25 Cities Where Sports Fans Take Their Team Spirit Way Too Far

Traveling from city to city will give anyone a taste of the culture. But if someone wants to know what the people are really about, perhaps they should check out one of their local sports teams and see how the fans react to wins and losses, and how they treat outsiders. Sport fans are passionate about their teams. There is nothing wrong with that at all, except when it goes too far and is dangerous to other people, the players in the game and causes serious damage to the stadium or the city. There is painting your face to show your colors, and then there is rioting in the streets because you lost.

Whatever the case may be, there are some sports fans that take the games a little too seriously and have to remember, it’s all just a game played by a bunch of people. But people identify with their sports teams and their colors, so it’s hard sometimes for people to turn it down when their team is down. Here is a list of some cities that have some serious sports fans who take things a little too far on GameDay and perhaps need to stay at home and watch the game from their own sofa.

25 Boston

Via Boston Magazine

Boston used to be that underdog city. The Red Sox were still stuck in the curse, the Celtics hadn’t won since the days of Larry Bird, the Patriots didn’t know what they had in Tom Brady yet, and the Bruins were rebuilding their franchise. But then, they became what they didn’t like the most, the dynasty city, as the Patriots have won five Super Bowls, the Red Sox have won multiple World Series titles and the Bruins and Celtics won a championship. It was great when they were the underdog, but now they are what they dislike, they are the New York sports market. People from Boston will understand how insulting that is.

24 New York

Via Good Fella Media

New York fans, no matter what sport, can be some of the most despised in any league, as the Big Apple has that hint of arrogance to it. The New York Jets are one New York-based team that doesn’t have much to cheer for, but will have no issue yelling out J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! But considering this is a team that hasn’t made it to the Super Bowl since 1968, maybe tone down the J-E-T-S a tad bit until your team actually wins something.

23 Seattle

Via Wall Street Journal

Seattle Seahawks fans know a thing or two about taking cheering too far, but in their case, it earned them a world record. According to Business Insider, because of their fans, the Seahawks have one of the best home-field advantages and can draw other teams outside or delay the game because of how loud they are. In fact, the fans have been so loud that it has caused a seismic event, which only multiple occasions, has been tracked by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

22 Philadelphia

Via The Shadow League

When the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018, it was their franchise's first time winning the top prize in the NFL. And so their fans, who are known to be one of the most vocal in the league, did what any fans with high team spirit would do – they rioted. Fans damaged property, set fires, and partied all night in the streets, which meant the police had to be called in to settle things down. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a big victory, but rioting is taking it too far.

21 Dallas

Via Daily Snark

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the largest stadiums in the league, with a massive HD video board, perfect for their massive fanbase. The only issue is, it has been a while since the Cowboys have won the Super Bowl or even won playoff games, but yet their fans still insist that their team is America’s team. By now, any football fan would have to say the New England Patriots and their dynasty are the best representative for the United States, but Cowboy fans still hold onto that nickname, even if their play on the field doesn’t agree.

20 Chicago

Via MassLive.com

This photo will go down in Chicago sports history, as Steve Bartman tried to catch a foul ball that his own team was going for. Many say the catch was the first domino to fall in the Chicago Cubs losing another chance at the World Series, but what no one expected was the fans reaction to the incident as they hounded the poor fan for the rest of the game, so much so, security had to escort him out of the park. The incident kept Bartman away from his beloved Cubs for years because of the fans' continued heckling. When the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, they gave Bartman a ring to clear the air.

19 Detroit

Via ClickOnDetroit

The octopus is a tradition for fans of the Detroit Red Wings, one that dates back to 1952 when the Stanley Cup playoffs were just two, best-of-seven series, which required eight victories to win it all. So it made sense to use the eight arms of the octopus as a symbol for it. Fans tossed 36 octopuses on the ice during a 1995 game, and the Detroit Red Wings have even adopted the sea creature as their mascot. But the league isn’t too fond of it, as according to the Detroit Free Press, they banned the Zamboni driver from picking it up a twirling it around because things were coming off the sea creator and onto the ice.

18 Montreal

Via NHL.com

When it comes to annoying fans in the NHL, Montreal Canadiens fans are generally on top of the list. The Montreal Canadiens have won the most Stanley Cups in NHL history, with 24 Cups to their name. And despite the fact that the Canadiens haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1993, that doesn’t stop Montreal fans from reminding everyone, all the time, that their team has won the most in league history. The obvious response is to remind them they won half their Stanley Cups when the league had just six teams.

17 Toronto

Via Rolling Stone

In 2016, the Toronto Blue Jays made it back to the playoffs for just the second time since winning back to back World Series championships in the early 90s. So fans were obviously excited for the game, especially after the season before and the now famous ‘bat flip’ that had fans screaming. But during the Wild Card game in 2016 against Baltimore, a fan tossed a beer can from the stands at one of the outfielders catching a flyball. The incident gained national attention as everyone was searching for the thrower, who was eventually caught and banned from the stadium for life, according to the CBC.

16 Kansas City

Via The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Chiefs fans are the loudest in the NFL, and they have the record to prove it. In 2014, the Chiefs fans set the record for the loudest crowd roar at 142.2 decibels in the first quarter of a game against the New England Patriots when the team sacked Tom Brady. It’s a great showing of team spirit, but according to ESPN, the fans can be nearly as loud all game long, no matter what is going on, making it tough to enjoy a moment of quiet for even a second.

15 Durham, North Carolina

Via Syracuse.com

Durham, North Carolina is home to Duke University and the Duke Blue Devils basketball team, one of the top NCAA college programs in the country. Their fan base is very passionate about their team, and are known to be very loud and intimidating to opposing teams. To their team, they are loved, but others find them obnoxious, and according to syracuse.com, they even develop cheat sheets for fans on how to taunt other teams and fans. That’s going a little far, even for the craziest sports lover.

14 Green Bay

Via Premium Seats USA

Green Bay Packer fans may be the most connected to their team in any sport. That’s because they own the team. The Packers are the only community-owned sports franchise in North America, owned entirely by fans buying shares of the team. No one single person has complete control of the Packers. But with such a passionate fanbase comes the problem of tickets. According to the Packers themselves, their waiting list is over 133,000 people long for season tickets. Lambeau Field has been sold out since 1960. So if you’re a Packers fan, good luck getting season tickets in your lifetime.

13 St. Louis


St. Louis Cardinals fans are very passionate about their team, but it has earned them the reputation of being the worst fans in Major League Baseball. The constantly remind everyone they are the best and doing it the right way, even though their home run king years ago had steroid problems. According to SBNation, the Cardinals fans were voted the worst in MLB, as they will even verbally attack opposing fans at games for wearing a wrong shirt. Sure, a little ribbing isn’t bad, but keep it reasonable and don’t go too far.

12 Liverpool

Via The Mirror

Liverpool is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, as the football club in England has worldwide supporters. And when you talk football fans, you have to talk about the wildest and craziest fans, and Liverpool is often at the top of that list. In 2004, it was a Liverpool fan that was the catalyst of violence during a Carling Cup match against Millwall, according to the Standard in the United Kingdom. It started off a melee of action in the stands, and in the end, it resulted in legal problems for some of the worst Liverpool fans.

11 Buenos Aires, Argentina


In La Bombonera, Buenos Aires, football fans of the Boca Juniors can be some of the most intimidating fans in the world. So much so, that according to the BBC, the noise the fans make actually shakes the stadium. That’s pretty dangerous but not as dangerous as the five-year ban Argentina has placed on away teams, including Boca, Independiente, Racing, River and San Lorenzo, because of an incident in 2013 where an away fan wouldn’t make it out alive, due to the rowdy fans getting into with visiting fans.

10 Glasgow

Via The Transfer Tavern

In Glasgow, Scotland there is a divide. You are either a Rangers fan or a Celtics fans, there is no middle ground. This rivalry is one of the most talked about in the world and also one of the most violent, as plenty of times a soccer match has turned into a riot between the two fan bases. The Scottish Sun reported an incident in 2017 where a massive fight broke out between the two club’s fans in the middle of the street, just yards away from a police station. It’s great to have team passion, but to boil over this match is way too far.

9 Cleveland

Via Cleveland.com

LeBron James is considered the best basketball player in the world, so when he decided to leave Cleveland, his hometown team, for Miami in 2010, fans didn’t react so great and burned his jersey. They were so upset that he would leave Cleveland, but when he decided to return, they welcomed him back with open arms. He won them a championship, brought them to the finals four times and was loved by Cleveland fans. Until he left again for Los Angeles, which according to NBA.com, sparked more jersey burning. You just can’t make some fans happy.

8 Oakland

Via Just Blog Baby

The Oakland Raiders have some of the most passionate fans in all of sports. On game day, their stadium turns into the black hole, because all their fans dress in all black. Then there are fans like this, who take it one step further and dress up a little more. There is something to say about that kind of commitment, but the Raiders are one of the worst teams in the NFL and are going to end up at the bottom of the league this season, so perhaps Raiders fans should curve their expectations just a little and not take dressing up too far until they have something to cheer for.

7 Chelsea

Via The Daisy Cutter

Chelsea is one of the top football clubs in the world who competes in the Premier League in England. They are the seventh most valuable franchise in the world according to Forbes and that wealth has seemingly gone to their fans heads. For most opposing fans, Chelsea is an elitist club and their fans can be a bit snobby at games, thinking they are better than other clubs just because they play on the west side of London, considered the rich side.

6 Barcelona

Via AS English

Another example of an elitist club is Barcelona FC, who do have a very passionate fan base, but the club is moving away from them, caring more for TV revenue than fan support in the stadium. That’s because, according to VICE, after Barcelona FC decided to play a game during the controversial referendum, fans stopped coming to the games and left the stadium half open. I think that’s going too far for fans, as sports clubs don’t get involved in politics and play as their schedule demands. Maybe a good idea to move away from them.

5 Sunrise, Florida

Via WRUF.com

No one could have expected the newly created NHL franchise, the Florida Panthers, to make it to the 1996 Stanley Cup finals. Fans were going nuts for the Panthers and they flooded the rink in Sunrise, Florida for the playoff push. But something that caught on was the Rat-Trick, which according to Sports Illustrated, started when then Panther Scott Mellanby had a run-in with a rat in the locker room. Fans would then throw rats on the ice to celebrate goals. But unlike the hat-trick, when hats would be thrown after a player scored three goals, fans decided to throw rates after every goal, taking it way too far and resulting in rule changes for delay of game for the home team.

4 Real Madrid

Via Daily Advent Nigeria

Real Madrid is one of the top football clubs in Spain and with it comes a loyal fanbase that demands excellence on the pitch. The problem is, according to VICE, is that Real Madrid fans are very rarely happy with what their team is doing, even going so far as to boo their star players. There is a real feeling of elitism around the team and they only value winning at all costs. They aren’t a charitable bunch and many have called them the spoiled child of the Spanish league because they have got to witness plenty of championships, but still remain unhappy.

3 Vancouver

Via The Fan Rant

When the Vancouver Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup finals in 2011, no one could even dream that a Canadian city would go into such a frenzy because their team lost. But Vancouver fans did just that and rioted after the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins on home ice. Over 101 people were arrested on that night, and in total, over 887 charges were laid against 301 people, according to the Vancouver Sun. To this day, it has made people dislike the Canucks more than most NHL teams in the league, as their fans did the one thing you shouldn’t do after losing.

2 San Francisco


While some fans riot after losing the championship, fans in San Francisco did it after winning. The San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series and rather than just be happy their team won, fans took to the streets and sparked a riot. Fires were started, buildings vandalized and there were plenty of injuries when really, people should have been happy and celebrating together over the victory. According to NBC, over 40 people were arrested for their part in the melee that followed the World Series victory.

1 Warsaw

Via 101 Great Goals

In 2016, during the Polish Cup between Lech Poznan and Legia Warsaw, there was a battle raging on between the fans. It was who could put on the best fan display at the National Stadium Warsaw. What started as a march to the stadium and massive flag in the stands soon moved to firework displays. And remember, this is coming from fans, no the people running the stadium. Smoke clouds from the fireworks filled the stadium and the game was delayed. There is no problem with team spirit, but just be reasonable with what you are bringing to a game to show that pride.

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