It's easy to be curious about things that we don't understand. There are so many things that humans just don't have answers for, but we definitely speculate about them and wish that we could have more answers. This is why reading about unsolved mysteries around the world can be so entertaining for people.

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There are a ton of strange disappearances, mysterious happenings, and unexplained events that happen every single day. Some of them become more infamous than others and they all leave us scratching our heads. Although many of these may never be solved, they can still be fun to learn about and wonder exactly what the story behind it is.

To see 10 cities that are home to strange unsolved mysteries, keep reading!

10 Tokyo, Japan: The Man From Taured

Have you ever been to the country Taured? If your answer is no, you're not alone. In fact, it seems like only one person has ever been to or heard of Taured. In the 1950s, it's said that a man came to the airport in Tokyo and claimed he was from Taured. This was obviously laughable to the people working there since Taured isn't a real country.

But things got weird when he pulled out his passport. It didn't seem to be a counterfeit in any way and it actually did show that he was from a country called Taured. Is this a strange urban legend, an elaborate hoax that someone pulled, or was he from another dimension? Unfortunately, we may never know.

9 Westfield, New Jersey: The Watcher

The Broaddus family had a pretty ordinary life before they moved into this home in a suburban New Jersey town. It was then that they started getting letters from someone who called themselves The Watcher. According to these letters, The Watcher's entire family had been keeping watch over this house for decades.

The letters started to get more and more specific about the Broaddus family, something that terrified them for a pretty good reason. After living there for only a short time, they made the decision to move somewhere that wasn't... Well, being watched.

8 Bergen, Norway: The Isdal Woman

The Isdal Woman is a name that was given to an unidentified woman whose body was discovered in Bergen, Norway in 1970. After her body was discovered, it was ruled that she had likely taken her own life, but the events that lead up to it and the circumstances of her discovery made the whole thing just too weird.

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Her body had been burned beyond recognition and was bruised, apparently from a fall. In her body, the autopsy revealed that she had taken several sleeping pills and there were quite a few near her as well. To make things even stranger, she was discovered to own a dozen passports with different names and had been seen checking into nearby hotels with multiple different aliases, making it impossible to figure out who she really was.

7 Haverfordwest, Wales: The Silent Twins

The Silent Twins, also known as June and Jennifer Gibbons, were born in 1963 in Yemen and grew up in Wales. They were given this nickname because of the fact that they refused to communicate with anyone except for each other. The two of them were eventually placed in a mental hospital. In 1993, Jennifer suddenly developed heart problems and eventually passed away because of it.

No one could explain what caused them or how Jennifer suddenly became so sick, but June later revealed that the two of them had an agreement that if one of them passed on, the other would live a totally normal life. Following her sister's apparent sacrifice, June began to speak to people and became an author.

6 Woodsville, New Hampshire: Maura Murray

Maura Murray was a pretty average student. In February of 2004, she told her professors she was going to miss class because of a family emergency, one that her family claimed they had no knowledge of. After she packed her things and took down almost all the decorations in her room, she got into her car and drove off campus.

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She was last seen that evening standing by her car on the side of the road. She assured a bystander that she had already called for help, which they doubted because of the spotty cell phone service in the area. But by the time anyone came back to help her, she was gone. No explanation for where she went has ever been given.

5 Los Angeles, California: Blank Room Soup

The video this is from is often referred to as "blankroomsoup.avi" and features a man eating soup while breathing heavily. Two figures in costumes with large heads come in and stroke his back. There are many stories attached to it, but the truth is that no one has an idea where the videos in this series came from. The costumes once belonged to a group of performers called RayRay who put on performances in these suits around the country.

According to a RayRay team member, the suits were stolen one night after a particularly turbulent show and he began receiving these videos not long after. The eeriest part is that the figures in the video move in exactly the way that RayRay team members were trained to move, meaning that the thieves must have been familiar with the show.

4 Fayetteville, West Virginia: The Sodder Children

In 1945, a fire broke out in the home of the Sodder family. After the fire broke out, George and Jennie, the parents of the Sodder family, and four of the children managed to make it out of the house safely. But that still left five children that have never been found. Their bodies were not among the ashes and no one has seen them since.

In the 1960s, a family member received a photo that they believe was of one of the Sodder children as an adult, but has never been able to confirm it. Along with not knowing what happened to five of the children, the Sodder family has no idea what the source of the house fire was.

3 Dayton, Ohio: Evilstick

Although this toy may look like a cute magical girl wand straight out of one of our favorite anime series, the name Evilstick tells us that there's something more sinister going on here. The Evilstick was discovered in Dayton, Ohio at a dollar store and is a truly disturbing item underneath its cute packaging.

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Pressing a button on the Evilstick will cause a horrifying laughing sound to play through its small speakers. The reflective flower will light up from within and show a disturbing image of a woman holding a knife to her arm. Was this a hoax that someone created and placed in the store or something more sinister?

2 Seoul, South Korea: Chip-chan

Chip-chan is a truly bizarre Internet mystery. It's the name of a woman living in Seoul, South Korea who live streams herself for hours on end from her apartment. According to Chip-chan, she's being held in that apartment by a corrupt law enforcement officer who has implanted a mind control chip into her.

Chip-chan claims that the chip can make her fall into a deep sleep whenever the officer presses a button and that she's unable to leave because of this. Her streams were discovered over 10 years ago and although curious watchers have learned a lot about her, what exactly is going on in her apartment is still a mystery.

1 Lincoln, Massachusetts: Joan Risch

Joan Risch is a woman that was living in Lincoln, Massachusetts in the 1960s. In 1961, she disappeared without a trace and has never been seen again. Prior to her disappearance, it was discovered that Risch had checked out several books from the local library all related to disappearances and violent crimes.

This made the fact that she disappeared and left a trail of blood that went through her entire kitchen even more mysterious. Her young son was left, unharmed, in his room and was asleep when the police came to investigate. Though there are many theories, no one knows where she went.

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