If you’re a big fan of fantasy movies, you’ve likely dreamed about visiting some of the locations from these films in real life. There are many real-life cities that have been used in the biggest and most iconic fantasy movies and television series from the last twenty years.

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Some of these cities feature actual places used in fantasy books, while others are where sets were built and scenes were filmed. If you love the fantasy genre, from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, there are certain cities you’ll definitely need to put on your bucket list.

Here are the top ten cities for fantasy movie tourism.


Vancouver, Canada is actually one of the most popular cities as far as filming locations go. There are so many television series that have been filmed here, as well as big blockbusters like Deadpool.

Two of the most iconic fantasy/horror television series of all-time were filmed in Vancouver: Supernatural and The X-Files. Shows like Arrow and The 100 also taped in British Columbia. So, if you belong to either of these fandoms, you’ll be able to see a variety of locations from your favorite show. It’s pretty easy to find these locations just by looking it up online.


New York City is a filming location that is used across all genres. It’s hard not to think about the Big Apple when thinking about film and television, as countless movies showcase landmarks and famous places in NYC.

There are quite a few sci-fi and fantasy movies that were filmed in New York, such as I Am Legend and King Kong. New York City has also been featured in many superhero movies, especially recent films in the MCU, so if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll need to check the city out.


While there are some great places in the United States for fantasy movie tourism, some of the most recent popular fantasy series have been filmed in locations overseas. Without a doubt, a Game of Thrones is the biggest and most successful fantasy television series of all time.

They filmed in many locations throughout Europe, but one of the best city locations to visit is Alcázar of Seville in Spain. This beautiful, colorful city is where HBO filmed Sunspear in Dorne. Plus, Seville is just a lovely place to take a vacation.


Because of the popularity of Game of Thrones and its many beautiful and varied locations, there has to be more than one city tied to this series on our list. King’s Landing is one of the most important locations in Westeros, and you can see parts where it was filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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The Old Town area of this city was used as King’s Landing, and it’s a beautiful older city that is full of history. So, if you love fantasy and visiting new places, definitely check out Dubrovnik.


Of course, one of the most iconic fantasy series of all time is Lord of the Rings. This series was filmed in New Zealand, and many fans still check out filming locations there. The town of Matamata is the perfect place to start your Lord of the Rings location tour.

Right next to the town is the Hobbiton set. This farm that was used for filming now has actual Hobbit holes in place that were rebuilt after The Hobbit movies, so you can really get the full impact.


Twilight really revamped the entire supernatural fantasy genre in many ways. Part horror, part fantasy, and part romance, this series transcended genres. More importantly, you can actually visit Forks, Washington, as it is a real place and not a fictional location created by Stephenie Meyer.

Forks is a really small town, but there is a Twilight gift shop and tour. Plus, Forks is in a beautiful area of the Northwest, and - as it’s only a few hours away - you can add the town to a trip to the Seattle area.


Harry Potter is one of the most successful fantasy series of all time. The book sales broke many records, and the movies were quite successful as well. While much of the series was filmed in studios, Harry Potter was not against shooting on location.

Harry Potter fans should prioritize Oxford above most other cities. The Great Hall was modeled after the Great Hall at Christ Church in Oxford. Also, the Hogwarts Infirmary was filmed at the Bodleian Library Divinity School there.


Because there are so many amazing filming locations for Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, if you're a big fan, you definitely need to see more than one city. Wellington is a great place to go for fans of LOTR. For one thing, the WETA workshop is still located there.

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Plus, there are many filming locations that are close to the city. For example, the woods on Mount Victoria were used to film the scenes where the Hobbits run from the Nazgul and hide under the tree.


For Harry Potter fans, there is one other city that is a must: London. First of all, the iconic platform 9 ¾ was filmed at King’s Cross on platforms 4 and 5.

You can also see many other locations from the movies, including the London Zoo, Scotland Place, and the Borough Market. As an added bonus, there is the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour where visitors can see props, costumes, and sets used during production.


Of course, when it comes to cities with a history in cinema, you can’t leave Los Angeles off the list. As the home of Hollywood, many movies and television programs are shot throughout the year in LA.

Some movies related to the fantasy genre filmed in LA are Blade Runner and Thor. Also, episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were filmed here.

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