist destination. The Giant Stairway starts down in the Jamison Valley and leads all the way up to the Three Sisters.

The Giant Stairway was worked on through the beginning of the 20th century and now, it has over 800 steps in total and attracts a ton of visitors that want to get a better view of the Three Sisters natural rock formation.

3 Gnomesville

Gnomesville, Australia is an unofficial town located in the bush, a ways from Wellington Mills. This "town" isn't actually home to any human inhabitants, though. It's home to over 7,000 garden gnomes.

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Where did all these gnomes come from? It's hard to say. According to stories about Gnomesville, there was a roundabout being developed in the area. Some one left a single gnome to watch over the area as a form of protest and, well... The gnome collection has seriously grown since then. There are a ton of really unique gnomes here and this is definitely a unique destination for any visit to Australia.

2 Crocosaurus Cove

Crocosaurus Cove is located in Darwin City, Australia and is the perfect destination for people that love animals and feel a little on the daring side. Visitors can hold a baby crocodile, visit a vast variety of different reptiles, and even take a dip in the Cage of Death.

Yes, the Cage of Death is just as terrifying as it sounds like it is. The dive into the Cage of Death lasts 15 minutes and puts you face to face with a 16-foot-long Saltwater crocodile. But don't worry! It's completely safe and visitors are separated from the crocodiles by the clear cage that you sit inside as you're lowered into the pool.

1 Capricorn Caves

Capricorn Caves was discovered in the late 19th century and is a tourist destination located in Queensland. This cave system is one of the most popular natural attractions in Queensland and sees a ton of visitors each year. These caves were formed over thousands of years and are a testament to the power of nature.

Tours are available at the Capricorn Caves and can range from hours to days in length. For people that really fall in love with the atmosphere of these caves, visitors can even get married at the Capricon Caves in one of the specially designated caves. Pretty cool, right?

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