There are a few things in life that people should always have access to. Shelter, kindness, and food are good starting points. However, they should always have access to clean water. This means that the water that comes out of their taps right in their kitchen should be clean and safe for them to drink.

We often take it for granted, running tap water, when we don't realize that there are a lot of places out there who don't even have that. There are some places out there that are doing it right, and they have water so clean and clear that you can just dip your head under the tap and take a drink.

There are 10 cities right in the USA that have some of the cleanest tap water around. Some towns are pretty shocking as well. Where can you go when you want to always have something to drink? Read on to find the 10 cities that have the cleanest tap water.

Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, November 8th, 2021: Clean drinking water is a luxury that not everyone can reach globally, not even in the United States. However, the country has plenty of cities that still have high-quality drinking water that is also tasty. This list was updated to include other towns with the best drinking water in the United States, such as Macon in Georgia and Memphis in Tennesee.

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12 New York City AKA 'The Big Apple' Is One Of The Best

New York City is one of the most popular spots in the USA, and it is frequently traveled. It seems like they know this, and they make sure that they have clean tap water.

Their water comes from the Catskill Mountains reservoirs, and it is clean. It is sweet and full of minerals, and it travels over 125 miles to reach your taps.

11 Stevens Point, Wisconsin? Who Would've Thought!

Before water reaches your taps, it has to be tested for cleanliness and safety. While all will pass the test, some pass it better than others, or it would not be safe to drink.

Water in this city is at the top of the list, explains the Huffington Post. It is treated with chlorine, fluoride, and phosphate, and it is pulled from aquifers.

10 Chicago Water Does Not Come From Illinois

Much like New York City, Chicago is another city that sees a lot of visitors every year. Plus, they have a large population to take care of. It is a good thing they are on the list with the cleanest water.

The water actually comes from Lake Michigan, and it is filtered through carbon and sand, which ensures that it tastes just as clean as it looks.

9 Denver Is Crystal Clear

Denver, Colorado, is known for many things, like its mountains. The rocky mountains run right through it, and that is where they get their water from.

It comes from the snowmelt off the Rocky Mountains, and it not only makes clean water, but it makes water that actually tastes good. It has a brisk taste that is mineral and grassy at the same time.

8 The Water In Manchester Is Refreshing

This is some clear and clean-looking water, and that is what you can expect when it comes to water from Manchester, New Hampshire.

The water in Manchester comes from Lake Massabesic, and it is purified with ozone. The Partnership for Safe Water has given this city's water a big thumbs up for top quality.

7 Fort Collins Has The Mountain Water

Colorado is the only state that appears on this list twice, with water from Denver and Fort Collins. It must be due to all those mountains, and it turns out it is.

The water for Fort Collins also comes from the mountain snowmelt and the Cache La Poudre River. The water is filtered through coal and is treated with chlorine that makes it extremely clean and crisp.

6 Greenville Is A Great Place In South Carolina

Greenville is a city in the southern part of South Carolina, but they have great-tasting tap water.

The water has been reported to be very smooth when it comes to taste. Where does it come from? Greenville gets its tap water from a 26,000-acre area of the Blue Ridge foothills. This area is as pristine as it gets.

5 Silverdale, Washington Knows How To Do Water

Silverdale's water is nothing short of spectacular, and the water comes from Green Mountain. There is an aquifer there that is so pure that rainwater that falls in it can be consumed.

This means that it doesn't need to be treated or filtered at all. You can just scoop your hands in and take a big drink and not have to worry about your safety.

4 Oklahoma City's Water Comes From Man-Made Lakes

Oklahoma City is unique, and that their supply of tap water does not come from a natural source. The tap water that this city drinks actually comes from six man-made lakes.

It is then filtered and treated with ozone. This tap water actually won awards. In 2007 and 2013, it won a contest that was held by AWWA. That is something to be proud of.

3 Louisville Knows It Is All About The Filters

Lousiville, Kentucky, is the last city on our list. They are known for a lot more than making significant baseball bats. They also have excellent tap water.

The water is filtered through sand and gravel and undergoes hundreds of tests every day to ensure safety and cleanliness. The water comes from the Ohio River, which is impressive considering how dirty it should be.

2 Macon In Georgia Has The Best Tasting Drinking Water

The city of Macon in Georgia has been voted as the Best Tasting Drinking Water in America. The reason is that the city is home to a 5.8 billion gallon lake on 581 acres. The source of water to Macon is the Javors Lucas Lake. Moreover, the Macon Water Authority's water treatment facility is larger than some of Georgia's cities. This means that there is almost no chance of industrial contaminants.

1 Memphis' Water In Tennessee Is The Sweetest In The World

According to the Ground Water Institute director at the University of Memphis, Dr. Jerry L. Anderson, Memphis has the ' Sweetest, most wonderful tasting water in the world.' This is because the water in this city in Tennessee has so few minerals, and as a result, it can be used with little treatment when withdrawing it from the underground.