You may have thought about moving across the country, or dream of a job willing to relocate you. Some cities exist that will pay you to move there, which is awesome news for anyone considering a drastic change in scenery. These locations belong to a variety of cultures and populations, so there is something for everyone.

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The cities listed have rules and regulations for who they will pay to move to their location, but chances are you fit the credentials for at least one of them. Keep reading to learn about ten cities that will pay you to move there!

10 10. Marne, Iowa

Marne, Iowas has something called the Free Lot Program, where they will give you a free plot of land if you agree to build a house within a certain amount of time. They have cable tv and internet and is within an hour drive of both Omaha and Des Moines. It is located a bit in the countryside, but there is a park with baseball fields for your kids to play in.

You must submit an application and the Housing Committee will get back to you within sixty days about your status. The house must be at least 1,200 square feet with a partial basement, and you have to find somewhere else to stay while your house is being built. There are a lot of stipulations, but it is a free plot of land which can't be beat.

9 9. Grant County, Indiana

Grant County, Indiana offer a Grant for Grads program to help employers convince their workers or potential employees to live in this city. There are two separate programs under this which include one for renters and the other for home buyers. A renter will receive  20% off their monthly payments, or for up to $2,500 off rent for an entire year.

If you plan on buying a home they can help as well with a $5,000 offer to help with a down payment or closing costs. These homes could be anywhere in Grant County, and the only stipulation they have to follow is that it must be considered safe and decent. There are plenty of activities and events to keep you occupied, which only helps sweeten the deal.

8 8. Lincoln, Kansas

The Free Home Site Program in Lincoln, Kansas gives people the rural lifestyle they desire. There are only 3,500 residents in the area and wildlife is everywhere around you. There are twenty-one free sites available for individuals to build on, and as far as we know they still have some available.

You will have internet and television like in the city, as well as access to parks and athletic facilities. There are even three museums that are up and running for you to visit. The lot sizes vary from 12,000 to 36,000 square feet and there are several rules as to what kind of house you can build.

7 7. St. Clair County, Michigan

They have created something called the Come Home Award, which is for college graduates who make the decision to move back to St. Clair County, Michigan after they graduate. The student must be in a STEAM-related field and are not seeking employment as a doctor.

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Applicants must still have student debt and the award can be up to $15,000 depending upon the student's need. The money can be used to pay off their student debt and they must begin working within 120 days after receiving an award.

6 6. North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte, Nebraska wants to bring workers to their location which is why they have created their WorkNP program. They want to drive their economy by keeping high school and college graduates in their town. The worker must be paid, or have the opportunity to be paid, $20 per hour within the first three years of hire.

The Chamber of Commerce will supply the worker with $5,000 and the employer must offer a reasonable match. This money can be used for relocation, student debt, or to buy tools needed for the job itself. It is a family-friendly city that anyone could call home, which is why this is such a great program for people to take part in.

5 5. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland has two programs to entice individuals to move to their city as they try to transform it into a beautiful place to live. Their Buying into Baltimore program gives individuals who attend a trolley event the chance to win $5,000 toward buying a home in the city.

They also have a Vacants to Value booster program which gives buyers of previously vacant homes up to $10,000 toward closing costs on the house. These programs are working to deplete the crime in this big city and renew it to its former glory as they tear down the less appealing parts of this wonderful town.

4 4. Hamilton, Ohio

This town in Ohio has a Talent Attraction Program Scholarship that helps recent college graduates pay off some of their student loan debt. The rules are that you must have plans to move to Hamilton, Ohio, have graduated within the past seven years, and obtained a degree in a STEAM-related field.

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The student must be employed in Hamilton or Butler counties and for a better chance at a scholarship, they must show a drive to want to give back to the community. It is an adorable town with 63,000 residents, as well as Miami University, and is close to big cities like Dayton and Cincinnati.

3 3. Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you work from home or have the ability to work remotely, then Tulsa, Oklahoma is the place for you. They have something called the Tulsa Remote Program, which helps workers with relocation and provides them an awesome space to work.

A person will receive $10,000 over the course of a year as well as a coworking space downtown complete with desks and internet to suit every need. The housing is already cheaper here, but they will help give you a discount if they can. It is a great way to expand your horizons and move to a new city for a year, and maybe even longer if you like it enough to stay.

2 2. Harmony, Minnesota

This state seeks to increase its population in Harmony, Minnesota by offering a Residential Home Construction Rebate. The rebate can be anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 depending upon the predicted market value of the home. They are usually paid once all exterior features are complete, and it is a great way to move to this vibrant state.

The scenery is beautiful and there are plenty of trails and caves to discover in your free time. A quick trip to Amish country will leave you with some tasty snacks, as well as some amazing wildlife you won't see anywhere else in the world.

1 1. Anywhere in Vermont


Vermont has started a program throughout the entire state called Think Vermont, which entices remote workers to relocate. They have a Remote Worker Grant that is for any worker who receives a W-2 from an employer and can work from home.

Applicants are eligible to receive up to $5,000 for up to two years and there are coworking spaces available that residents can use to complete their business. They want to create opportunities for workers to create a life in the beautiful green mountain state.

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