With scenic views of mountain tops and a colorful kaleidoscope of foliage, it’s no wonder people travel in masses to Colorado during the fall season. Beauty lurks at every corner of the state. Colorado’s fall season isn’t just one dimensional though. It’s also the perfect time for a weekend getaway.

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During the months of September and October, hotel rates are at their cheapest! Visitors can even avoid the crowds that usually plague the summer months. A spectrum of color, comfortable weather, and affordable hotel prices is just the beginning of a great fall season. Not to mention, there are tons of fun things to do! Here are 10 fall activities to do in Colorado that no one can pass up on!

10 Season Of The Elks

Animal lovers will love this activity. Every September, visitors pour into the Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park and witness the mating ritual between wild Elks. The bulls gather in the park to show who is the strongest of the males to win their lady love. Not only will travelers study and observe the behavior of these majestic animals but also learn the history of the land. The national park is said to have belonged to several Indian tribes throughout history and still their traditions remain, such as ancient dance performances. Getting immersed in the nature and lore surrounding the Rocky Mountains is a great fall activity to do in Colorado.

9 Cowboys Can Do A Mic-Drop, Too!

Not only will tourists love the abundant history and biodiversity Colorado has to offer but the state is also home to the performing arts. The city of Durango especially caters to individuals with a talent for the spoken word and music. Every year, the city holds a public event, known as the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering, at The Strater Stage, where poets and musicians nationwide perform their pieces.

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Now that’s something out of the ordinary! Nothing says Colorado like a celebration that pays homage to the state’s cowboy culture. This year they’ll be celebrating their 31-st anniversary, a great accomplishment indeed. Visitors won’t want to miss this a one-of-kind of event!

8 Go Apple-Picking In The Fall

Colorado is full of surprises it seems! The state holds annual poetry slams and nature reserve festivals. Colorado itself is a big park with tons of nature to look at, including the several different places to go apple-picking. Having narrowed down the best places to pick apples in Colorado, stop by the Ya Ya Farm and get the picking. At this famous century-year-old Orchard in Longmont, the farmers use specific organic practices to grow their signature Heirloom Apples, the freshest fruit of them all! Additionally, visitors can spend the night with the farm animals and get free hay-rides! Sounds like a good time to us!

7 Go Maze Running In A Corn Field!

Apple-picking isn’t the only fun thing around to do in Colorado, though. Running through a Corn Maze will add an extra dose of fun to any traveler’s fall adventure. In Colorado, there are several options to choose from when it comes to farms and their Corn Maze, but the Anderson Farms has the biggest one known throughout the state.

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It stretches a whopping 25-acres and 8 miles of nothing but trails, two numbers unknown to any other farm. The kids will have tons of fun, especially with the addition of other activities available at the farm, such as The Pumpkin Patch and Terror In The Corn. The Anderson Farm keeps the fun going throughout the Fall season!

6 Ghost Hunting At The Stanley Hotel

Running through a Corn Maze has fall written all over it, but nothing says Halloween like visiting a haunted hotel. During October, what’s anyone to do in a creepy hotel in Denver, Co but write a novel based upon it. That’s exactly what Stephen King did when he stayed at the 100-year old Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, giving birth to the 1977 novel and movie of the same title The Shinning. The film was shot within the walls of the century’s old hotel, where tourists reported hearing children laughing throughout the hallways, despite it having been abandoned for years. Taking a nightly tour throughout some of the hotel’s scariest places may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who wouldn’t want to stay at the same hotel Stephen King once did?

5 Stay At The Sonnenalp Hotel In The Fall

Speaking of hotels, the Sonnenalp Hotel is a great place to stay in the fall. Don’t worry, it’s not haunted. Rather, the Sonnenalp Hotel is on the other side of the spectrum of fun. If travelers enjoy luxurious and high-class architecture and getting pampered to the fullest, then this is the resort for them.

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It’s strange that such a stylish place as this would be found in the little ski-village of Vail. Not to mention, Sonnenalp has family roots that trace back all the way to Germany in the 20th Century. With so much history and tons of skiing activities to keep us busy, the Sonnenalp Hotel is an opportunity that can’t be missed!

4 Take A Tour Of Colorado For A Week

Sure, Colorado has some pretty nice resorts to choose from but let’s not forget about all the other fun activities the state has in store for its travelers. Before the winter storms and below-freezing temperatures set in, travelers can participate in the yearly Colorado & Utah Active Adventure Tours. This 9-day trip includes everything from hiking in canyons and taking an overnight rafting trip along the Colorado River! Be warned though, that the Colorado & Utah Active Adventure Tour does require participants to have physical stamina, as majority of the trip will involve walking. Luckily experience with having too much fun isn’t a requirement!

3 Even Catch A Film Festival Or Two!

Colorado isn’t just known for wild Elk, Corn Mazes, adventure trips and scenic mountain tops, though. It’s also gained quite the rep for the arts, especially with films. Locals and visitors maybe familiar with the city of Telluride and its annual Telluride Film Festival.  The city was even the first place the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire was shown! Last year’s lineup included a slew of new indie films and actors. This upcoming year should provide tourists plenty of chances to get an autograph or two from actors like Adam Sandler. Who knew there was so  much talent in Colorado?

2 Go To An Art Exhibit At A Hotel

Speaking of talent, Art, the Hotel, is unlike anything anyone would expect to find in Colorado. Located in the city of Denver, Art is a two for one package deal. Not only are guests astounded by the luxurious feel of the hotel but also its electrifying art. Many of the pieces displayed were done by artists from all over the world, even some from as far as Hawaii. Visitors are even welcomed to take their custom-designed bikes out for a spin around the city to tour nearby museums. Though Art is a beautifully innovative surprise to come out of Colorado, it comes with a hefty price tag. Be prepared to spend close to $2,000!

1 Hike Ancient Alcoves This Fall Season

Taking a break from all the glitz and glamour of Colorado, comes a fall activity that’ll lend tourists another glimpse into the state’s past. The Mesa Verde National Park is a world of dwellings storied away in cliff alcoves, standing at least 2,000 feet above the Montezuma Valley. These hand-made structures have been around from A.D 550 to the 1300’s. Believe it or not, people used to live here, having built an entire village and even stone structures within the alcoves of the canyon walls. The structures remain preserved and have become a national treasure. Whether hiking or just sight-seeing, it doesn’t matter, the park is open all year-round. If tourists want to catch their wildflowers in bloom though, the best time to go is April through September. It can’t get any better than that!

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