Japan is known for many things from video games to food. One thing that many people, including celebrities, travel to Japan for specifically is its fashion. Between the Harajuku district and the busy city streets of Tokyo, there's no end to the fashion trends one can find during one visit. Japan encompasses everything that is modern and chic as well as retro and vintage, and each shop adds their own unique twist to how shoppers choose to express themselves.

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So what does a visitor need to know before hitting the streets and finding the coolest on-trend clothes? Knowing which shops will make us feel right at home is a great start, and we've got the list.

10 W♥C

W♥C is a store that really has something for everyone in Japan. Not only is it totally budget-friendly, but it's designed to cater to even the most prudent of shopper. From unique kawaii handbags to shoes that you won't likely find anywhere else, this store has it all.

For travelers who are looking for all that Japan has to offer in the way of Harajuku style, W♥C is a shop that's well worth checking out. This store is most well-known for its fusion styles, taking a bit of vintage and combining it with classic boho-chic.

9 Bodyline & Boutique Takenoko

According to TripAdvisor, Bodyline is one of the hottest shops to hit while visiting Shibuya. This store has a little bit of everything for people seeking out the trendiest of looks, especially if they're not afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Bodyline offers everyday clothing but also has so much more in store (pun intended)—in addition to lolita-style dresses, the shop also sells cosplay clothing. It's one of those stores that you'd walk into with no expectations and walk out with ten things you didn't even realize you needed.


WEGO is a hot spot in Japan, specifically in Shibuya, that's well-known all over the country as one of the trendiest places to pick up casual clothing. The store has since been turned into a chain with roughly 150 locations throughout Japan.

The great thing about WEGO is their pricing. For fifteen bucks, shoppers can find great quality pants and create an entire outfit for under $100. The pricing is why it's become popular among the younger crowd, but it's edgy and on-trend fashion styles are why it's popular with nearly any generation.

7 Dog

Have you ever walked by underground stores and wondered what they're all about, but never wandered in? Dog is one of those stores that simply seems to intrigue customers. This vintage shop is the talk of the city in Tokyo, as it draws in people seeking unusual and unique styles that can't really be found in many other places.

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Additionally, this store offers clothes that have been reworked and revamped, providing a truly unique sense of style that you can be sure no one else is wearing. Just follow the neon graffiti sign down the stairs!

6 GR8

GR8 was said to be one of Japan's finest clothing shops according to High Snobiety, and it's easy to see why. This store features all of Japan's most cutting edge styles and is fairly well-known in the Harajuku shopping district.

For all things new, modern, and avant-garde, shoppers will be delighted to find that GR8 has it all. The chicest styles come in clutch in this elevated shopping experience, which provides a hip and new age feel to what would normally be a fairly routine clothing hunt. Many styles from GR8 can even be shopped online.

5 BerBerJin

If you couldn't tell already, the Harajuku district is a shopping lover's haven. Especially when it comes to all things vintage, there are just some shops that shouldn't be missed—such as BerBerJin. According to Timeout.com, the store has been open for more than 20 years and is still thriving.

With numerous styles from military to retro, it's rare that shoppers won't find exactly what they're looking for... or something even better! This is the kind of store that's great for poking around in, especially for those looking to take on a unique style.

4 Beauty&Youth

Beauty&Youth is one of Japan's most popular clothing stores and more along trendier lines as far as clothing that will help shoppers to fit in. Their upscale and chic style is one that's highly received in Japan and offers a myriad of options for just about everyone.

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This store is a central branch of the UNITED ARROWS brand, one that caters to youth clothing. The entire store is designed for men, women, and young kids, making it a wholesome shopping experience for everyone. It's rare that someone looking for a casual outfit won't find at least one solid option in here.

3 Freak's Store

Interestingly enough, Freak's Store has nothing to do with weird or strange clothing. Rather, this store caters to very common styles that one would find in the U.S. The western-influenced store prides itself on U.S trends, something that has also become part of the fashion scene in Japan.

Here, shoppers can find more western styles but also some that keep in theme with trends traditionally found in Japan, thus creating the fusion style that Freak's Store is known for. It's a great place to check out for those looking to stay within their comfort zone.

2 Nono Universe

Nano Universe is based far more on international style than it is on any one influence. While the styles found here come from influences such as Italy, France, and the U.K., this store can be described as being very on-trend.

It's what many would consider to be a classic hipster store, offering all the modern amenities that come with today's fashion world while also remaining within the confines of casual wear. Additionally, shoppers will find that they can pick up some pretty awesome accessories to go with all those new outfits.


URBAN RESEARCH has been around for quite a long time and is one of the oldest brands on this list. Opened for the first time in 1974, this store is yet another that is considered 'hipster', offering all the trendiest of fashion for the modern generation.

The interesting thing about the clothing items here is that many of them are neutral, allowing for easy mixing and matching when it comes to shopping. This versatility has gained them a hefty following in the fashion community, allowing for plenty of options when it comes to casual wear.

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