Germany is known for its beer halls where locals congregate for great beer and excellent food. They are set up similar to a dining hall with tables and benches that replace regular booths or chairs. It opens up an atmosphere of communication between strangers and friends as you gather to feast and drink in these halls.

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When visiting Germany you have to stop by one of these halls to really experience all the country has to offer. You will feel fulfilled as you join in with the locals to celebrate the day. Keep reading to learn about the ten best classic beer halls in Germany!

10 10. Dauth-Schneider, Frankfurt

This restaurant has been around for some time as, back in 2000, Dauth-Schneider celebrated its 150th anniversary. They are well-known for their signature apple wine, but they also have beers on drafts like lagers, wheat beers, and dark beers.

There are so many foods to choose from, ranging from local specialties to delicacies from other countries. A few of their Frankfurt specials include sausages, sauerkraut, and foods covered with Frankfurter green sauce. The prices are decent and travelers are always welcome through their open doors.

9 9. Uerige Hausbrauerei, Düsseldorf

This restaurant may not have traditional benches, but their seating arrangement will still place you near the locals. Uerige is a huge place with several different rooms to choose from in terms of seating and they even make their own beer.

The staff is phenomenal and ensures your glass is always full, and there are plenty of opportunities to socialize with the locals as it is always bustling with activity. They have an amazing Alt beer and a pork knuckle dish that customers rave about.

8 8. Der Pschorr, Munich

This is a popular bavarian restaurant that still serves beer from wooden barrels. All of Der Pschorr's ingredients are locally sourced and the chefs understand what it takes to create a great meal. They have an English menu for foreigners and they serve a variety of steaks, schnitzel, veal, and sausages.

Their beer is excellent and the servers are always attentive, even as they handle several tables at once. The flavors of their dishes and the iced glasses they serve their beer in will make all the difference during your vacation.

7 7. Paeffgen, Cologne

In 1883, this brewery and beer hall began to make their epic beers. There are several different types of beers on tap, as well as a selection of wine and food dishes that are to die for.

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They serve many traditional and local dishes like fried potatoes, coleslaw, päffgen bierhaxe, and different types of pork and bratwurst. The restaurant is cash only, so make sure to bring your euros along so you can enjoy everything that this establishment has to offer.

6 6. Hirschgarten, Munich

This is an outdoor beer hall that is located in a garden-like atmosphere. There are deer located next to the eating area that you can feed, as well as trails you can walk in the nearby forest. The food here is cheap, but it doesn't lack in taste and the beers will keep rolling in for as long as you want.

It is the perfect place for families as you can choose between the restaurant and food stalls for a bite to eat. Many travelers choose to eat here every night they are in town as it is the best spot to grab a quick bite while shuffling between attractions.

5 5. Hofbräuhaus, Munich

This place will give you a true bavarian experience as the staff dresses in traditional garb and the beers keep coming. The Hofbräuhaus has several different types of beer on draft, which are made in the restaurant's personal brewery, that suit all sorts of tastes.

This restaurant's food is also extremely fresh as they have their own butchery, bakery, and confectionery that they use to make the ingredients for their famous dishes. It is also perfect for travelers as they have an English menu for guests to make their ordering experience even easier.

4 4. Auerbachs Keller, Leipzig

This hall was built back in 1912 and primarily serves dishes from the Saxon cuisine. They have several different menus depending on your tastes and if you prefer a buffet or single entree meal.

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The historical factor of this restaurant alone will draw you in, but the food will make you stay as you scarf down their huge portions. The staff is very helpful as they encounter tourists regularly and there is plenty of beer to go around as you submerge yourself into the atmosphere of German culture.

3 3. Brauhaus Lemke Am Alex, Berlin

This is a more modern beer hall for those looking for something apart from the historical sector. Oli Lemke started brewing beer back in 1998 and opened the restaurant's doors in 1999.

They currently have 11 of their own beers on draft, including an India pale ale and a Bohemian pilsner. Their food menu is also a must as they serve a variety of meals that fit every type of cuisine, which is perfect for any vegetarians in your group.

2 2. Barfüßer, Nuremberg

This brewery has existed since 1994 and serves a Franconian cuisine that can seat over 500 guests within its large halls. They are priced adequately and everything is paired with a unique taste that you won't find anywhere else in Germany.

The servers are very helpful in explaining different dishes to foreigners, although visitors should prioritize trying the schnitzel. The overall aesthetic of the building will allow you to experience the local culture and history of the area while observing the curiosities that line the halls.

1 1. Gröninger, Hamburg

Gröninger is a very traditional brewery and beer hall that allows guests to take beer directly from their tapped oak barrels. It has a unique atmosphere and smell that is unlike anything else you will experience. All of their menu items are homemade, including the bread, and they all pair perfectly with their selection of beers.

There are eight different beers you can try and it is highly recommended that you order meat from their personal smokehouse. Guests can order a whole suckling pig that the servers carve in front of you.

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