10 Colorful Victorian Houses To Drool Over

Victorian homes are usually two or three stories high. They have interesting angles, due to additions of wings, gables, turrets and multi-faceted roofs. They also have wraparound porches full of decorative trims. And they usually have a few different colors that are used on their exteriors, creating true works of art.

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The 10 examples that are listed here cover every color in the rainbow! Each house is beautiful on its own, but the paints that were used to personalize them make them beyond special. So scroll down, feel free to save them all to those Pinterest boards, and get ready to drool.

10 Beautiful Blue

This first home is perfect for someone who is into primary colors. It has several defining Victorian features, such as the multi-levels, the balcony, the porch, and the spindles. And while any building could embrace color like this, if it was wanted, the vibrancy looks extra neat on a giant and grand house like this.

The bright blue really pops against the green and red trim, and everything comes together to make all of these decorative details even more noticeable to everyone who passes by.

9 Wonderland Vibes

This colorful home can be found at the Heritage Square Museum, a living history museum that is located in Los Angeles, California. The warm colors are very inviting, especially with all that lush landscaping, but there are definite Alice in Wonderland vibes going on here, as well.

The chimneys, turret and point in the middle, with that thick and intricate trim going across it, all add lots of great interest, which pulls the eye up and up and up. The more this house is stared at, the more gorgeous surprises are that are found to study and to love.

8 Pretty Painted Lady

This one-of-a-kind house is the Charles L. Hinkel house in San Francisco, and it has been around since the year 1885, making it a destination for fans of architecture, history, design and color. The deep and dramatic colors that are seen on it are known as empire colors, such as aubergine, black pepper, navy, turquoise, teal, clay, mustard and green.

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This home is also shaped like many of the iconic Painted Ladies in this Californian city, with its tall and skinny structure that has many layers of color and details.

7 Bold Black

Another San Francisco-style home is up next, but this one does not use multi-colors or primary colors or bright trims. No, this entire thing is coated in the color black, which is a bold and beautiful move.

It's not for everyone, sure, but it brings out the decorative touches along the roofline, around the windows and by the door even more. It also makes those distinct windows with their distinct shape really pop in a truly elegant way. Plus, it would always be super easy to find this place!

6 Playful Pink

Now, it is time for a pink Victorian house, and this incredible one is located in Eureka, California. There is trim separating the levels, adorning the windows, all over the posts on the porch and, especially, on the points and the turret of the home.

And speaking of that tower... It is quite unique, with its rounded shape, and it fits nicely here, since this bubble gum shade of pink has a feminine and playful feel to it. This is another paint choice that would not appeal to everyone out there, but on this big and beautiful building, it really works.

5 Yummy Yellow

For a more classic look, there's this yellow Victorian home. It has the different stories, it has that large porch, and it does have a tower that stands tall in the front and center.

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There are not as many gingerbread details on this house, though, and instead of using several vibrant shades of paint, a nice yellow was used, which is complemented by a bright white. Even when toned down a bit, though, this style of home is one of the most intriguing and appealing ones out there.

4 Rich Red

Another classic example is this red Victorian, in its picturesque and snowy setting in the state of Maine. Once again, there is one main paint color and one trim paint color used here, versus numerous options seen on numerous decorative details.

The fact that this is a darker and deeper red, though, gives this a very elegant feel. The many windows, the double columns on the porch and the tall and skinny turret add to that sophisticated vibe, making this a real stunner.

3 Gorgeous Green

Some people don't want classic or plain, though, and with a Victorian home, an owner can go crazy. Already, there are the many decorative elements that can be added in, and the more, the merrier.

Secondly, bright colors are definitely welcomed, such as this gorgeous green color. This home even has interesting glass in its windows, a cute little circular balcony, and an adornment on the top of the tower, to add even more intrigue.

2 Playful Purple

Several of the structures on this list have utilized rich color schemes, and this is another one. However, funky colors like pink, purple, green and yellow are being used here, giving this a playful vibe, as well.

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Some more fun elements include the stripes on the porch posts, the unique shapes of the smaller windows, the zig zag pattern of pinks and the sun shape seen in one of the house's points. Yes, this is definitely a one-of-a-kind Victorian home that many would love to have and/or to at least see.

1 Brilliant Blue

Last but not least is another blue Victorian, with its many, many design elements all over it. There is a gingerbread trim on the front door. There is extra trim around the posts in the front and center. There are spindles from top to bottom.

There are decorative touches on and in the gables. There are circular windows around the turret. There are multiple balconies. And there is this use of a couple of different blues, which help in making this home pop in even more wonderful and whimsical ways.

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