Let's face it, airports suck. All those long security lines and rude flyers are enough to make your head implode. Not to mention the lost luggage, germy bathrooms, and overpriced coffee. But flying into the Vancouver airport (AKA YVR) is an absolute treat.

Sure, it can be grueling, but in comparison to other airports, YVR is a dream. There's a reason why it's been awarded the title of the best airport in North America. This is good since it's visited by so many celebrities.

Hollywood often sends stars up to Vancouver, Canada as multiple movies and T.V. shows are filmed there each month. So, if you're passing through YVR, chances are you might see a Riverdale star, Ryan Reynolds, or even Robert Pattinson.

Without further ado, here are Cole Sprouse, Robert Pattinson, and 18 other celebs spotted flying into Vancouver airport.

20 Cole Sprouse Is Watching You Watching Him At YVR

Vancouver airport is usually filled with CW stars since most of the shows are shot in the B.C. city. So, you can expect to see Riverdale's Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart show up as they commute from L.A. Cole, in particular, is usually hounded by fans, causing him to whip out his phone and invade their space instead.

19 Ryan Reynolds Looks A Bit Betwixt And Between

The lovable Ryan Reynolds is Vancouver-born with much of his family still in the city. So, he can often be spotted flying into YVR. He's also responsible for bringing the production of the two Deadpool movies to the city. But back in 2009, when these photos were taken, the hunky star just looked a tad bewildered as to why he was there at all.

18 Miley Cyrus Doesn't Care If It's Winter In Vancouver... She's Showing Off Her Bod

Miley Cyrus never misses a chance to show off her toned body, even when it's the middle of winter in Vancouver. Here we see the pop star flying into YVR to perform at Rogers Arena. Luckily for fans, the controversial singer made sure to sign a few autographs and take a selfie or two before heading to her hotel.

17 Rihanna Arrives REALLY Late To Avoid The Fans

While some stars arrive at YVR expecting to be greeted by copious fans, Rihanna took a redeye from L.A. in order to skip the masses. She was in Vancouver back in 2010 when on her Last Girl on Earth concert tour. Even though she walked into YVR at 1 AM, she looked pretty fly.

16 Robert Pattinson Spent A Lot Of Time Coming To And From Vancouver Airport

Robert Pattinson, as well as his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, spent a lot of time in Vancouver when filming the Twilight movies. So, they became accustomed to hundreds of  Twihards swooning over them upon arrival. Both stars seemed to love being in Vancouver and were spotted acting like complete tourists on multiple occasions.

15 Dove Cameron Is All About Looking Like A Fluff-Ball While Traveling

How does Dove Cameron manage to look so cute and so fine at the same time? That's what many Vancouver airport visitors were wondering every time they saw her flying in and out of the city. The gorgeous actor has been to Vancouver multiple times to film Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls and the Descendants movies, as well as to visit many of her friends.

14 Cami Mendes Walks Into YVR Like A Proper Star... Well, A CW Star

Okay, so Camila Mendes may not be the biggest star in the world, but fans of Riverdale certainly treat her as though she is. Therefore, she usually walks out of Vancouver airport with as much style and grace as she can muster. Most of the time, she's flanked by her hot co-stars such as Lili Reinhart or Ashleigh Murray.

13 Yep, That's Liam Payne In Vancouver... Sorry, We Know You Were Hoping For Harry Styles...

We know, we know, you wanted Harry Styles instead. Or, at the very least, Zayn Malik. But you're going to have to settle for Liam Payne. We're just kidding, Liam... we love you... We think. Here's the hunky former One Direction bandmember arrive in Vancouver, Canada back in 2017 for a gig.

12 Aly And AJ Michalka Do Their Best Not To Look Exhausted After A Late Night Flight

No matter the length of a flight, it still takes something out of you. But Aly and AJ Michalka did their best to maintain their composure when arriving in Vancouver a few years ago. Both gorgeous blonds have spent tons of time in the city for work. Aly actually lived in Vancouver for multiple years and AJ even dated a Vancouver-local.

11 Jamie Dornan Is Straight Flexin' As He Prepares To Charm Airport Security

All three Fifty Shades of Grey films were shot in Vancouver, meaning that Jamie Dornan had to spend a lot of time flying in and out of YVR. Here we see the incredibly hunky thespian schmoozing with other passengers and turning on the charm as he prepared to go through security.

10 Bradley Cooper Attempted To Go Undercover At YVR... And It Mostly Worked

Back in 2009, Bradley Cooper may have been able to avoid most of his fans by hiding behind a cap and shades. But the paparazzi clearly knew he was flying out of Vancouver. He hasn't spent a ton of time in the B.C. city, but he has worked there as well as building a number of friendships with Vancouver locals.

9 Back When Bella Thorne Had An Entirely Different Image

Say what you want about Bella Thorne but you have to admit that she's gone through a ton of changes over the years. When she flew into Vancouver in 2015, Bella had a much more mainstream style. Her plunging neckline, zip-up mini-dress was pretty flirtatious but not in the hardcore way that we're used to nowadays.

8 Olivia Munn Isn't Sure If That's A Frappuccino Or A Friggin' Phone

Like many celebrities arriving at YVR, Olivia Munn doesn't seem phased by the line-up of fans waiting at the exit. However, The Newsroom and X-Men star does seem a little bewildered by the phone being shoved in her face. That cover really makes it look like a frappuccino and not a cellular device.

7 Lucy Hale Reunites With Her Precious Pup

Whoever picked up Lucy Hale from the airport in Vancouver knew that she'd appreciate seeing her puppy. When the Pretty Little Liars star arrived from L.A., her precious doggy Elvis was there to accompany her to the hotel. The pup clearly made a tedious trip far more enjoyable. The photo next to this shows us what airport arrivals do to Lucy.

6 It Was A Grueling Flight But Vanessa Hudgens Is Still Cool With Her Fans

Even though the flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver is only a couple of hours, it can still take its toll. Clearly, Spring Breakers star Vanessa Hudgens was feeling the effects when she arrived in Vancouver on a night in February. Still, she put on a happy face to make her fans' day.

5 Aaron Paul Flies To Vancouver To Film An Indie Film And Charm The Masses

In 2014, Breaking Bad and El Camino star Aaron Paul arrived in Vancouver to film an indie film called The 9th Life of Louis Drax. On his social media, he made it clear that returning to Vancouver was about more than work. He declared that he had missed the city dearly... then asked his fans where to get a good slice of pizza...

4 The Flash's Grant Gustin Is A Little Less Speedy This Morning

Well, Grant Gustin isn't as fast in real life as he is on his CW show, The Flash. Of course, when you have to fly between Vancouver, New York and L.A. on the regular, it can get pretty exhausting. As tired as Grant appeared, he still made time to sign a few autographs for a bevy of DC nerds.

3 Shay Mitchell Goes For Glam While Everyone Else Goes For Flashy Yellow Safety Vests

Pretty Little Liars and You star Shay Mitchell adores Vancouver. But it's clear that she doesn't like flying there nearly as much as being there. Granted, nobody looks all that happy after a flight, even when flying into as nice of an airport as YVR. Regardless, Shay looked hot AF in her swanky grey jacket and gold-rimmed aviators.

2 Dax Shepard Looked Like An Actual Shepard In Those Overalls

What the heck was Dax Shepard thinking showing up to Vancouver in a pair of overalls. It's hard to believe that Kristen Bell let him out of the house looking like that. Still, he looked pretty buff, even next to his buddy Josh Duhamel who was also on the flight into Vancouver in 2017.

1 Just Like Everyone Else, Supergirl's Melissa Benoist Looks A Lot Less "Super" When Flying

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist is remarkably beautiful, but even she doesn't look as glamorous when flying. Here she is with Chris Wood and their dogs as they prepare to go through security at Vancouver airport. Traveling with animals is almost as challenging as traveling with kids, but we're sure the folks at YVR made it easy for them.