Whether people are traveling for the first time on a plane or are avid travelers, there are a few necessities that they should bring along with them to make their flight as smooth as possible. In fact, flight attendants are sharing the must-have carry-on items they believe travelers should consider having in their luggage, too.

Flight attendants know how to properly pack for a long trip of flying and believe passengers should start doing the same. For long flights, where passengers will be sitting for hours on end, consider wearing compression socks to keep blood moving in your legs. Also, bring along a moisturizer and even a sheet mask that will hydrate your face since a plane cabin's low humidity can make the skin very dry.

Items like a collapsible water bottle for easy refills and a portable charger to keep your tech gear working constantly are must-haves in your carry-on. Here are 15 carry-on items flight attendants swear by and passengers should start carrying, too.

15 Compression Socks For Long Flights

Travelers on long flights should consider wearing compression socks because they can help prevent blood clots from forming in the legs, which can develop from long periods of simply sitting and not moving. Compression socks gently put pressure on the ankle and a part of the leg that helps keep the blood moving.

14 A Collapsible Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are not great for our environment and every traveler already knows how ridiculously pricey a single bottle of water can cost at the airport. Many airports now have water fountains to refill bottles, so why not purchase a collapsible water bottle that fits perfectly in your bag and refill it for free?

13 Travel-Size Antibacterial Wipes

Now more than ever before are travelers packing antibacterial wipes to wipe down their tray tables, seats, armrests and window while traveling on a plane. Travelers will make contact with more germs on a plane's seat pocket than the person sitting next to them that has a cold.

12 A Moisturizer To Combat Dry Skin

Travelers will notice that their skin may feel a little drier after they've flown in a plane. An airplane cabin's low humidity can cause skin dryness and even some discomfort in the eyes, mouth, and nose. Passengers should consider carrying a travel-sized moisturizer to hydrate skin and even go au naturel so you aren't clogging your pores.

11 Sheet Masks For Dehydration

Sheet masks might make you look a little crazy, but they are actually great for passengers taking long flights. A sheet mask will help combat dryness, dullness and even help with jet lag. These masks are easy to store in your bag and passengers will love how refreshing their skin feels.

10 Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are becoming extremely popular with travelers because they are supposed to make organizing your suitcase a lot easier. Packing cubes are great for putting together outfits and storing them in separate cubes and will make finding a certain item so much quicker and easier.

9 Silicone Earplugs To Avoid Discomfort

Earplugs may be necessary for flyers who face irritation and pain in their ears or even want to cancel out the noise of loud engines and children crying. Many travelers will feel a lot more comfortable on a flight and even be able to sleep a little more peacefully with earplugs.

8 A Portable Charger For Your Phone

Portable chargers are a great accessory to pack in your carry-on because they are small, slim and powerful. Instead of searching for wall outlets or carrying long plugs that can get tangled, a portable charger is a good investment, especially if you end up losing your luggage or the flight is delayed.

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7 An E-Reader That Can Hold Tons Of Books

Instead of carrying one heavy paperback book, invest in an e-reader that can hold thousands of books. They are great for travelers who end up with delayed flights or are constantly traveling on lengthy flights. E-readers are lightweight and are easy to store in your carry-on.

6 Dry Shampoo For Those Long Flights

Dry shampoos will help travelers who have excess oil and grease in their hair and want to achieve a fresher and cleaner looking scalp when they get off their flight. Dry shampoos are also great to add volume in the hair, but travelers shouldn't overuse this product since it can cause breakage in hair.

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5 Healthy Snacks

Skip purchasing pricey snacks at the airport and pack your own favorite snack in your purse or bag. Snacks like dried fruit, trail mix, jerky, and even cheese and crackers are perfect for travelers on long trips or just need some food in their system.

4 Gum For Ear Problems

Passengers should yawn, swallow and even chew gum to avoid that dreaded airplane ear. Passengers might feel airplane ear when the plane is taking off or descending for landing and it can become major stress for travelers who fall victim to this discomfort.

3 An Inflatable Pillow

Neck pillows are bulky and sometimes don't even help travelers who are trying to get some shut-eye. Consider purchasing an inflatable pillow that inflates quickly and deflates back into its small size for easy storage. These inflatable pillows are also a lot more unique than your average U-shaped neck pillow and help you sleep.

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2 Locks To Keep Your Bag Safe

Buying a TSA-approved luggage lock will help travelers feel like their personal items are safe and aren't easy targets for thieves. There are too many stories of travelers getting their luggage stolen while in foreign countries or an expensive item taken out of their bag, so a luggage lock may be your best bet to keeping everything secure.

1 A Comfortable Sweater If It Gets Chilly

Travelers on long flights are given free blankets to keep them warm and help them sleep. However, it's been reported that these blankets, even if wrapped in plastic, are reused and not cleaned. Bring along a comfortable sweater if you tend to get cold easily or even your own blanket.

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