Fall is filled with the scent of pumpkin spice and Halloween decorations around every corner. People are dragging out their jackets and sweaters, but the most impressive thing about fall time is the foliage. The colors are an array of red, orange, gold, and green that all intertwined to create an image as beautiful as the greatest masterpiece.

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Some cities showcase these fall colors the best, and they often have events to go along with them. This season won't be complete in your book until you experience the magic for yourself and wander through a forest of colors. Keep reading to learn about ten cities with breathtaking fall foliage!

10 10. St. Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota is covered in gorgeous trees that shift into a fall display that is like nothing else you will ever see. The crisp air will invigorate your soul, and they always have plenty of events going on to keep you entertained.

You can visit a craft show and buy a few personalized items or gain some inspiration for your own fall-centered projects. If history is more your thing than a tour of the capitol building is just what you need to complete your vacation in a city that understands what fall is all about.

9 9. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The Upper Peninsula is filled to the brim with fall colors and they can be seen on every winding road. Maples and oaks dot the landscape with reds and oranges, and anywhere you travel in this part of Michigan will give you the views you were searching for.

The best place to go is the Porcupine Mountains, as this undeveloped wilderness will submerge you into the heart of nature and indulge your spirit with the sights and sounds of a cool fall day in the UP.

8 8. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you have ever dreamed of making a trip to Gatlinburg, then now is the perfect time to go. The Smoky Mountains provide epic views of the colored landscape that are perfect for any nature lover.

The city also features several festivals and events for visitors to take part in that focus on the history of city, as well as fall time activities. If good food is what you're after then a trip down here at the beginning of November will have you scarfing down a bowl or two of chili at their annual cookoff.

7 7. Boston, Massachusetts

You don't need a foliage tour when a simple journey through Boston will give you numerous examples of colored leaves. The best place to see them is in the 44-acre plot of Boston Common where oak, beech, elm, maple, and chestnut trees can be seen in all their glory.

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Leaves will litter the walkways and if you have any children required to do a project on leaves then this is the perfect place to find them. There are plenty of events happening during this season that cover topics like books, brews, and good food, so everyone will be able to find something they enjoy doing this fall.

6 6. Kirtland, Ohio

Kirtland, Ohio is home to the Holden Arboretum, which is a fan favorite for anyone interested in seeing the colors change this season. You can take a stroll along the Murch Canopy Walk or make your way to the top of the Kalberer Family Emergent Tower for some incredible views of the landscape.

If these attractions happen to be closed for the season, there are plenty of trails to hike, as well as wildlife you can see at the Penitentiary Glen.

5 5. Green Mountain Byway, Vermont

This byway travels through the towns of Stowe and Waterbury and will give you excellent views of fall colors. These vivid examples will invade your dreams as you pass by meadows, farms, and forests that are the perfect examples of fall at its finest.

There are several nearby trails along this route where you can further explore the landscape and immerse yourself into this season. This is one trip you won't want to pass up on because this area understands what it means to do fall the right way.

4 4. Asheville, North Carolina

The deciduous trees coating the landscape of this city make for some awesome views of fall foliage. It is located in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is filled with unparalleled views of your favorite fall colors.

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Their fall season is long and outlasts that of many other states, so this is the perfect destination if you don't happen to catch the first wave of color that rolls through the country. This location is filled with outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, ziplining, and fishing, so you can enjoy the colors as you have never experienced them before.

3 3. Adirondacks, New York

This natural display of beauty will take your breath away as you lay your eyes on the orange dotted landscape. A simple hike through the forested landscape will infuse your soul with fall and give you peace despite the fast approach of winter.

There are plenty of local activities to take part in, like hot air balloon rides, corn mazes, and apple picking. You can even jump into Halloween fun with haunted ghost tours through graveyards and other spooky places.

2 2. Aspen, Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but fall is arguably the best of its seasons. There are several scenic drives you can take to see the sights and fall colors, as well as numerous trails for an epic hiking experience.

This city even features several farmer's markets that are filled with homegrown foods, as well as crafts that will get you into the fall spirit. The Aspen Art Museum is also a great place to check out because after you view some incredible works done by true masters of their craft, you can head to the rooftop cafe and grab a meal while you gaze at the multi-colored mountains.

1 1. Bar Harbor, Maine

Maine can grow quite chilly around this time of year, but the sights will fill your heart with warmth. You can hike, kayak, drive, or bike our way through the trees, or even take part in a historic walking tour to learn more about this particular location.

There are even biplanes that will take you to new heights where you can have a birds-eye-view of the reds, oranges, and golds that have taken the place of the green leaves that used to be on the trees.

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