This time of year is filled with hot temperatures for many areas in the United States and around the world. While summertime can mean a lot of fun activities and soaking up some sun, the heat can get grueling at times. With summer temperatures seemingly feeling hotter each year, many people find they need a place to escape and cool down.

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Instead of opting for a sweaty, stressful vacation filled with sunburns and sweat, there are many cooler destinations around the world you can go to for vacation. These places will give you a reprieve from the hot temperatures while also offering unique experiences and beautiful views. We’ve put together a list of 10 destinations you should head to if you’re tired of the summer heat.


Iceland has moderate temperatures in the summer with days usually not going about the mid-70s. This means you can enjoy moderate temperatures while checking out the stunning landscape the surrounding area has to offer.

You’ll definitely need to check out the Strokkur Geyser or head to the Blue Lagoon with its healing waters. Plus, beaches not far from the city are home to jet-black sand that makes for a stunning landscape. Reykjavík is also home to some unique architecture, including the Hallgrimskirkja cathedral.


This area of Scotland has mostly cool temperatures all throughout the summer. The views from this area can’t be beaten and include tall mountains with rock formations, waterfalls, and beautiful beaches.

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One of the best things to do here is to take a hike at the Quiraing. This hike will get you close to the main attraction in the area, Storr. You can also head to the Fairy Pools which are clear, blue pools with waterfalls. This whole area has a fantasy feel and is perfect for someone who is adventurous and likes a destination that feels magical.


If you’re looking to escape the heat, many places in Canada are a great bet, especially if you live in North America. This area of Newfoundland is one of the greatest in the world to see icebergs, especially in June but even through August.

Daytime temperatures tend not to get much about 60 degrees and the nights can be cool. The Great Northern Peninsula is also a great place to go if you love whale watching, as it's one of the best places in the world to see humpbacks.


Vancouver is another Canadian destination that offers a great mix of outdoor adventures as well as a city. In the city itself, you can take a walk over the Granville Bridge to get a great view of the skyline. There are also many outdoors destinations that surround the city, including Lynn Canyon. You can also check out the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is known as a cliff diving spot.

The landscape around Vancouver is stunning and temperatures rarely go above the 70s. Plus, you can enjoy hiking, biking, and camping. And Vancouver is one of the greatest places in the world to see Orcas.


Similarly to many places in Canada, Alaska is also a perfect destination if you want to get out of the heat. If you want to go somewhere that’s not too cold but won’t make you feel like you're dying of heat when you go outside, Alaska is a good choice.

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Denali National Park is an ideal place to see a lot of wildlife, such as moose and gray wolves. You can go hiking and camping and explore a truly beautiful national park.


If you’re trying to find a way to cool down this summer, sometimes thinking outside the box is the best way to do so. While Texas might get hot in the summer, you can take a vacation that is solely focused on hanging out in the water all day.

Schlitterbahn Waterparks are located all over Southern Texas, including in Galveston and Corpus Christi. These waterparks feature some of the most exciting water slides in the world. You can enjoy the heat while not feeling miserable as you enjoy many of the rides and pools this water park offers.


Scandinavian countries are also prime places to visit during the summer if you hate hot temperatures. The Svalbard Islands are another destination on this list that’s perfect for people who love nature and the outdoors.

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This trip is best suited to people who are adventurous and want to spend most of their trip outside, soaking up the atmosphere. This area is home to many polar bears and other wildlife, such as walrus and reindeer. You can also head over to the capital city of Longyearbyen to enjoy the local cuisine.


If you’re looking for a summer getaway destination that is cooler but not too remote, Acadia National Park could be the perfect fit. The park is a couple of hours from Portland, Maine and is a great place to get a summer hike in.

Sand Beach is a good place to have a picnic and dip your feet in the cool water. The most well-known part of the park is Mount Desert, which includes many hiking trails.


Cannon Beach, Oregon is an area that has been featured in many movies, including The Goonies and Twilight. So, if you’re also a big pop culture fan, it’s a great place to get out of the heat and also visit a well-known spot.

The temperatures on the beach and along the coast stay cool. Cannon Beach offers the jagged, cliff-lined coastline that is often associated with the Oregon Coast and is also home to the iconic Haystack Rock.


Patagonia is a place that is known for outdoors adventures. The summertime for people in the United States is winter in Patagonia, making it the perfect way to escape summer and enjoy a winter wonderland.

The mountains are known for skiing and temperatures in July are around 35 degrees. Patagonia is also full of glaciers, including the Perito Moreno Glacier.

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