The Meyer-Briggs Personality Type Indicator® is used for many things, but one thing many might not realize is that it's very indicative of travel, too. Our personality types hold within them all the attributes and characteristics that allow us to figure out where it is we truly need to be, both on a life path and in the physical world. When it comes to traveling, this kind of typing can be helpful in giving us a solid sense of direction. When we're at a loss for where to book our next vacay, who says that we can't turn to who are in order to help narrow down the options? Based on what some of those types are, we might find that one place speaks to our soul far more than any other.

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10 INTPs Are Known For Craving Knowledge, Try Sigtuna

INTPs are naturally prone to figuring things out and exploring the logic behind certain circumstance, and that includes all things historical. They thrive on learning and value education highly, whether it be through books or hands-on learning. A trip to Sigtuna in Sweden will likely satisfy their own craving for personal growth and intelligence while offering up a bit of new information to keep them satiated. It's the perfect place for them to explore and learn all they can about early life in Europe. They'll have a chance to navigate 13th-century ruins and learn about the ancient art of runes, something that will definitely keep their intellectual minds occupied.

9 INFJs Crave A Reset And Connection To Nature, Try Reykjavik

Although INFJs aren't known for being city-loving humans considering their need for a quiet reset, Reykjavik might be the one exception to the rule. This is Iceland's largest city. However, it's not a massive, bustling city as many would think. Rather, Reykjavik offers views into a whole new way of life, one that's built on tradition and holds nature at its core. There's plenty to do in this city, but there's also plenty to do outside of it, as once you leave the city walls, you're met with nothing but open fields, rocky cliff shorelines, and the vast beauty that is Iceland.

8 ENFPs Are Free Spirits, Try Amsterdam

Amsterdam, contrary to popular belief, is not the crazed spring break location that everyone goes on about. In reality, it's a place filled with history, but also with adventure. It's a haven for free spirits such as ENFPs who never cease to find a reason to smile every day. Amsterdam will allow them to be their most open selves while giving them a chance to experience life in a way they haven't before. With so much to explore and experience, there's no way a trip such as this could ever be boring. From food to sights and everything in between, Amsterdam was practically made for those with this personality type.

7 ISTPs Love Putting The Pieces Together, Try Rome

ISTPs are also known as the Virtuosos of the personality types, meaning they're essentially builders. They revel in their creativity and intuitional know-how when it comes to putting things together—or dismantling them. This personality type will feel a strong connection to Rome with its grand architecture and lengthy history. From the Coliseum to Aqueducts, Rome has everything and more to offer to an ESTP. Rich with things to learn and a vast amount to study and take in when it comes to stable structures, ISTPs will thrive in this country that's rooted in modern advances.

6 ISFPs Are True Adventurers, Try Rotorua, New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that seems so unobtainable to many, which is exactly why it's the perfect place for an ISFP. Known as being adventurous at heart and always seeking the next thrill, New Zealand is practically built for soul-searching. They'll have the chance to summit peaks and explore vast farmland, kayak around cliffs, and take in all the history that this tiny island holds. Adventure awaits around every corner, and, for those who love outdoor sports, there's no challenge that's too great for a true ISFP. If the breathtaking sights don't get them, then rock-repelling hundreds of feet off the ground certainly will.

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5 ESFPs Are The Life Of The Party, Try New Orleans

While it might not be too far of a trip for some, it's a worthy one for ESFPs. New Orleans is known for its upbeat and cultural lifestyle, and it's one that's welcoming to all who support it. This city naturally comes to life as the streets slowly fill with jazz, dancing, and an overall feeling of well-being. It seems that nothing can drag it down and this is something that an ESFP will absolutely love being in the center of. The energy alone is enough to send them through the roof and they'll likely end up meeting like-minded people who share their zest for life.

4 ESTJs Love Schedules And Leadership, Try A European City Tour

Since ESTJs love organization, chances are that they'll thoroughly enjoy travel if it's done by the book. This personality type isn't one for being spontaneous or over the top, which means they'll appreciate a well-thought-out itinerary. Something like a tour through Europe will allow them to expand their minds while following a pre-planned schedule, likely one they've put together, which will only increase the amount of joy they get from it. They'll be free to explore at will while being able to see everything they've added to their list, making for a wholesome, educational vacation.

3 INFPs Are Kind And True, Try Nice, France

One word that many uses to describe an INFP is 'poetic', which is highly accurate when it comes to both their personalities and the things they love. A trip to France is one that will be remembered for a lifetime; with so much to explore and so much beauty to see, France should definitely be on their list. Whether they find themselves on the beach or under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, they're likely to find kind hearts around every corner. The pure poetic beauty of France—and Europe as a whole—will fill their souls and leave them wishing they never had to leave.

2 ENTJs Are Always Known For Their Strength And Intellect, Try Berlin Or Frankfurt

An ENTJ is a true leader, and, very much likely their personalities, Germany is a country which is strong in history as well as culture. An ENTJ will be enamored by all this country has to offer in terms of intellect and advancements, leaving them craving more. Something such as a language barrier or exploring new territory is not likely to get in their way, as they'll learn all they need to before even leaving for the trip. Germany's strong culture and customs will resonate with an ENTJ, allowing them to soak up all this beautiful country has to offer in terms of travel and learning.

1 ENFJs Always Exude Charisma, Try Dublin

In reality, anywhere in the U.K. would be great for an ENFJ. This personality type is one which is always the first to compliment and encourage, as it's in their charisma that people find themselves attracted to these types. Similarly, an ENFJ will likely feel at home almost anywhere, especially in a country in which people are naturally social. Whether it's in a pub or along a historic tour, ENFJs always find a way to bring about the best in a person. This will make for a worthy trip and one that's filled with memories and, in all likelihood, new friendships, too.

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