October brings about the opening of a slew of haunted houses, and if you are obsessed with this holiday then it means you have to experience them. There are usually a few run-of-the-mill places to go around town, but the real Halloween enthusiasts will travel to the ends of the Earth for the best of these haunted houses. Colorado is known to have some of the best on the planet as they excel in scaring the living daylights out of people.

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We have compiled a list of the scariest haunted houses you have to visit in Colorado. You might regret your decision after gaining entry to a few of these due to the sheer horrors they have produced. Keep reading to learn about ten insanely scary Colorado haunted houses to visit in 2019!

10 10. Asylum Haunted House (Denver)

The haunted house is utterly terrifying as the guests of the asylum come out to play. You cannot touch the actors and vice versa, but they will still manage to scare you. The live actors they have are doused in makeup that looks more real than fake, and they are all trained to bring a reaction out of every person who walks through the doors. They also have concessions, a souvenir shop, and a bar for guests who are over the age of 21.

9 9. Dark Side of the Abbey (Canon City)

This haunted house gives you two different options depending on the type of scare you wish to receive. You can travel through the Monastery or Ullathorne Hall, but be warned, both are haunted by evil spirits that lurk around every corner.

If you decide you want the ultimate experience of unplugged, be prepared to have your senses ripped away as you encounter unseen dangers that seemingly pop out of nowhere. They are open throughout October, so be sure to stop by here before the end of the season for the best scare of your life.

8 8. Dead Zone Scream Park (Littleton)

There are three different areas to experience at this haunted house park, and they will leave you with nightmares for weeks. These areas are called Corn Stalkers, Fear Flicks, and After Dark Corn Maze, and they each have their own theme.

Fear Flicks changes depending on the week as they go through different scary movies as the theme for their haunted house. The maze is not haunted, but you are only given a glowstick in order to find your way, but after the horrors, you saw in the houses it can be difficult to believe you are actually alone.

7 7. The Forest of Doom (Morrison)

This place is interesting because it changes every single weekend, so no two experiences are ever the same. It is a maze that you have to find your way through and it grows longer after every weekend.

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They utilize a lot of props and carefully erect tunnels to utterly confuse your sense of direction. If you do have younger children they also offer trick or treating, as well as a toned-down experience depending on the age of the child and preference of the adult.

6 6. Hellscream Haunted House (Colorado Springs)

This attraction has been around for 11 years and utilizes several special effects to make it truly spectacular. They pay attention to detail and ensure that all of their actors are well-suited for their roles. You can travel through this house of horrors or the mines and experience what it means to be trapped in your own worst fears.

It cost $36 for admission into both experiences, or you can pay $22 for entry into the haunted house. This is one haunted house you won't want to miss, but it might take some convincing on your part to get your friends to come along.

5 5. Aftermath Haunted House (Canon City)

It will creep you out as you wander down a dirt path to find a house in the middle of the woods. Nightmares lurk around every corner and will leave you on edge throughout the entire ordeal.

People love the entire ordeal and many claim it is one of the scariest haunted houses they have ever been too. You won't find any that are better than this as the actors are trained to be scarier than anything you have ever seen before.

4 4. The Frightmare Compound (Westminster)

This haunted house offers four different areas for you to experience called Halloween Attraction, The Frightmare Compound, House of Darkness, and Lights Out. You can wander through the haunted grounds or stare into the face of a smiling clown. You are bound to be scared by something, and when they dim the lights your senses will be on overdrive.

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They want to hear your screams and live on the fear they extract from your poor soul. It cost $32.99 on the weekend, but the Lights Out attraction is an extra $29.99 since it is an added experience. You won't regret your decision to come here, at least until you try to fall asleep at night.

3 3. Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms (Erie)

This haunted house is unique because it also features a paintball hunt where you shoot at zombies. It is $27 for each or you can buy a combination ticket for $49. They also have other things for guests to do like escape rooms, shooting galleries, virtual reality games, and private campfire sites if you want to have a bonfire with friends.

The haunted house is based on a fictional story of two twins who used a cornfield to cut down their victims and then torture them in a mortuary. It will set you on edge, but also draws you in as you dream of this horrifying experience.

2 2. Fright Acres (Parker)

This is an outdoor attraction that is sure to have you screaming within minutes. There are three separate sections called Reapers Hollow, Dead End Motel, Goblins Grove, and Fright Zone. They are open throughout the month of October and it is $30 for a general admission ticket, or you can pay $45 for the prized fast pass entry.

They use real actors for their various scares as you wander through cornfields, the woods, and even a creepy-looking motel. It is rated for ages 13 and up so this is an activity that is safe and fun for the whole family.

1 1. 13th Floor Haunted House (Colorado Springs)

They have three different attractions that make up this haunted house and they are all equally as scary. These rooms are called Clown, The Unknown, and The Other Side, which all focus on different tales and legends that haunt the Earth.

You could encounter aliens, werewolves, or a horde of clowns that would have you running for the hills or screaming for your mama. They also have a sensory blackout maze experience where guests wander through the dark and strange passageways to navigate numerous obstacles while trying not to run in fear.

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