Visible from almost everywhere in Toronto, the CN Tower dominates the city's skyline and reaches so far into the Canadian sky that it was once the world's tallest tower. One of the first items on the itineraries of the thriving tourist population of Toronto, the CN Tower is one of the most iconic and memorable pieces of the city and is always vibrating with excited energy.

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The owner of a rich and storied history, the CN Tower has seen a lot from its position of grandeur among the clouds. The following are ten things that don't immediately come to mind when thinking about the tall, thin structure that always rises to greet returning locals and visiting travelers.

10 You Can Watch Baseball From The Observation Deck

The first 13 years of the CN Tower’s existence were quite lonely as it was essentially the only real development along Front Street West. This would all change when the Skydome, now known as Rogers Centre, became friendly neighbors with the tower in 1989.

On sunny days during the baseball season, the Rogers Centre opens its colossal roof and lets the natural warmth into the stadium. The CN Tower looms large over the field and those on the observation decks or taking part in the EdgeWalk can call balls and strikes from their vantage point.

9 It’s In The History Books

At the time of completion in 1976, the CN Tower was the tallest free-standing structure and tallest tower in the world. It is worth taking a moment when marveling at the birds-eye view of Toronto that in 1976 it must have felt like flying as visitors climbed the unimaginably tall tower.

Both records were held by the structure for 34 years until the usual suspect, the Burj Khalifa, came along in 2010. It is now the world's third tallest tower and can still lay claim to the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere.

8 It’s A Movie Star

Making passing appearances in many films shot in Toronto, it was the movie Highpoint that marks one of the most memorable appearances of CN Tower on the silver screen.

Stuntman Dar Robinson leapt from the tower during filming of the movie in 1979 before recreating the death-defying flight for a documentary the following year. If you think you’ve seen the CN Tower before, it may well be from the word of cinema.

7 There Are Two Ways To Reach Its Highest Viewpoint

The standard and understandably most popular method of scaling the CN Tower is to step inside the glass-fronted elevators that take just 58 seconds to reach the top. The elevators can also be seen ascending by those on the streets of Toronto due to their unique design. 

Given the elevators also feature glass floor panels, some of those with a fear of heights have been known to choose the second option available: the tallest metal staircase on Earth. To reach the SkyPod, it will take an ascension of 2,579 steps in total so a good meal is advisable before the attempt. 

6 It Serves Dinner With A Twist

Perfect for those that enjoy moving ever so slightly while dining, the 360 Restaurant sits 1,100 feet above Toronto and serves some of the most delicious food in the city.

The revolving restaurant completes a full rotation once every 72 minutes, granting full-circle views of the beautiful metropolis without ever leaving your seat. The cool room here was once dubbed ‘the world’s highest wine cellar’ by the Guinness World Records and is home to some of the best wines from a variety of local and international locations. 

5 You Can Lean Over The Edge

Because simply looking at a stunning view from behind the protection of extra thick glass is never quite enough for some people, in 2011 the CN Tower introduced the EdgeWalk. Get the adrenaline pumping by walking on and around the roof of the main pod, standing out in the open 1,168 feet above the city.

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This is the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk and those brave enough to give it a go are tethered to an overhead rail system that is put to the test at the end of the walk when visitors are encouraged to lean out over the edge.

4 You Might See Niagara Falls

The SkyPod, CN Tower’s highest viewing area, rests a remarkable 1,465 feet above the foundations and this means that not many of the regions landmarks escape it’s glare.

On a clear day, visitors are able to see across Lake Ontario to where Niagara Falls rages. Certainly no substitute for journeying a touch closer, it is a wonderful site to gaze upon from such a distance. The SkyPod once held the mantle of highest observation deck in the world but it was surpassed in 2008 by the Shanghai World Financial Center.

3 It’s Photogenic No Matter The Weather

There are not many places around Toronto that do not grant a unique view of the CN Tower. It peeks between buildings as you walk the streets and glistens in the sun or cuts through the snow, always destined to be the star of any photograph.

In wild weather, this is taken to a whole different level. The tower is struck by lightening approximately 75 times a year and many of the most iconic photos circulating around the globe are ones that capture this incredible event.

2 The Highest Point Was Placed By Helicopter

The antenna at the pinnacle of the CN Tower measures 335 feet in height alone and consists of 44 interlocking pieces, the heaviest of which weighs eight tons.

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The job of placing each component of the antenna was given to a Silorsky helicopter and over the course of a month and a half the final piece of the CN Tower was locked into place. Despite high winds and freezing temperatures, the helicopter pilot managed to direct the antenna into position before workers bolted them into place.

1 It’s Always Willing To Put Up A Light Show

June 2007 saw the instillation of almost 1,500 super-bright LED lights that have since become a staple of the Toronto skyline. The system is energy-efficient, low maintenance and completely free of UV radiation.

The colors regularly change to reflect the city’s mood, with the tower turning green for Earth Day, red when the Raptors take to the court in Toronto and a myriad of combinations for different events. The tower also dims exterior lights during bird migration seasons to prevent avian injuries.

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