Beer brings people together, and there’s always more than one way to enjoy it. Though whether it’s by the waterfront or in a basic bottle in your backyard, there’s nothing much better than drinking it on a train riding through a long, beautiful trek of the Animas Valley, am I right?!

In Durango, a city in Colorado about six hours from Denver, you can do exactly that. On September 29, the Durango Brew Train will be departing on an adventure within a 1920’s steam locomotive that will travel above the Animas River.


While on board, the trip will continue as local craft brewers introduce you to samplings of their fine ale. They will also tell you about their process of crafting each brew, with specific breweries such as Steamworks, Ska, Animas Brewing Company, Durango Brewing Company, and more. Four Peaks Brewing and Left Hand Brewing will also be joining the train as guest brewers for September 29.

While this is a brew train, the main concept of the trip isn’t just to drink. In terms of details, the summary of the trip goes like this: the train departs Durango Depot at 10:00 am, arriving at Cascade Canyon two hours later, and then returns back to Durango Depot for 4:40 pm.

Once at the Cascade Canyon, you’ll have two hours to taste more offerings from all of the breweries, where each brewery will tell their own story about their history. If that’s not something you’re interested in, then you also have the opportunity to stroll along the river on the Cascade Canyon footbridge.

After departing the Cascade Canyon, the train will then continue on the route home. At this time, even if you’re stuffed, you’ll still have the chance to drink even more beer before the train is over. The brews on the train are able to be sampled but are not available for purchase, and you are not able to bring your own alcohol.

Those who are attending the train even must be at least 21 years old with valid ID. To book, please call 1-888-872-4607 or online.

For more information, you can also check out their official website.