In the case of the Coronavirus pandemic, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And then there are a few other enterprising folks finding more creative ways to ensure that Covid 19 isn't going to ruin their days.

As nations continue to shut down their borders and impose social distancing, which will obviously wind up being the most widely-used buzzphrase of 2020, some daring citizens have come up with methods to stay in business, get around in public or occupy themselves while under quarantine.


A few of them are visibly outrageous, while others seem unusual although the logic behind these items has some pragmatic grounding. Here's a cross-section of what people are doing to brighten their days during one of the darkest periods in recent history.

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A virus warrants viable ways to stay open

While governments are limiting the size of public gatherings, small businesses are suffering. Unlike corporations, the tinier operations don't have the retained earnings to see them through the epidemic, so a few proprietors decided to put their minds in gear.

One Chinese restaurant quickly got some plexiglass and had them assembled into spit screens on tables that can comfortably seat four. A Chinese bakery put up a ramp on his storefront, encouraging customers to order their goods via smartphone and their delicacies slide down into the purchaser's hands.

Other businesses are getting consumers to walk through a tunnel spraying antiseptic before entering the premises, while additional establishments have set up robots to check body temperatures of patrons.

If you're out of masks, create reasonable facsimiles

One commodity that's rapidly running out on retail shelves are surgical masks, but that's not stopping individuals worldwide from creating their own. Some are creating them out of citrus skins like oranges so that they can try to be safe in public while enjoying a fruity aroma. Others have crafted masks out of brassieres and even maxi-pads, believing those extra layers provide added protection.

Several folks aren't taking any chances, and are going the double-protection route. Besides wearing masks, additional accessories include donning motorcycle helmets and draping their bodies with large, transparent plastic bags. But the most popular option seems to be cutting off the bottoms of giant water bottles and putting them on so that they resemble extras in a sci-fi flick.

Those who are cooped up refuse to cop-out

The standard set of guidelines and procedures being adopted by governments worldwide concerns travelers returning to their home countries must self-quarantine for at least two weeks. Others in nations where outbreaks are more rampant, such as China, Iran, and Italy, are likely being cooped up much longer.

That directive is bound to make several people stir-crazy unless they find a way to cope with their isolation. Italians serenading each other from their balconies is already international news, but there have been a few lesser-known escapades. In China, one man ran the equivalent of a marathon without leaving his suite, while another did a cross-country ski session on his apartment rooftop. As the pandemic continues, expect more folks to share other ingenious ideas.

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