Unless you’re flaunting a bank balance that rivals that of Kanye West or the Kardashian-Jenner clan, odds are that you’ll be sailing across the skies in economy class. While you might not have the champagne flowing, at least you’ve got an ample 33 inches of legroom, right?

For us regular folk, flying from A to B (no matter how many miles we’re traversing or how disorientating the jetlag might be) is incredibly tiring. Thankfully, there are plenty of airports around the world that keep weary travelers in mind and provide ample shuteye opportunity.

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So, grab a blanket, a pair of noise-canceling earphones, and head off to snoozeville in one of these 10 thoughtful airports.

10 Changi Airport, Singapore

Widely considered as the best in the world, hands down, Singapore's Changi airport has been impressing visitors in transit for a number of years. As one of Asia’s largest transport hubs, Changi has been able to find the perfect blend of comfort, style, culture, and activities to pass the time. Every terminal offers a Snooze Lounge that features reclining chairs, and in the case that they’re all occupied, the carpet is soft enough for a few hours of shut-eye as a backup.

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During a daytime layover, the airport features a beautiful butterfly garden in Terminal 3 as well as a pair of movie theaters in Terminal 1 and 2.

9 Incheon International Airport, Korea

Adults of the world should have the same napping rights as toddlers, and over at Seoul's Incheon airport, they sure do. There are "Nap Zones" scattered throughout the airport featuring bends and cushioned benches where weary travelers can get some much-needed shuteye, as well as plenty of comfortable recliners in the Relaxation Zones for brisker naps.

If you’re one of those people who can’t sleep unless they’re clean and showered, Incheon has you covered, there too. In both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, there are free-to-use showers. Still not impressed? Well, how about the chance to waste away the layover at the 18-hole putting green in the International Business area?

8 Helsinki Airport, Finland

For a few bucks, dreary-eyed travelers heading through Helsinki can sneak into one of the GoSleep sleeping pods, a rather simple yet revolutionary solution to getting some much-needed shuteye among the chaos of international airports. They’re located at the Schengen Zone next to Gate 11.

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If you’re not willing to fork over any money, then there are a few recliners scattered throughout the terminals, as well as the 24-hour Kainuu Lounge, which offers free WiFi, a comfortable carpet, and a book swap where you can pick up the latest Stephen King thriller or Internet for Dummies to pass the time.

7 Munich International Airport, Germany

Over in Germany’s second largest airport (behind Frankfurt, as told by FlightCentre, passengers have plenty of options when it comes to counting sheep. For €15.00 per hour, travelers can snooze in one of the handful of Napcabs,  a four-walled sleep pod that features blinds and a desk. Depending on which city you’re traveling from (New York or Paris, perhaps), NapCabs really aren’t that small of a living space.

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But if you’re saving all your hard-earned cash for a bratwurst and Bavarian beer, then you can chill out in the Rest Zones free of charge, which offer recliners and footrests.

6 Vienna International Airport, Austria

Laying on the eastern side of the country, straddling the Danube River, Austria’s capital city airport is one of the more snooze-friendly around the globe. There are plenty of couches around the F gates in Terminal 3, as well as some reclining chairs near the Terminal 1 B gates, as told by SleepingInAirports. Like many of the airports of this list, Vienna’s hosts dedicated relaxation chambres for weary travelers to recharge the batteries.

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Outside of the airport, Vienna is overflowing with beautiful palaces, cathedrals and classical architecture. The journey from airport to town isn’t too strenuous (25 minutes by train), so a walk around the historic downtown area is a great way to stretch the legs on a long layover.

5 San Francisco International Airport, USA

Over in the windy city, the San Francisco International Airport in California provides a plethora of sleeping opportunities for busy jetsetters. There are a handful of nap rooms which can be rented hourly or for the entire night.

If money isn’t abundant, there is also the Berman Reflection Room in the International Terminal and the SFO yoga room in Terminal 2, each of which would be appropriate for some welcomed shuteye.

Taking a shower at Freshen Up is the equivalent of highway robbery at $25, but at least the option is there for the few tired (read: particularly foul-smelling) passengers who really need it.

4 Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan

A lack of armrests might frustrate travelers on any commercial aircraft, but it’s a sight for sore eyes in the airports themselves. At Tokyo Haneda International Airport, very few armrests on the chairs and benches allow passengers, who want nothing more than to get horizontal, to do exactly that. There’s an abundance of benches, and for those who crave some soap and shampoo between fight legs, there are pay-to-use shower facilities located over in Terminal 2.

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If you have enough time to get out of the airport, there is an endless list of things to do, see, and eat in Tokyo, and if sleeping in airports isn’t your preference, you can always try a pod hotel.

3 Tallinn Airport, Estonia

The airport in Tallinn - one of Europe’s severely underrated cities - offers plenty in terms of sleeping opportunity. While there aren’t too many of them, the best place to get some rest and relaxation is in one of TLL’s sleep pods, and best of all, they’re 100% free. If someone’s nabbed them already, fear not, as there are plenty of beanbag chairs, cushioned seats, armchairs, and even themed common areas.

Even though the airport is rather small in comparison to the flight hubs in Frankfurt, Paris, and London, for example, Tallinn still boasts more than acceptable sleeping arrangements. There’s also a library and gym next to Gate 6, both of which are great ways to pass the time.

2 Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, USA

As the saying goes, everything’s bigger in Texas, and that rings true in respect to its airports. At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, passengers navigate through five different terminals, connected by a rail link. You’d get tired walking through it, let alone flying to and from. Thankfully, over in Terminal A and D, jetsetters can indulge in the Minute Suites, which offer sofas, Wi-Fi, TVs, and showers - of course, it’s not free.

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For those on a budget, DFW has plenty of rest zones that offer large recliners, as well as big leather chairs scattered throughout the airport. Dallas is a common stopover on journeys going from coast to coast, so a place to rest in between flights is always appreciated.

1 Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

No matter if you’re simply passing through for a couple of hours, waiting through a long layover, or need to stay overnight, Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport has got you covered.

There are enough reclining chairs located throughout the terminals that can accommodate weary passengers on a one-way ticket to dreamland. On the other hand, those who prefer a snooze on the floor will find plenty of quiet and secluded nooks that provide ample privacy.

To stay fresh and at the top of your game, there are also seven different shower facilities throughout the airport, all of which are open 24-hours and don’t cost a dime.

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