Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival is a sight to behold, as crowds gather to view the top performers of the year all in one place. It takes place in Indio, California and a few performers who were present in 2019 include Ariana Grande, Donald Glover, The 1975, Billie Eilish, and Zedd. There were so many artists who performed and no way to see them all, even if you did go for both weekends.

With so much activity and big-name stars, something juicy was bound to happen. We weren't wrong because several interesting things happened between the two weekends, and we picked through the pile to find the very best. Keep reading to learn about ten things you probably didn't know happened at Coachella!

10 10. Childish Gambino Gave Away Free Shoes

Childish Gambino gave out free pairs of his new line of Adidas shoes via AirDrop. The selection was random, but the recipients had to sign a contract agreeing to wear them at his concert, as well as for the entire weekend of Coachella. When the fan accepted the offer they were to report to a pickup location within 60 minutes to claim their prize. The shoes are a relatively simple design, with a unique multicolored lace, but not something anyone might consider too unfashionable to wear.

9 9. There was a fire in the showers at the campsite

The mobile shower units caught fire one night during the Coachella music festival and the incident occurred around two in the morning. It is unclear how the fire started, but thankfully no one was injured. One of the showers was destroyed and the second was damaged, based on the report from the California Fire Department. Some witnesses nearby said they heard a mini explosion, but many people seem to think it might have been the propane tank situated near the showers.

8 8. Ariana Grande was hit with a lemon

Ariana Grande was assaulted by a flying lemon during one of her performances at Coachella. She continued on with her set like the true popstar she is, refusing to let the silly piece of fruit ruin the act for everyone else. People slammed the lemon thrower on twitter, degrading them as they uplifted Ariana Grande for her poise and excellent voice. It was a harmless act, but one all fans hope is not recreated again in the future.

We hope Coachella reconsiders the sale and allowance of lemons into their events in the future.

7 7. Billie Eilish Met Justin Beiber for the first time

Billie Eilish had a serious meltdown after meeting Justin Beiber for the first time in her young life. She wasn't quite sure how to handle herself during this momentous occasion, finally ending on a simple hug. Her performances are said to be the highlight of Coachella, taking the singing world by storm with her outstanding stage presence. She might have forgotten the words to one of her songs, but fans didn't care as they helped her fill in the blanks. We couldn't be happier for her and can't wait to see what she brings us next year.

6 6. Ariana Grande Sang with NSYNC

She performed Tearin' Up My Heart and they joined in helping her sing Break Up With Your Girlfriend creating a memory Coachella fans will not soon forget. Justin Timberlake was missing from the set, but even without his vocals, the other members killed the performance. Their matching pants and rehearsed choreography with Grande was perfect, as fans raved about the members all reuniting again on a single stage.

Fans are dreaming of an NSYNC reboot tour, and with this performance, it is a taste of the concert they are looking forward to attending in the future.

5 5. Idris Elba DJ'd

Idris Elba DJ'd at Coachella, under the stage name DJ Big Driis, adding more to his extensive repertoire. His show was filled to capacity before it even started and a line was formed out the door. Old and young alike came together for this grand performance, remarking that it was actually great unlike what many had been expecting. He does plan on releasing an album later this year and already has a tour in the works for next spring, so mark your calendars.

4 4. Kanye West ran the Easter Sunday Church Service

You might be surprised to learn Kanye West was in charge of the Easter Sunday service, blurring the image of him many of us had envisioned in our minds. Kanye was joined by a choir and a multitude of instruments, as he took to his mountaintop stage.

He was originally supposed to be a performer, but after they refused to make him the stage he wanted he settled on this. Kanye had originally desired a custom dome be built in the center of the Coachella festivities, and we can all picture how this might be a problem.

3 3. Gunshots were Fired at YG's After Party

YG's afterparty was in full swing when three rounds were shot from a gun, sending his guests running for the hills. The party was packed and this comes shortly after the death of his friend Nipsey Hussle, who was gunned down in Los Angeles. The cops showed up shortly after the 911 call was placed, but witnesses said it was a drive-by and no one had any ID on the culprits. No one was hurt in the process, but attendees were shaken as they headed home after a night of music and partying.

2 2. Kacey Musgraves Failed at Call-and-Response

Kacey Musgraves attempted a country-themed call and response, but it was an epic fail at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival. Her Yee received a minimal Haw crippling her way of hyping up the crowd for her performance. Fans were also confused as they yelled out their line before Musgraves said hers. It was a good idea, but the fans that showed up at Coachella were not into the antics of a country queen, despite her winning year at the Grammys.

1 1. Selena Gomez Performed with DJ Snake, Cardi B, and Ozuna

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is considering fans have not seen Selena Gomez perform since before her last treatment session back in late 2018. If you have not been on top of what Selena Gomez had been going through it has been nothing short of a lot. She underwent kidney transplant surgery after some complications with a disease called Lupus.

She was hospitalized on two occasions after low white blood cell counts, as well as treatment for her ongoing depression. We can all agree when we say it is relief she has finally come back out into the spotlight, obviously on her way to recovery after all of her misfortune.