We love the idea that people can do what they want on holiday. You deserve the right to let loose (appropriately), because you've worked hard. Alas, we're going to be a bit 'nitpicky' which some may believe we're doing for the sake of it - and you might be right. Of course when you see these type of photos that we're about to list being taken in front of your very eyes, you'll realise just how much stress is involved in doing so.

It sounds utterly ridiculous to suggest that, but it's true. There's some kind of social need to post things up that people are anticipating, which is quite odd. It's almost like if you didn't post it online then it didn't happen and as much as that sounds like an utterly ridiculous idea, we've all seen it.

It feels like some kind of elaborate Black Mirror episode. It's something that happens all throughout the world as you'll see from the entries, as many of them are standard tourist destinations.

If you want to go ahead and post photos of this nature, then please go right ahead, but kindly ensure that we can't see them. From FB and Twitter to IG and Pinterest, it's infecting all of social media, and we're going to put our foot down as the unofficial higher power (yes, we know that we aren't actually a higher power).

P.S: if you're planning on going to one of these destinations please take us with you despite what we've said. Thanks.

24 Holding The Sun

We’re going to go out on a limb here and admit that this one can be pretty nice if done in the right setting, but it almost always seems to make for odd picture quality. Plus, the ‘nice message’ that it appears to be sending always gets lost in translation.

It seems like something that is going to be quite ‘arty’ when that just isn’t the case.

Taking pictures of the sun always requires a really good camera, too, and if you don’t have one, then you’re probably going to end up with something that is quite distorted.

We’re just thinking practically here, guys.

23 Leaning Against The Tower Of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a fairly unremarkable tourist destination in our mind, mainly because Pisa itself is quite a letdown. It’s not overly easy to get to and when you actually get there, you’ll soon discover that the tower isn’t as special as you may have initially thought.

Even if you still like it, though, you’ll be nauseated by the parade of tourists trying to get the exact same picture. We understand the novelty behind it, but is it really that amusing?

P.S: This is the point in the piece where we’re going to start sounding incredibly bitter and Grinch-like. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

22 Pre-Take Off Selfie

We get it, alright? You’re going on holiday and you want the world to know about it, which is all well and good. However, the fact that you’re taking a photo of yourself as opposed to the plane itself seems to indicate that you want to get one more “ha, ha!” moment in there.

It also seems to set the benchmark for any and all holidays where the person/people involved tend to take loads of photos. If you’re someone who is sat next to someone like this, or perhaps you’re actually friends with them and you hate having your photo taken, then we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news – it’s never going to stop.

21 ‘Sad To Go Home’ Selfie

A lot of the same ideas from the previous entry are also relevant for this one, as you can probably imagine. Look, we understand that you’ve probably had a great time and coming home to your normal life is probably the last thing you want to do, but think about your other family and friends!

They aren’t exactly going to be chuffed to discover that you aren’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of returning to them. Sure, the nature of going on holiday can mean you get carried away more often than not, but the point stands in our mind.

20 Looking Up At Statue Of Liberty

This entry can take on a variety of different forms, but the one constant is the Statue of Liberty. She is a magnificent monument and she represents the strength of the United States of America, which is an important symbol for many.

So then, the fact that the majority of photos feature people instead of the Statue – which is quite clearly the star of the show – seems odd to us.

Because of how tall it is you usually won’t even realise that there are humans even in the photo, which renders your cameo fairly pointless.

Don’t be a camera hog.

19 Holding Up The Hollywood Sign

Does anyone else not really get the appeal of the Hollywood sign? Sure it’s quite big and it represents the glamorous nature of Los Angeles, but we actually think that narrative is a little bit false.

We’d argue that San Francisco is a much more luxurious California-based city, and we’re not just saying that for the sake of it. Sure, Hollywood is where the stars like to go, but the sign itself speaks volumes: it’s too in your face and it’s a little bit tacky.

That’s never going to stop people from taking this type of picture and we can completely appreciate that, but perhaps focus on going to Disney instead or catching a Lakers game.

18 Eiffel Tower Proposal

Before you start throwing things in our direction, let it be known that it’s not the actual act of proposing that we dislike. In fact, we think it’s quite adorable to propose in front of the Eiffel Tower, because it’s an extremely romantic setting.

What we dislike is when couples try and manufacture the photo afterwards as if it hasn’t already just happened. It looks false and it just kind of looks like you’re rubbing it in the face of people, whereas a simple picture of her hand to confirm that you’re engaged would suffice.

We aren’t declaring a war on love or anything like that, but it’s something to think about.

17 ‘Office For The Day’

Can you get any cockier than this? We honestly don’t know the answer to such a question, but we’d imagine that it’s an emphatic no.

The idea of you posting a picture with ‘office for the day’ followed by a stunning location is just a little bit sickening, and the reasons are pretty obvious if you ask us. All you’re doing is flaunting the fact that you’re probably having a better day than most people on your social media feed, who are stuck in an office with people that they may not even like (we’re just speaking the truth here).

16 Finger On The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a stunning structure and we think that it’s one of the true gems of Indian culture. It’s a really peaceful place to visit and it allows you to let your thoughts run away with themselves, as you marvel at this magnificent place.

So why on earth would you want to degrade it by placing your finger on top of it as if it’s an iced gem? Or, worse yet, making it look like you’re ‘the claw’ from Toy Story and you’re trying to pick it up like you’ve won a prize?

We know that it’s just a little bit of fun but it certainly feels insulting to an extent. You’re probably better off asking Indian locals to get a better grasp on this subject, but still.

15 Top Of Empire State

If you’ve ever been to New York City or you’re planning on going, then you’ll likely be well aware of the fact that climbing to the top of the Empire State Building is essentially a tradition for tourists. It gives you a stunning view of the NYC skyline, and for that reason alone you simply must try and visit.

There are other observation decks scattered around the five boroughs, but none are quite as historic or remarkable as this one. Even so, though, because of how many people have this idea, it likely feels far too crowded as a result.

You’ll try and get the perfect picture either of yourself or the view, when in reality, it’s pretty much impossible to do.

14 Standing Outside Parliament

Parliament is an important place in many regards, mainly because it’s where the fate of the United Kingdom is supposed to be sorted out. As we all know based on the current state of affairs in the country, it doesn’t appear to be going all too well.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the iconic images that you think of when considering a visit to London, which is why taking a photo outside Big Ben is so popular.

Again, though, with the constant traffic and the neverending flow of people, you’ll be left feeling pretty disappointed with the end product – and that’s a guarantee.

13 Kissing The Sphinx

We’re going to throw it back to the Taj Mahal entry for our thoughts on this one, because to be perfectly honest with you, it just seems and feels a little bit disrespectful. We don’t want to act like we know more about this subject than others because we simply don’t, but the Sphinx feels like something you shouldn’t mess with.

Sure, it creates for an intriguing visual of sorts for you to parade around to all of your friends, but is it really worth it? You could probably do the exact same thing with any number of other destinations, and it wouldn’t seem quite so crude.

Perhaps the historians amongst us don’t care about it, but we do.

12 Saying Hello To A Disney Character

If you’re at Disneyworld or Disneyland, then this just kind of feels like something you have to do. There are any number of Disney characters walking around the park, and you can usually just go up to one and request a photo.

Alas, not only can it be dangerous based on how many people are desperate to get the photo, but it can also be pretty tiring for those people who are actually in the suit – especially on a hot day in the midst of summer.

We know it’s their job and everything but it’s just a personal thought we’ve got.

11 Lock On The Bridge

We get it, you’re in a couple.

If you wait any longer than three to six months before returning to whatever bridge you’ve put your lock on, then we can all but guarantee that you’ll be left feeling disappointed. Why? Because it probably isn’t even going to be there.

That may just be a case of us being negative, but we’ve found it to be true with many different couples. It feels like a waste of money especially when you consider the fact that most lock bridges have to be taken down or altered in some way after a certain amount of time due to the weight of it.

10 Looking Out At The Grand Canyon

Being deep and meaningful in photos has taken on many different forms over the years, and we’d challenge anyone to say any differently. One such example would be the Grand Canyon which, while beautiful, has allowed more and more tourists to pick up some questionable habits.

From dangling over the edge in order to get a good photo to looking out into the distance, it just feels a little bit false, as if you’re acting out an elaborate performance. You should definitely soak in everything that it has to offer because many folks only get to experience it once or twice, but make it feel natural.

9 Jumping In The Air

Think ‘High School Musical’ and you’ll probably start to get an idea of why we aren’t massive fans of this entry. The coordination required is enough to make us feel a little bit sick, first off, because we guarantee that people who take these photos re-do them five or six times before they’re satisfied with the final product.

Plus, again, it’s just so false. It’s like the ending to a movie: it’s all scripted and manufactured, so why are we supposed to believe that this is actually what day to day life is like for you?

Again, it’s making us feel very ‘Black Mirror’.

8 The Universal Sign

Everyone loves going to Universal Studios and if you don’t, then we’d have to question whether or not you enjoy having fun. Unfortunately, as is the case with many other entries on this list, it’s kind of impossible to get the perfect photo in front of the Universal sign.

Why? Because not only do you have to time it to perfection with the neverending sunlight, but you also have to ensure that there are no people walking into your frame. Given that it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, you can understand why it may take a chunk out of your day.

7 The Rocky Steps

Here’s an idea: take a video of you running up the Rocky steps from the very bottom, as fast as you can. That way you’ve been able to successfully prove to me and the masses that you’ve earned your trip to the top of the steps. Better yet, run throughout the entirety of Philadelphia.

If you just walk up the steps very slowly then how on earth can you claim to have earned the right to stand where Rocky Balboa stood? It’s an iconic image in the world of sports and in the movie industry in general, and you need to treat it as such.

6 Walking On The Beach

Walking on the beach is really nice and all, but if you say to the person taking the photo “can you make this look really natural as I’m walking towards the sea?” then it kind of loses all of its appeal.

It’s the kind of idea that tourism boards would come up with to make their beaches seem more appealing. What they won’t show is the crippling cold temperatures from the water itself, the excessive littering that goes on throughout the beach, and the cramped nature of trying to find a spot to relax in.

Walk on the beach all you like, guys, just try and follow the rules if you’d be so kind.

5 Holding The Washington Monument

We’ve always thought that the Washington monument is just kind of ‘there’ and we understand completely that it isn’t going to be a universal feeling. Then again, not everyone has the same kind of connection to the country or even the city as a whole, which is why we think it’s fine to include it on the list.

It’s been dubbed one of the most inappropriate monuments out there for reasons we won’t even begin to get into, but because of how tall it is, it also re-opens the discussion of people pretending to hold onto it. Yes, we understand that the art of taking photos means you can manipulate things in certain ways, but we just hate it.