New York City has long been a destination for people who love good vibes and good food. But it's also a city that has many cafes that serve up the most delicious coffee that you could imagine. Whether we want to sit in a coffee shop for hours and people watch, or we like to take our cup of Joe to go so we can walk around this city's pretty streets, we can't deny how much we love discovering new places to get our favorite hot beverage. Are we ready to find our new favorite cafes?


Coffee lovers can't miss these cool spots in NYC, which we'll definitely want to put on social media.

Bluestone Lane Has Beautiful Lattes And Great Decor

We all love getting coffee at Starbucks (and even celebrities do, too), but there are definitely some cool places in New York City where we can get a caffeine fix. One is Bluestone Lane which serves gorgeous lattes that you won't be able to stop snapping pics of, and also really great decor. Each cafe has tons of plants and a white and blue color scheme that is very relaxing. There are many locations across North America, including in Toronto and Washington, D.C., along with a few in NYC.

You can order every kind of coffee drink that you can dream of: Flat Whites, Macchiatos, Mochas, Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Cold Brew. Even the biggest coffee fans will be interested in the coffee-free Wellness Lattes: you can try a Beet Latte (which has dehydrated beet powder and cocoa) or a Golden Latte (which has turmeric).

Make sure to bring your appetite along with your caffeine cravings, as this is a great place to grab some breakfast. You can order everything from Avocado Toast to Lemon Ricotta Pancakes to Banana Bread. (We'll take everything, please and thank you.)

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Birch Coffee Has Excellent Drinks And Cool Vibes recommends Birch Coffee as one of the greatest cafes to check out in New York City. Two friends, Paul and Jeremy, started the company: according to the Bio page on the official website, they're both huge fans of coffee and call themselves "The Birch Guys." The customer experience here is truly great as the napkins say "Birch loves you," so it's easy to see why this place has so many regular customers.

As a customer wrote on Trip Advisor, "Tired of Starbucks? Try this one and enjoy the true and honest taste of coffee." Someone else described this place with a lot of praise: "There are many very good cups of coffee in New York, but I think this one is always a little better than the rest. Full-bodied yet very crisp, with a deep flavor."

This is the place to get excellent coffee and delicious treats as well. Be sure to grab a muffin or croissant along with your black coffee or latte. The decor really leans into the whole "birch" idea as there is a lot of wood everywhere and in one location, the walls look like distressed white brick, which is very chic. Whether you're looking for Cold Brew, regular drip coffee, or something fancier like Cafe Au Lait, you'll find it here.

New York City has tons of different coffee shops, from mainstream picks like Starbucks to independently run cafes. These two places, Bluestone Lane and Birch Coffee, stand out from the coffee crowd by providing high-quality drinks, delicious treats and breakfast food, and gorgeous decor.

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