Most people will say they enjoy travel and they enjoy meeting new people. So you can imagine how much people want to combine the two. While travel has increased by nearly 64% over the past few years, the desire to find love has shown no signs of decreasing any time soon. With people traveling alone now more than ever, there is no better time to grab your passport and put yourself out there. According to dating service Plenty of Fish, 70% of singles are open to meeting people while traveling. Even better, a whopping 22% of travelers have fallen in love on a trip.

Once you decide to take the plunge and head out on a romantic excursion, how do you decide where to go? Dating in your hometown can be difficult enough, so adding the exploration of a new city on top of that can feel like a daunting task. The key here is to pick a place where you are guaranteed to find fellow singles. Whether you are looking to mingle with the locals or fellow travelers, the locations on this list will help you determine where to book your next trip to travel alone and come back with a plus one.

25 Montreal, Québec - bonjour ma belle!

Canada gets a bad rep for being boring, but Montreal is one of the most eclectic cities in North America. With an unlimited supply of coffee shops and fine dining, get a cozy table for one and let one of the friendly locals come to you. Need to get out there more? Stroll through one of Montreal’s many summer street markets or art galleries. Need something more outdoorsy? There’s a (small) mountain in the middle of the city with a spectacular view of the city at the top.

24 Obonjan Island - the 'new Ibiza'

Dubbed the 'new Ibiza', Obonjan Island, Croatia offers a wide array of activities from calm yoga retreats to all-night raves and everything in between. Until very recently, Obonjan was completely uninhabited. The 136-acre island was sitting abandoned until 2015 when a music-festival organizer began transforming it into a summer resort. Travelers enjoy swimming and sunbathing by day and concert-quality dance parties by night. The island resort also offers some modern day alternatives to the traditional vacation activities such as Reiki, meditation, tarot readings and stargazing. A vacation as unique as this is an experience that has to bring people together.

23 Chicago, Illinois - so much to do, so many people to meet

With a population of more than half a million single young professionals occupying the windy city, Chicago is an ideal place to make a match. With long, hard winters, Chicagoans come out to play all day and night once the weather gets nice. Unlike most big cities, Chicago has a surprising amount of outdoor space. So head to the beach on the coast of Lake Michigan and join a game of pick-up volleyball or enjoy a free concert in the park. At night, enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife scene at one of many rooftop bars with stunning views.

22 Singapore - too much to choose from

Few cities can offer the diversity that Singapore does. While there are plenty of upscale restaurants to choose from, the best variety and value can be found by paying a visit to the street food stalls in Little Italy, Chinatown or the dozens of options scattered around the city. If you’re looking for more tranquil activities, check out the Singapore Botanical Gardens, with 8,000 acres of green space, waterfalls and orchid gardens. Not far outside of the city center is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, where you can hike Singapore’s highest hill. Singapore is a mecca for solo travelers, so no matter where you go you’re bound to meet people.

21 Sydney, Australia - surf's up with the locals

Surf, sun, and casual, cool vibes. If that’s what you’re looking for, head to Sydney. Australia is basically the Canada of the southern hemisphere, because the natives are known for their kindness. Aussies will gladly welcome you into their circle. Head to Bondi Beach, where locals walk around barefoot and mingle with the tourists. If you’re looking for something more low-key, try Coogee beach, the “more local” beach. Sign up for a surf lesson or join a snorkeling session to get even more social.

20 Negril, Jamaica - Jamaican us all crazy

Located on the western coast of Jamaica, this area of beachfront resort town has a booming tourism industry dedicated to traveling singles. Negril offers a variety of options for whatever pace you want to move on your vacation. Stay at one of several resorts and lounge by the pool, or go to the beach for water sports with reggae music playing in the background. At night there are a vast array of bars, restaurants and live music venues perfect for meeting new people and cutting loose on the dance floor.

19 Porto, Portugal - Portuguese men age like a fine wine, or Porto

Portugal is regarded as Europe’s best-kept secret for solo travel. Porto’s laid-back atmosphere provides a break from the crowded and museum packed cities nearby. Take in the city’s water views under a table umbrella at a local café or get even closer by laying out on one of Porto’s clean and quiet beaches. Join a cruise of the Douro river, the coastline is so beautiful you’ll feel like you’re sailing inside a postcard. Portugal is a relatively inexpensive city compared to its European counterparts, so most boat tours will cost you less than $20, leaving plenty of cash left over for drinks afterwards with the new friends you’ll make on board.

18 Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Don't meet a Tusca(loser)

Tuscaloosa may not be the first (or second, or third) city that comes to mind when trying to meet someone, but with almost 60% of the population single, it should be a welcomed addition to anyone’s travel itinerary. Tuscaloosa is a historic town with lots of beautiful antebellum architecture, delicious food and southern charm to melt anyone’s heart. And I mean literally melt, it’s very hot and humid in the late spring-early fall. Above anything else, this city really loves college football, and “roll tide” is the perfect way to start a conversation here.

17 Madrid, Spain - The Spanish do a lot of things right!

The question you will ask yourself in Madrid is not what can you do, it’s what can’t you do? It is almost impossible to get bored here. The city offers an eclectic mix of history and culture with a modern, urban lifestyle. With 40 museums, 46 markets and dozens free art exhibits and cultural centers to peruse, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to hit first. The nightlife here is also full of options. The bar and club scene offers a range of all sizes, prices and styles. Perfect for dancing the night away with your new love interest.

16 Barcelona, Spain - opportunities everywhere

Barcelona has it all! There’s a reason your friend that studied abroad there for a semester five years ago won’t stop talking about it. But Barcelona is more than just a European destination for college credits. This coastal city offers coastal and beach vibes and the excitement of a fast-paced city. Hundreds of thousands of singles travel here every year to experience the history, architecture and the nightlife Barcelona is known for. Cheap hotel options and restaurants to accommodate any price point make this city the ultimate destination if you’re looking to find love abroad.

15 Seattle, Washington - all the apps

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and one of the fastest growing cities in the county. According to The Seattle Times, the city is poised to become one of only 10 states in the US where men outnumber women, thanks to the male-dominated tech industry for which Seattle has become a mecca. A recent study also suggests Seattle is the fifth loneliest city, meaning there are plenty of single men looking for company! But download a dating app to meet them, this is a tech city after all.

14 Hong Kong, China - safe, reliable and inexpensive

Hong Kong is regarded as one of the best cities in the world for solo travel. The city offers safe streets, reliable public transportation and inexpensive accommodations. Tourist hubs Lan Kwai and Wan Chai are excellent places for meeting new people. The streets are lined with bars, but you don’t even have to go inside. There’s music blasting from the establishments with people singing and dancing right there in the streets. Not a night owl? Hong Kong offers a ton of outdoor experiences, like hiking Dragon’s Back Trail or windsurfing at Kwun Yam Wan beach.

13 Paris, France - the city of love, need we say more?

What’s more romantic than going with your love to Paris? Falling in love in Paris! The city of loves offers a variety of cafes and cocktail bars that are perfect for hanging out and striking up conversations. The city recently closed-off a two-mile stretch of the River Seine’s Right Bank, so you can stroll a two-mile stretch from the Alma Bridge (near the Eiffel Tower) to the Musee d’Orsay. Here you can join groups of cyclists, runners, or just take in the scenery. Download the ParisBouge app, a weekly guide to concerts, exhibitions, restaurant openings and other social opportunities around Paris.

12 Kiev, Ukraine - an unexpected romance

Kiev has become a fun alternative to the more traditional European destinations. Kiev is known for its beautiful churches and golden-domed architecture. But let’s be real, people are here to party. Kiev has the lowest cost of living of all the major European cities, making a night out on the town a fraction of the cost of cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona or Berlin. The average drink costs $1.50 and last call is between 5AM and 6AM. A three course meal will set you back an average of $3 and getting around will set you back 9 cents. Basically, Kiev is a social butterfly’s dream come true.

11 Vancouver, British Columbia - time to fall in love, eh?

With over half a million single people occupying this city, Vancouver offers a unique mix of metropolitan and nature. Get outside and take in the sights of parks, gardens and bike paths. If you’re looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of downtown, head north to hike Grouse Mountain or west to check out a whale-watching tour. British Columbia also has several small islands off the coast, accessible by ferry. Join a group tour or hike to maximize your chances of meeting someone special.

10 Stockholm, Sweden - a different meaning to Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm is the cultural and intellectual epicenter of Scandinavia. It’s the perfect mix of history and modern design that includes great food, art and nightlife. Stockholm also consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. If you can make the time (and brave the cold), visit in December, as Stockholm is known for stunning holiday markets and decorations. It’s also the home of the World’s Tallest Christmas Tree. The person you’ll meet here is probably smart, tall, and speaks English. Add a little mistletoe and you can’t go wrong.

9 Atlanta, Georgia - meet The One in ATL

Atlanta may not be the first place you think of to find love, it actually has a lot of odds stacked in its favor. The city has a well-above average amount of nightlife per capita, perfect for meeting one of the 300,000+ singles that inhabit it. If the nightlife isn’t your thing, Atlanta has a lot of sports teams to watch (football, soccer, basketball and hockey, to name a few) and several parks in the middle of the city to sit back and enjoy the view.

8 Berlin, Germany - a german pint can help us out

Did you know Berlin is 9 times larger than Paris and has twice as many people as Barcelona? Germany’s capital city is a thriving metropolis with a flair all of its own. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, there has been an influx of artists and bohemian city slickers breathing new life into the city. Berlin also has a world-famous diverse nightlife scene, where anyone can find exactly what they are looking for. The food scene has started to pick up steam as well. Berlin’s food markets are a great opportunity to sample the local cuisine and mingle with fellow foodies.

7 Boston, Massachusetts - Meet them in Harvard Yard

Boston has the highest amount of single people when compared to any other city in the US, with 66% of the population going stag. Boston is rich in history, with plenty of walking tours to choose from to see them all. Boston also really loves its sports. No matter what time of year you come into town, there’s a football, basketball, or baseball game happening. If you can’t make it to the actual game, there are a ton of sports bars to enjoy watching the game with the locals.

6 Rome, Italy - When in Rome...

Rome is one of the most romantic cities, but that doesn’t mean you can only experience it with a significant other. Rome can melt the heart of even the most cynical singleton with its mixture of history, culture and food. Your first stop should be the Trevi Fountain and bring some pennies. Two coins thrown in is said to ensure you’ll come to Rome again, and three pennies is said to ensure romance. Tour the ancient Roman sites like the Pantheon, Roman Forum and the Coliseum. Grab some gelato and take a seat on the Spanish Steps for some great people-watching while you wait for your Roman love the fountain promised.